Posted by ConfuciusOne
@doublezeroduck: He can get some tunnel vision but I'd probably have the same problem trying to play the game and describe everything at the same time.   
Great quick look, I may have to "borrow" back my xbox to pick this one up!
Posted by ThatFrood

Brad I am disappointed. You've been playing so much Starcraft, yet here you fail to adhere to one of its first rules: always be spending.

Posted by koopi

Looks pretty cool. :)

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

Just tried out the demo played 1 round, and it was pretty fun I expected to get sniper camped but instead I got 1 shot assassin killed :P. Regardless its rewarding fun and frustrating all in one package which usually comes with online FPS's. I'll probably look into this as a purchase soon.

Posted by captain_clayman

i'll stick to tf2 
because i dont have an xbox.

Posted by PK_Koopa

I'm not fond of its humour, but the gameplay seems pretty fun.

Posted by Rehehelly

I wish this was out on PC, i'd actually play it. First person DoTA? Awesome.

Posted by dubios451
@darthincredible25: I hope it doesn't sound too lame of me to correct you, but this is a third person shooter, not an FPS. God I am as bad as a grammar nazi, sorry.
Posted by Onno10

Did you notice brad was MVP?

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That upgrade radial menu looks like one of those 'Simon Says' toys. 

Posted by Ronald

OK, now this game has intrigued me somewhat. I do wonder if they plan on having DLC down the road for it.

Posted by kollay

That TF2 Medic healing wave thingy needs some work. Looked kinda janky.

Posted by RobotHamster


Posted by Tikicobra

I wish they would have played as the Support and Sniper.  
This game looks great, though.

Posted by George_Hukas

OMG lets cry about melee kills not being one hit.. Its not like that one game! What do I do?!!

Posted by Hashbrowns

This game is an over-simplified version of the direction I think RTS games should have gone, if RTS games had ever been interested in advancing over the last decade.  I mean, imagine a Starcraft where you design bases and guide strategy and yet still get to actively partake in the battle.
Posted by Althox

Would buy it if it'll come to PC in the future. Not into paying for XBL.

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Considering they can balance issues without Live patches, I imagine they're planning for some full DLC... if enough people play it. Hopefully some give it a shot, I'm having a blast.
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DAMN IT!!!!! They took my Third Person/First Person Shooter mixed with DoTA idea :( Oh well, one can always make it better ;) 
Also, Pro Tip: Bacon makes you better at everything.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

I'd buy this for PC. 
Not interested for 360.

Posted by Azteck

I may end up getting this. The ninja-chick looked like it would be the right class for me.

Posted by dox

You can play Blitz with 1, 2, 3 or 4 players online.  You can even do split screen.

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking
@Prolix: Racist how?
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This looks quite neat, but the presentation and characters (and commentator) being so obtuse, obnoxious, and unfunny is really turning me off.  If I'm going to be kicked in the nuts every time I want to turn on a game, no matter how good it is, I'll just play something else.  Something whose inherent nature isn't so offensively dumb.

Posted by SalukiJeff

Can't wait to get home and Download this game....looks like a blast!!!

Posted by paulunga

For someone who plays so much Starcraft 2 Brad sure likes to ignore one of the most important rules of this type of game: Never stop spending your resources.

Posted by Arker101

This and Limbo look pretty good. 
Definitly trying out the demo.
Posted by TheChaos

Looks like the first team to push into the other base always wins.

Posted by jediknight00719
@Hashbrowns:   But then could you call it an RTS? I would think it would be another type of RTS but definitely not an RTS in the realm of Starcraft or Company of Heroes.  I think Blizzard was smart to keep things the way they are since they is a huge RTS fan base that still wants all that base management (although who knows maybe the expansions may be very different).  
This game didn't get a lot of coverage so i had no idea this was DOTA with 3rd person.  Cool concept and it looks like it is executed nicely.  But i feel this game will have a bigger audience on PC since the games its fusing together both come from the PC community.
Posted by CaptainTightPants

I will pass, doesn't look interesting at all.

Posted by TheClap

The idea of a Money Ball is the most innovative thing ever to come to media

Posted by JarenFace

I personally found it neat looking, plus I have an itching for some impulse buying. However I currently don't have gold, let alone a proper means to connect my xbox to the internet (who would have thought that my parents would get annoyed of an extra long ethernet cable dropping from the second floor to the computer room after a year?). Maybe I'll let it slide... for now.

Posted by sstroud76

Maybe I should stop being a loner and get into multiplayer stuff like this. . .

Posted by Splodge
@Rehehelly: hells yeah. PC version please :(
Posted by EpicReflex

Looks cool

Posted by EveretteScott
@Gizmo said:
" Brad appears to have very little tactical awareness in Quick Looks, not that we weren't aware of that by now.  I still love you Brad :D "
It's kind of hard to talk and describe while playing.
Posted by Crono

I am really interested and almost the point of buying but am gonna hold off for now.

Posted by Scarabus

Looks better than I expected

Posted by Peacemaker

I actually think it looks pretty good.  I'm just worried about the legs the game will have with the community.  I'm going to try out the demo, if I enjoy it, I'll buy some points.

Posted by zaglis

DUUUUUDE. Is this a mod for TF2 or what?

Posted by LLJK_Jasta

A week ago, I had no idea that this game existed.  Now I cannot wait. 

Posted by DG991

I am fine with this not being on PC, if I had an xbox I would get it. 
 It looks like a little fun game, and yea maybe it shares a little bit with tf2 but I do like the new ideas they introduced to it. 
It looks like a good game. 

Posted by Xshinobi

This game is mad fun :)

Posted by rpratts

looks good.... 

Posted by Fearbeard

Downloading the demo now...  Looked awesome in the quick look.

Posted by Dyram

One of Brad's fellow Monday Night combatants was "bradthewriter."

Posted by SkullcrusherMountain

Just bought this.  Quick Looks prove successful again.

Posted by PrivateIronTFU

Why does everybody say 'TF2 clone' like it's a bad thing? At least this has a chance of being supported on the 360, unlike TF2.

Posted by Jedted

Is one of the fake sponsors "GrenADE"?  That's awsome, i LOVE IT!!!! :) 
Posted by ArbitraryWater

Guess I have to renew my Xbox live gold again...