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Oh man!

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In this video: Giant Pac-Men.

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oh no.. dig dug 2, such a shame.

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Captain crunch is fucking terrible

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That Intro Made My Day!
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Those aren't Kix, they're Corn Pops!

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Even Game Room is better than this

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Looks good.

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I had forgotten that Rally X existed and that I played the fuck out of it.

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Box Quote:
Jeff Gerstmann: This is not a good game.
Print it!

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A bit surprising that Namco can get guys to pump out CE and CE:DX and still release this ... stuff

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@cordialsnail said:
" A bit surprising that Namco can get guys to pump out CE and CE:DX and still release this ... stuff "
Gotta be different teams, right?
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I want Mappy CE:DX NOW!!!

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Jeff holding a clinic on old Namco games.
Dig Dug 2 is fun, it just needed to be called something else, not Dig Dug 2.
The lack of Rolling Thunder is a horrible oversight, even if it meant the inclusion of Cutie Q - a game never seen in prior Namco Museum releases.
The PSP collection has much nicer "new" versions called "arranged" modes.

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There's something disturbing about watching Pac-Man's head roll around like that.

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Yes, Dig Dug 2 is indeed fun, I only ever played it for the NES though.

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@JustinSane311 said:
" I want Mappy CE:DX NOW!!! "
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Now starring Pac McLargeHuge as himself.
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Wait, I don't get these old Pac-Man games. Four ghosts? That's fucking bullshit.

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Truly, this is the age of Pac-Men.

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Why would you bother coding a crappy 3-D collectathon around the actual game pack,  man?

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Cereal!!! Mmmm....  
I'm partial to Oatmeal Crisp myself.

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I have to say, stuff like this and the Game Room Quick Looks are easily my favorite content on Giant Bomb. Put an older game, Jeff and at least one other Giant Bomber in the room and you have magic!  
I would really like to see some more Quick Look Throwbacks.

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@KickahaOta said:
" Now starring Pac McLargeHuge as himself. "
Also known as Big EatLots in some circles.... heh.
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@sleepy said:

" I have to say, stuff like this and the Game Room Quick Looks are easily my favorite content on Giant Bomb. Put an older game, Jeff and at least one other Giant Bomber in the room and you have magic!  I would really like to see some more Quick Look Throwbacks. "

I agree with these multiple statements. I love the quick look throwbacks because the GB guys aren't afraid to say how well or badly classic games stand up today. I'm also a fan of seeing more obscure games like Incredible Crisis (which I actually owned back in the day).  I'm sure most game sites wouldn't even dream of explaining Sonic Adventure's many, many flaws for the fear of losing viewership.
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Mappy is still the greatest arcade game of all time. Fo'shizzle.

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according to the Game Room pricing structure, this is worth 72 dollars
120 for play anywhere

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Jeff: "I gotta play Mappy." 
I am ALWAYS thinking this statement. 
Also: WHAT? You can CLOSE the doors in Mappy?! MIND BLOWN.

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STOP GIVING ME THIS CRAP, and give me farming simulator with dave.

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if DX had jumping.....

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Wait, those Pac N Roll levels look exactly the same (Along with a lot of the music) as the DS version. Pac N Roll is a fantastic game. You're quite wrong, Jeff.

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Bosconian is the best game.

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On Game Room, this would cost you $54, so really, this doesn't seem that bad by comparison. Of course we're comparing to Game Room here, but hey...

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Oh cool I've totally played Pac-mania as a kid. If I remember correctly, It was the green ghosts that started jumping after a certain level.

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Dig Dug 2 reminds me of Patchwork Heroes for the PSP, but a but less flexible. From my view that was not the awful game I was lead to believe it would be, though a bit misleading if you were expecting a more traditional Dig Dug game. Seems to come from the same era as Castlevania: Simon's Quest and the american version of Super Mario Bros. 2, where game developers thought they couldn't get away with just making straight sequels to games.

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I say again 

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Kid tested, mother approved.

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I've been thinking I should replace my Galaga "Bonus Stage" SMS tone with the Bosconian guy saying "Blast Off!"

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They should update Splatterhouse! 
Oh wait. 
Actually, it would be pretty funny to see Pac Man in the place of Rick Taylor turning zombies in red paste on the wall.

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Didn't the DS Dig Dug game (Diggingg Strike?  was that it?) combine both that and the 'real' dig dug gameplay?  In that you had the overworld on the top screen and could dig down into the bottom screen to play regular dig dug?  
I think Mr. Driller was in it too, 

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Mappy's music sounds familiar.

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Dig Dug 2 was one of my favorite arcade games as a kid.
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I effing LOVED Super Pac-Man.