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My favourite part of this game is that the song is constantly going


...this is $15? Holy hell.

Edit: Oh my god I just finished the QL and I haven't laughed that hard in ages. This game is so hilariously broken.

Posted by Weatherking

$15 huh? That's a dollar for every frame it renders per second! HEOOOOY! SNAPANG!

Posted by Superfriend

Oh god. This has to be the best Quicklook you guys have ever produced. I was tearing up from laughter at the coop part. Awesome! This is why I love Giant Bomb.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Ohhhhhh, that was pretty good.

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I was having a pretty bad day at work...then I watched this. Instant mood lifter.

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My god my stomach hurts from that co-op part. Best quicklook in a while.

Posted by yeliwofthecorn

Jesus. I can't. Stop. Laughing.

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Wow, this is literally the worst game I've ever seen.

Edit: I just got this hot quote from their website.

“Motorbike is the best game I’ve ever seen and I have almost every app in the app store. This app is amazing!” Davis Bowers, USA


Posted by JetForceGemini

Good to see Sony has such high standards.

Posted by drumpsycho89

this is literally the best day for QL's!!!!!! I laughed soo fuckin hard!!!

Posted by JamesJeux007

QLOTY 2013 contender. My throat hurts from laughing so hard.

Posted by Vuud

Speaking of bikes Joe Danger is on steam now. WOO!

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If I had to take a guess, the camera glitched out when it would switch who was on the right and who was on the left. Essentially if Jeff was ahead of Vinny on the track and then died, the camera would do a check to see if it still needed to be split up. If so, it would freak out and put Vinny on the right and Jeff on the left. I am by no means a software engineer or computist but this seems unacceptably broken.

It was funny as hell to watch it but the game would not be worth $15 to play.

Posted by monkeystick

I'm pretty sure my neighbors outside just heard me laughing like a lunatic at this.

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* Giant Bomb's 2013 E3 Co-op Game of the Show *

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This is like Trials crossed with New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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I thought the Ride to Hell quicklook was entertaining but now I have tears in my eyes. It's been a while since I laughed that hard.

V+J really is an incredible combination, it doesn't really matter if the game is good or not. What an amazing idea to put collision detection in the coop part of the game.

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Part of me is angry that such a game can get approved for sale, but I can't deny that the best quicklooks are of these broken-ass games. It's a necessary evil.

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If Activision Value was still around they would be the publisher of this steamer.

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Motorbike co-op TNT, please?

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Jesus. I had to pause this video like 30 times from laughing so hard.

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This game is $0.99 on IOS and Android.

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safe to say this will win worst game of 2013

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" Fuck you motorbike!"

-"I luv you motorbike"

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

Man the coop is awesome.

Posted by nidx

Whevener I see these games I just think of

Across aka Action Supercross

followed up by Elasto Mania

They are amazing

Posted by Pop

hahaha, Vinny for a second there sounded like Muttley and it just made me laugh harder. Does this count for game of the year?

Posted by Luck702

This honestly the hardest I've laughed during a quick look in a long time. Also, playing this forever is my interpretation of hell.

Posted by befo72

This video is proof that no matter how bad a game is, slap a functional physics engine on it and it becomes co-op comedy gold.

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Joe Danger started on PS3 if I remember right. But man, can't believe what they are charging for this pile of crap.

Posted by Lausebub

OK, this was even better than anarchic experience I saw a few hours ago. Fantastic.

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Holy fuck, this is some real hot garbage here.

Also, $14.99 for this?

Posted by MrMazz

Man if this were like 3 bucks I'd be sold. But goddamn they didn't even change the menu UI for console. as soon as I saw it I was all man that looks like a tablet menu

Posted by ArbitraryWater

And I thought there was no way they could top the other bike-related quick look of today...

Posted by Ronald

Vinny is the best co-op partner ever.

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Oh my god, how can you not love quick looks. That co-op part, I think I was dying.

Posted by Cautionman

jesus, can't stop laughing...

Posted by 93The_Ace

So, I just watched this, and I think I'm going to watch it again. And maybe a third time.

"Fuck you Motorbike, I love you Motorbike!"

Posted by DarkbeatDK

You'd think someone else had the name "Motorbike"

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Also, worst game of the generation? Sorry any bakno games employees if you're reading this. :(

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Anybody else thinking Motorbike Endurance Run?

Posted by Sessh

Man, if there ever was a game I wish they'd revisit on an Friday show, it's this.

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Oh god just fast forward to the last fifteen minutes to see what is arguably the best QL moment of the year. Forget the first half, just reach cooperative play and see magic unfold.

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The quality of this looks exactly like something you would find on XBLIG, except with a much higher price tag than anything on XBLIG.

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tears. actual tears of joy and hilarity upon my cheeks. ;D

Posted by Jayzz

this quick look does not start until the co-op!

Posted by Evilsbane

Giant Bomb Users say " A Crowning Achievement in QL history! "