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Quick Look!Awesome.
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Close but yet so far

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hmm.. time to convince me MNC..

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fuckin a man. 

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Oh yeah, this is out today. I might download the trial, this QL shall help me decide!

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Let's hope people will play this game.

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Oh, the TF2 with bacon. Since I don't like bacon, I'll stick to TF2.

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I am interested! But I kind of want a PC version

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Im here!

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wow it's early
also, you know what? this doesn't look bad!

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Ah yes, shooter on console. 

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game looks awesome, and i would play it if it was on ps3 probably. Not going to get gold on 360 just for this tho

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Ehh... depends, I wonder how many generic "future stages" this game will have... and hopefully it wont look all the same.

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Brad appears to have very little tactical awareness in Quick Looks, not that we weren't aware of that by now.
I still love you Brad :D

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Looks decent, might just wait till its on sale though.

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What kind of madman doesn't like bacon?
Picked it up earlier and had a mess around for half an hour. It's surprisingly good.

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Is this an XBLA exclusive? Or an XBLA "exclusive"?

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Monday Night Combat? But it isnt Monday.. wait.. is it? I Love Wednesday? What is going on? 

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already been playing since 6 am and been loving it.

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Good Quick Look with classic Brad action: One kill, a gazillion deaths and defensive turrets when the enemy is pushed all the way back :P
Btw, cool Luchadeer wallpaper, Brad. I downloaded it today.

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Looks great. Hope to see it on PC eventually.

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For the record, Long Shot turrets and the robot you were confused about both fire mortars. Which yes, go far up and then come down (a "high angle of fire weapon"). And the Annihilator shoots lighting from the sky. =)

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Hurray for in-game documentation.

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looks pretty good but I'm not Gold on XBL so hey ho

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it looks pretty cool

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Looks tedious as hell.   They basically just threw together a bunch of mechanics that work in addictive gaming.  Cept for heart.  
Looks boring and pointless.  A little racist too.

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This is looking very good. 
If a PC version came out, I'd probably buy it.

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I like jeff, but god the constant "yeahs" just gives me the vibe that he could care less about this game. On a side note, I may look into this my primary FPS currently.

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@CookieMonster said:
" Looks decent, might just wait till its on sale though. "
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Or as it's known in Australia, Monday Night Wombat.
I'll see myself out.

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Petty cool for 15$

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@destruktive said:
" hmm.. time to convince me MNC.. "
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So... why isn't this up for TNT this week? :/

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This looks pretty awsome. Picking this up for sure.

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I just played the demo and really enjoyed it, kinda addicting and especially with no great new releases this week, it might tide me over until Halo: Reach as far as FPS go. It's still a shameless Team Fortress 2 rip-off :(

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Wow, I was ready to write this one off, but it actually looks amazingly fun.

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@Vitamin_Dei said:
" Looks great. Hope to see it on PC eventually. "
Likewise. Looks like a very fun game!
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Played the trial, unfortunately it's not my thing, it looks fantastic, but again, not my thing. Guess it's back to Hydro Thunder, still need to complete Limbo as well.

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This ( Hydro Thunder and the other two) Feel like 10$ purchases  and not 15$.
Its fun but I would honestly wait for a sale or when it came to PC.

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Wow, this game looks super fun. And I loved the fact that the art director guy who Brad (Nicholson) interviewed was playing!!

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Been playing for about an hour, love this game!

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Looks alot better than I was expecting it to be.

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Brad really isn't very good at staying alive, is he?

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Like the concept of a 3rd person shooter that's a DOTA/tower defense game.

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Wish I could get my xbox live friends to get this but they're sticking with MW2 :(