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Jason, you fucked up there by not making the preview image a picture of the tower with everyone's faces on.

That part was amazing.

That would spoil the reveal.

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OMG that start. Bravo

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The music makes it seem so sophisticated.

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I can't tell if I'm still dreaming or this is a real thing. DAMN YOU JASON!

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Can Dan stop sounding like he's taking a dump when playing this?

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Was Drew trying to make a "Young Kevin Magnussen" joke there? His brilliance is lost without Danny there. :(

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I'm on the leaderboard at the end! Hi mom!

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Dan is frighteningly good at this game.


hey everybody!

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Jeff looks so happy!

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Well, there's a QL I'll never forget.

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<3 Jason <3

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This is incredible. Also, yes, I'll never sleep again.

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I don't uhh.....

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What a pleasant surprise. :3

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Pure, grade-A nightmare fuel. I may never sleep (or mount) again.

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Game of the year.

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Tale of the Dancing Wangs

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That was perfect Jason. You'll fit right in.

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Can someone link to one of those videos that has people flinging themselves? Haven't been able to find any.

There's a bit on the video on the steam page for the game.

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mounting intensifies

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I love this trend of silly (and actually fun) game-jam games finding their way to a marketplace.

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What was the other game they often played on the unprofessional fridays. 4-palyer coop. With featureless colored guys hitting each other?

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This should be on PS4.

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Quite the dick shaker.

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I did NOT expect the face reveal. Oh man.

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Those faces...

And Jason did a great job with this one!

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Oh rudds :(

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Dan is a pro.

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"I came here to mount"

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This video didn't make in the RSS feed for some reason.

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Yes. I am a seasoned flinger.

I can teach you.

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@jetlag said:

This video didn't make in the RSS feed for some reason.


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All I could think of when they asked why Drew was trying to eat his shoulder was a John DiMaggio interview where he said the secret to a Paul Giamatti impersonation is to try to eat your shoulder... try it yourself sometime.

This game is so goddamn stupid and awesome. It's also available on Xbox 360 for cheap.

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This entire game is an HR violation waiting to happen. Pretty much perfect for GB.

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The first time when I saw this game on Two Best Friends it was on XBL Indie Arcade{or however that indie thing(not summer of arcade mind you) on 360 was called, had a bunch of terrible games}.

I am glad that they made it for steam now.

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Jason, you just won my heart.

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Dork resting at its finest.

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I think Jason gets it, you guys.

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The Almighty Trenton deftly clings for his life from the stone dork, only to fall moments later from the elusive fling technique that was the demise of his father, and his father before him.

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This is the true future of eSports, Dota is finished.

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Holy crap. I've played this game, but never with faces. Is this an option for the PC version?

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I really, really want to play this. Looks deliciously stupid.

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A dork is specifically a whale's penis, if Far Side has taught me anything.