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uh... nice video game...

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@Wonloong said:
" FIRST!  dammit. "
" afd "
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I'm gonna nail'd you.

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never heard of this.

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Aww i still need 1st! But hey looks fun
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Great game title lol

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8 trillion looks at Nail'd    

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Reminds me of a less polished version of Pure. Although I'm totally behind the dumbness here.
Man, that reminds me, Pure was awesome. As was Split/Second for the first few hours. This just makes me want to see what BlackRock are doing next...

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10 minutes in.... This game seems terrible

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was kinda excited 
looks bad 

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this game looks like ass

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Kind of reminds me of SSX but not as good

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Truly this is the year of the hot air balloons.

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I think this looks pretty damn awesome.

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Eight trillionth. I like the over-the-topness, but that actual racing part of it seems not so great.

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Avoid the water, Jeff >_<
Maybe Jeff should have played this game for more than 5 minutes in, you know, preparation for this Quick Look?

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Now I see why there was no real promotion for this game.

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No thanks...I already own Pure

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Early QL
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Yeah, Pure is way better and you can do awesome crazy tricks!

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It looks okay, I guess. The sense of speed seems good.

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Ryan doesn't like the music in this game... but the music in Sonic Colors INCLUDING the tilte song unironically?! Well, okay.

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Reminds me of Flatout. An underated franchise.

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Haha wow, this game looks hilarious... but in a kind of endearing way.

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I got a headach from this quicklook. This game is to much for the eyes.

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Oh, I remember seeing the first trailer for this! Even back then it had me saying "man, this looks awesome and really stupid at the same time."
Also, down with stupid long races! I'm fine with simulators having them, but I was replaying Need For Speed Underground 2 lately, and that game just starts dragging like crazy when you end up in those 3 lap circuits with 2+ minutes for each lap. I don't ever want to spend more than, like, 2 minutes on the same track. Unless it's supposed to be a super omg marathon point A to point B type thing, in which case around 4 minutes is okay. At least then it's non-repeating scenery.
But if your arcade style racing game is going to force me to race for 10 minutes and then potentially lose and have to do it all over again to even progress in the ugly, linear campaigns that are so popular, I demand a mid-race save system!

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Steering in the hair is my favorite kind of steering.

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I want to see a bird's eye view of an entire course.
Because based on what I saw they are conforming to some non-euclidean geometry. Courses designed by MC Escher or something.
Funny lookin' game though!

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*LOL at the title*
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I don't understand all the soundtrack hate. I think it's exactly the type of soundtrack this game needed. Some would say the developers nail'd it.

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This could be fun in multiplayer.  
Like an hour.  

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@Hockeymask27 said:
" I got a headach from this quicklook. This game is to much for the eyes. "
I got nauseous... 

BTW, I had trouble finding my way around the Motorstorm 2 tracks, as well.  This looks like a Motorstorm clone.
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What an awful track.

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Is this the sequel to Pure?

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Dutch flag yo. This game is insane.

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Nail'd? More like... FAIL'D! Ah-hah!

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So I was thinking to myself "So this feels like the Burnout of the off-road racing genre, without the takedown system" and then at the end the Quick Look is this quote, taken from the loading screen at 21:23 in: 
"Boost Feat: Smash Master - Smash 4 opponents in a single race - Boost Gauge filled by 60%" 
So yeah, Burnout.
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I thought this game was a pile of shit until queens of the stone age came on. 
still shit though...

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Ryan is fucking awesome in this quick look. Punchy as shit. Kudos to you sir.

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That was fun to watch. Crazy game being crazy, haters gonna hate.

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Looks like Pure but bad.

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Okay so this looks kind of bad, but I think I need to rent it.

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I believe he isnt French -__-

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Those planes said that this was extreme.

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Jeff and Kevin QL.

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Why is Ryan so crazy negative on a game he has only seen for 5 minutes? Looks like a lot of fun.
Are we so deep into the idiocracy that we can't have anything with more than a five minute learning curve?