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Edit: Yay! I have no life : D

Edit 2: As a guy who enjoyed Castle Crashers, this looks kinda fun. Some of the English looks great aswell... Like lack of plural in the Kill-counter. "6 Kill"!!!

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Congratulations, Mr. Gumby!

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Oh my. You guys are on a roll now with them quick look's :)
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Damn son, Giant Bomb is on a roll this week!

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Holy Diver

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So many quick looks, but it's never enough to satisfy my quick look hunger!

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HP blue MP green. 

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An embarrassment of Quick Looks this week. 
I love when the Bomb has it's fuse  ablaze. 

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Goddamn, finish one quick look just to find another ready and waiting! 

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Fuck you, GB guys. I have a Syntax exam tomorrow and I still have to finish this Early Middle English essay. And you keep fucking throwing QLs at me, knowing I can't resist. Great thing I have two monitors, otherwise I'd be screwed... 

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Moon Diver is a great name for a video game.

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Damn. Really turning things around. Almost feel like we've getting too much content now. You don't want to spoil us, do you? Dare I hope this keeps up week over week?

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Just when I thought last week had scant few quick looks, it's raining mad content this week!

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Man, so many quicklooks this week!

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So much contents!!

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was interested in this! lets see..

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HP+MP are the wrong colours!    

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The way those yellow dudes explode is some serious bomberman shit.

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@RE_Player92 said:
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Man this gotta be some kind of record. GB are going crazy with quick looks!

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So many Quick Looks! Yay!

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I love watching Vinny stand to the side slicing at nothing.

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This game looks...way slower than it did a year ago under the previous title.  Almost half the speed. 

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I played the demo of this and was not impressed. The whole thing of constantly blocking you off with invisible barriers while you kill the fifty enemies that slowly scroll onto the screen really messes with the flow.

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I was totally ready to write this off but I played the demo before the quick look and I kinda dug it o.O

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This game probably would have been pretty fun, 15 years ago.

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Game looks good for being a single player game, as multiplayer on the same system it seems rather stupid, wonder why they didn't go with a split screen option for that. Too many spots where people would fall off the boundaries of the screen just because the camera goes with the one in the lead.

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Sooo... is the first level of this game set in Barcelona? Looked like it from the map and the pillars from the Sagrada in the opening.

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I'm pretty sure somebody farted at 11:54, totally sounds like an old man fart
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Holy shit this is Quick Look Week! I'm loving it!

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See? When crazy anime games aren't shitty, they're enjoyed. Sorry, Hard Corps apologists.

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WOOT WOOT! Loving the amount of quicklooks. Love you loads GB.

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Those darkened corners make it seem really cramped.

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Looks crazy but not very fun.

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I don't have time for all these quick looks damn it.

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A  sudden burst of energy after several weeks of conventions/illnesses?

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Quick Looks: Endurance Run 

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I'm glad that Giant Bomb is doing so many Quick Looks lately.  A big thanks to everyone involved.
This seems like a direct response to the recent attitude on the forums.  If that's the case, then I'm really impressed that Giant Bomb heeded the largely unified sentiments.

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I was interested in this from some early videos, but from watching the quicklook it just seems way too chaotic/random for me. Maybe it's supposed to appeal to people who enjoy more oldschool gameplay, but even the BombSquad didn't seem too impressed.

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Look at all the work that gets done when Brad is away :P

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 Game looks really cool. I may check this out when i have some money.
Good quick look too =)

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God i love me some Caravella in an evening.

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Looks alright but its no Strider 2.

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Reaching the point of diminishing returns on Quick Looks

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I probably would've stopped watching this if it weren't for Vinny's constant use of his special move at completely useless moments. Bravo.