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woo more MK!

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Nice, just in time for lunch!

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gonna get me some of this me thinks

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you mean a dinner of doom.....cause MK is so deadly.

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OH LOOK! a video of jeff and brad playing Mortal Kombat. Never seen one of these before.

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I would be playing this RIGHT NOW if the PC version wasn't delayed for next month!

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Good game.

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Man, Midway's REALLY holding firm on that Bloodstorm grudge.

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Comments before I've watched the video!

Go MK!

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Jesus christ it takes like two minutes just to get to the title screen.

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Get the name of that scum rage quiter! 

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I wonder what the TNT will look like considering this.

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Wait... Kano had a projectile in MK1?!

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Why does it look like the gamma levels are way too bright for this collection. Everything looks washed out as hell.

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Yeah, this looks like if you live with/know someone who likes to play MK, it'd be good for that. But then there's MAME.

The art on the sides is nice, at least.

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Rage Quitting is still as prevalent ever.

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I'm genuinely impressed Brad won some matches.

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What a bunch of crap.  Can't believe anyone still finds this interesting.

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Man these have aged so badly compared to say, SF II and KoF games, I think MK9 will look the same in 15 years as it already has some clunky looking animations.

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The lag on multiplayer was terrible. And really, why are you going to rage quit this? Just to screw Jeff out of points? You're so awesome leaving before he can perform a finisher on you. It looks like there are big issues that need fixed in the online of this game.

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Dan Pesina was a bitch!

MK1 spear was the best because the dude goes flying back when you land it. It adds a nice bit of oomph to the hit.

I always thought it was weird that in MK3, Sub-Zero's 5-hit combo did more damage than his 6-hit combo.

Too bad about how crappy the online looks.

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Damn shame hopefully when the PC version comes out it doesn't have these issues how can they keep fucking up these ports its sad.

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Wow, I knew there was a reason I didn't buy this...people should buy Rock of Ages instead this week. Such a shame, I was really looking forward to this, but without solid online I'll just stick to my MK9 and MK2 on PS3.

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Really says a lot about the people behind these games when you compare how Capcom treat their HD re-releases to... this.

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MK1 is somewhat tolerable to play online compared to the other two.

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3rd Strike also has the 'cant move out of pause' issue.

Kind of weird.

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So, will it just be 3rd Strike for TNT?

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When the system is saving in MK3 it says. "Saving Content. Please do not turn off you console." Fuck that. 

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TNT request: Morph into a dragon with Liu Kang and EAT people. That's my fondest memory of these games.

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@Surkov: It autosaves after every win (especially online)
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@GUnitVer1 said:

@Surkov: It autosaves after every win (especially online)

He meant that it should be "kontent" and "konsole."

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Jeff is right. UMK3 is the real shit.

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Oh hey I have UMK3 on XBLA and MK9.. I think I'll stick to those.

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Brad is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a whiny bitch

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MK goes down great anytime of the day.

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I think they got Liu Kang to do the new sound work for the Star Wars Blu-Ray.

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Scorpion doesn't finish saying "Get over here" in this version of UMK3. What.

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Also, BlazBlue has amazing netcoode. Too bad no one on this site has interest in it. Maybe we'll get to see some of it with P4 fighters

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Lol, that rage quit was priceless.

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I love that MK seems to be on Giant Bomb at least once a month :)

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It has begun!!!!  Again!

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Jeff and Brad QL for MK is a no brainer, thank you.   
The poor netcode is very disappointing.  It's also amazing to me how the MK ports continue to be f-ed up over the years...I wish you guys would grill Ed Boon about this in the future. 
Still...$10 is tough to pass up to mess around with these classics, even if its just single player.
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Ripping the spine out of someone, can be all so comforting.  As Scorpion once said, "Get over here!".  

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Oh man, I love me some MK. All this mid nineties awesomeness has given a craving for some Killer Instinct Gold. Remake, with the Cry engine! 

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"Let me show you my 2 Jax opener." Well done Brad.