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Rider meet bike, bike meet rider! :)

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Edit: Boo, not awesome.
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Right in time for lunch!

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Just woke up and I see 2 new QLs, really GB is the best site ever.

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ATX Brooooooooooo

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I wasn't watching the first race Jeff started up, I was just listening to it. Not gonna lie, while it might be accurate, this game sounds like garbage.
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Road Rash did it better

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I want MX vs. Capcom. 

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The song around 19:00 is "The Song Inside Me"  by a band called Heartsounds. They are actually a top-notch band. People should give them a listen.

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MX vs ATV should do the sequential alphabet for the first word of the game name after MX vs ATV but done in the same style as what was used to describe loot in the D&D Daggerdale game (ie. MX vs ATV Awesome Bike of Motorslaying)

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mx vs. atv quicklooks are always good

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Nice wheels, son.

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Nice to hear some Street Dogs in a video game.

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did ryan just say black people scare him?

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So it's automatic shifting, but you use the clutch anyway? Awesome.

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Not gonna lie, I would play a game if it was called "MX vs ATV:Bitchin.'"

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the track at about 11 minutes in reminds me of an atv offroad fury map from ps2

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Where's Limp Bizkit when you need them?

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I would play a stealth tactical class-based motocross/atv game.

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I agree with Ryan, MX bikes only seam awesome to watch if they're going up ramps. I find ATVs way more fun. Personal Preference. 

I still think PURE is by far the best game that features ATVs in it.
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Seeing how Motorstorm had track deformation in 2006, there's no excuse for this series not to include it in 2011. 

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So was Jeff jumping like a goober on that ATV on purpose, because it looked super horrible (on his part).

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That was James "Bubba" Stewart. The Stewart Compound is basically that guys back yard.

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Funniest quick look in a while. Ryan's comment/joke about black people had me in tears (cause I'm black and I find that shit funny)

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I love QLs like this where Ryan and Jeff totally don't care about the game and rip it apart.

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Oh, please. Let me reintroduce you two.

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The fuck, Ryan. Black people love you, man.

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MX vs ATV: Batman Batman Batman

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Finally a quick look that is a shit game.

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I'm waiting for MX vs. ATV: Even Flow. 

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Thank you, @Ryan, for the informative lecture on Funny Cars.

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They should bring back Motocross Madness. Those had those big open area check point races. In fact I really liked all the early Microsoft racing game... Midtown Madness, Monster Truck Madness and that Motocross Madness

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I hate it when Ryan's really obnoxious during Quick Looks. Also, it sounds like Ryan and Jeff are in totally different rooms. 

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haha...Kansas City sucks. 

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Four wheels good, two wheels bad.

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Funny cars.

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@zityz said:
" I still think PURE is by far the best game that features ATVs in it."
Hell yeah!

I wonder if Ryan's given that a proper shot, cause that sounds like exactly what he wants when they're driving around that open area at the end.
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This, assuming it's still made by Rainbow Studios, actually used to be the ATV Offroad Fury series. They did those 3 on PS2, then did MX vs. ATV on PS2/Xbox and went on from there.

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It says 30 because there are 30 seconds until the start.  They turn it sideways when it almost time to ROCK! (15 secs Ithink)

I like the way the track's look changes as the race goes on.  Does that change the way the track handles at all?  Old SEGA rally style but much better?  That would be pretty cool.

Also, I miss Motocross Madness.
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It's hard to watch this kind of racing, reminds me of those dreams where you're trying to run but can't.

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mmmm game looks fine for what it is...not something I'm into tho.  

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Funny cars.

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Ryan sounds weird in this Quick Look for some reason.

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Anyone know the song playing around the 20 minute mark? pretty good

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Kansas City recognize! 

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As a former resident of KCMO, I found their lack of knowledge about what's there to be hilarious.

On a game-related note, Pure was awesome. If you liked SSX and ever said "THIS NEEDS MORE WHEELS" then that game is absolutely for you.

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Jeff's metal chords impersonations are just spot on

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@OneManFreakShow said:
" On a game-related note, Pure was awesome. If you liked SSX and ever said "THIS NEEDS MORE WHEELS" then that game is absolutely for you. "
I wrote a recommendation for it on Ryan's wall earlier as well as a suggestion for a future TNT with it.
Would be pretty sweet.