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@Quacktastic said:
" Camera seems a little too close for all of the fast movement of multiple players. "
yeah, it has a 4 player mode but it clearly isn'tmeant to be used.
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I like what I'm seeing here.  May have to DIVE INTO THE MOON later on tonight.

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This looks fun, but it's really hurting for more variety in the settings.

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This one seems all right. I'm interested in trying the demo, at least, but the motion looks like the sort of thing I really enjoy.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Big fucking words, right over where you're trying to see to not die, telling you how to avoid dying. 
Yay modern game design.

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When in doubt, have Vinny do Niltor's Song again.
Hilarious quick look full of the kind of fun and back and forth I look for in these videos! :)

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APRIL FOOLS!....we celebrate April fools on the 2nd on the MOON!

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@damswedon said:
" HP blue MP green. 
Season 2!
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I think I'd rather go play Strider.  This doesn't look all that much fun to me.  

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Despite the fact that this looks unplayable to me, I would totally watch these guys play it for hours.
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Pow block anyone?

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Seems a bit mindless.  Hope it's cheap.

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sold... when its on xbla

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I'm not going to judge the game in itself, or its art style or gameplay or anything, but one thing really stuck with me in this quick look. What the hell is up with that super heavy vignetting? Do the game designers realize that they're making the screen feel a hell of a lot more cramped than it actually is with that? That's rarely a good thing, guys! Don't use a fancy, artsy technique just because everyone else is doing it!

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