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I always thought the only thing missing in Minecraft was a strong rodent presence.

Posted by Paindamnation

Mice! I don't know what else to say.

Posted by BeachThunder

"Jimmy, bomb the blocks on the right".

Posted by elko84

"Jimmy, bomb the blocks on the right".

Did you mean?

Posted by hustlerlt

Puzzle game QL's are the worst! It's so infuriating!

Posted by HammondofTexas


Posted by Aishan

I love that Dan's default name for any enemy is simply "idiot."

Posted by Bicycle_Repairman

So this is what that cat was doing inside that box all this time!? I really hope they never open the box then. This is Pandora's box 2.0.

Posted by Chicken008

It's frustrating how Dan can't think 1 move ahead.

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I, for one, am also glad you're here, @brad.

Posted by LarryDavis

I always thought the only thing missing in Minecraft was a strong rodent presence.

That's not what this is but congrats on first post I guess.

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@elko84 said:

@beachthunder said:

"Jimmy, bomb the blocks on the right".

Did you mean?

"Aha! I bomb the blocks on the right!"

I was unsure of this game when I saw it on PSN, but this looks right up my alley.

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Should be fun on vita, if I get stuck on 1001 Spikes before Rogue Legacy comes out! Also, crossing my fingers that Shovel Knight makes its way to Vita. It's a good time to be a Vita owner, huh?

Did I say Vita enough?

Posted by Zefpunk
Posted by therealtakeshi
Posted by forteexe21

My tentative ranking on how good the staff are on puzzle games:

Drew = Vinny > Patrick = Jeff > Dan > Brad

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

Brad and Dan were a really good pair in this video.

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@hassun said:

I, for one, am also glad you're here, @brad.

Me too! :D

Posted by OwlBoy

Just bomb the two on the right! You already established they can fall three blocks!

Puzzle Game Quicklooks!

Posted by Mr_Creeper
@aishan said:

I love that Dan's default name for any enemy is simply "idiot."

Everyday I find more things I love about @DanRyckert.

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I, too, am glad you're here, @brad!

Posted by OceanRipple

I'm not going to lie, this was a painful quicklook to watch...

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FYI, This is cross buy for PS4, PS3 and Vita. And after watching this I need to get it just to solve these the way I feel works best. Haha

Posted by Budwyzer
Posted by Hakkesshu

You should track down a copy of Super Gussun Oyoyo for the Super Famicom. It's basically this, but you can't pause and the tetris blocks are falling. I'm sure it would be really enjoyable and not make you guys want to kill yourselves.

Posted by pinner458

Still waiting for a Jeff/Brad/Dan QL...

Posted by Ubertron986

Those mice are so cute. D'awww.

Posted by andrewtr

Dan: I'm glad you're here.

Brad: Nobody's ever said that before!

Did they just become best friends?

Posted by t3hh

Never again will i watch a QL of a puzzle game.

I got in trouble for yelling too loudly.

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Hey there!

It's Crunching Koalas here, the developers of MouseCraft.

Firstly: Dan, Brad, thanks for the video, glad you liked our cheesy little game!

Secondly: if anyone finds MouseCraft interesting, it's already available on our website, Steam, GOG.com and all PlayStation platforms (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita). We have been working almost 2 years on it and we hope you'll all like it ;).

If any of you had some questions, please drop them here - we will definitely be checking the comments :).


Crunching Koalas

PS. In case you missed it, here's our launch trailer. It's pretty cheesy, so watch out :).

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Dan's description of Schrodinger's Cat as a "smart guy thing" is just perfect.

Posted by Patman99

Brad, I'M glad you're here.

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It should be called MouseTris!

Posted by Michiduta

To the GiantBomb crew: Please don't assign to puzzle type Quicklooks people that can't plan/think multiple steps at a time and pay attention to details. It makes the quicklooks painful/frustrating to watch. Thank you and keep on making great content.

Posted by cyberfunk
Posted by Homelessbird
Posted by cyberfunk
Posted by Homelessbird

@cyberfunk: Give it some time. Cheese puns ripen with age.

Besides, it's always harder when you're keeping it clean. And I never go Bleu.

Posted by Shaanyboi

These mice are too adorable

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I'm really surprised this isn't on iOS / Android at the moment, the UI seems verrrry reminiscent of games on mobile platforms. Maybe it's the Vita influence?

Anyways! Seems like a pretty solid puzzle game (I think the name is super dumb, though). I just bought Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake yesterday after that QL, maybe this will be my next puzzler to delve into.

@plwolf said:

FYI, This is cross buy for PS4, PS3 and Vita. And after watching this I need to get it just to solve these the way I feel works best. Haha

I was just about to Google this info, thanks. I agree with what was said in the video that this probably works pretty well on Vita.

Posted by RazielCuts

@budwyzer said:

So this is a remake of Krusty's Fun House?

Ugh, that game! Here was me as a little kid, 'Hey, it's the Simpsons and it's got Krusty in it, this looks fun.' Nooope! So frustrating that game was, I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. I bet if I went back now with an adult brain it might've been okay but damn, and that music, just looping over and over again, it's the sound of death looming as you whittle away your life hours on this game as a kid when you should be having fun instead -

Posted by Zujx

Looks like a solid puzzle game I'm actually pretty interested
Thanks guys

Posted by TheNoseBear

Great to see PS4/PS3/Vita cross buy games. Thanks guys, fun QL.

Posted by KaDoom

I propose we nickname Dan "Jimmy" in light of his puzzle solving ability

Edited by ch3burashka

Once more, they have proven that watching people solve puzzles is infuriating.

Posted by jgf

@CrunchingKoalas Great to have you here! So, your game looks almost like a perfect match for a tablet, don't you think?

Posted by Asiwassaying

Oh it's Krusty's Super Funhouse!

Edited by TruthTellah

Dan: "I'm glad you're here!"

Brad: "No one's said that before..."

Oh Brad... no... Brad... ;_;

Posted by MEATBALL

Hahaha, love Brad pondering quantum physics and Dan calling the ratoids idiots.

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