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GB Sports Team GO!!!

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Vinny quicklook? *EDIT* Yuss!

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Yay more sports Quick Looks.

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:o longlook

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Go spurs!

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Looking forward to seeing the black physics.

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jeff + vinny doing sports games is perfect.

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Missed Vinny in quick looks & glad he's back from his trips east.

Guess they really wanted that user data for this game to get things started, that's a crazy amount of things to go through for just setting up the account. Thought that just about every game for the last few years, until this one, used the console keyboard for entering in any data on account level things. Why would someone spend the time & money developing their own keyboard in game to enter in email/password?

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Screen cap says this will be awesome.

Edit: I was. It so was.

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I'm starting to like Jeff & Vinny's Giant Bomb Varsity Club more than the Giant Bomb Flight Club.

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Jeff and Vinny sports QL is a great way to start your day.

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3 minutes in and already Vinny & Jeff have no idea what is going on. Perfect!

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@Tesla said:

Jeff and Vinny sports QL is a great way to start your day.

I can't agree with this statement enough.

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Jordan & Pauly D...What The?

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i love how the music gradually gets more dramatic as jeff is freaking out about the sign up menu

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The greatness of Vinny and Jeff aside, that MyPlayer Account crap at the beginning is BS.

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@AllanIceman said:

Screen cap says this will be awesome.

Jordan vs Pauly D... What? WHAT?!

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Jeff vsssssssssss Vinny

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Jesus christ the even recoreded the crowd going "BIEBER! BIEBER! BIEBER!". That's certainly not something you'd see in a basketball game.

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I agree, this is a...weird and obtuse game. Good on Jeff and Vinny for keeping it entertaining! Those online requirements were absurd.

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Jordan vs Bieber - the classic matchup

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I wonder if you can delete the celeb team completely from the game.. Or at least someone make a new roster where they are replaced by Barkleys old Suns team.

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The guy you thought was Kyle Gass was actually Brian Baumgartner. He plays Kevin Malone on The Office.

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Oh man. THIS is what I want from a GiantBomb sports QL. Which is why I want FIFA

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@forkboy said:

Oh man. THIS is what I want from a GiantBomb sports QL. Which is why I want FIFA

Jeff said on this weeks podcast that he has a copy of Pro Evolution which is fine by me.

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Haha, 5 minutes of black screen. Awesome.

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I love watching guys who have no idea what is going on in this game. Especially since I know how everything in the game works

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Oh man, this quick look starts off with a fucking bang.

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If this is the future of video games than I don't want to be a part of it.

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In the literary world, we call things like the black screen in the opening of this video "foreshadowing".

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@Spitznock said:

In the literary world, we call things like the black screen in the opening of this video "foreshadowing".

That's racist!

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All that "use the right-stick to do everything" was in the game last year, which was the main reason that I played that game approximately twice after paying $30 for it on PC. Steam says that I played 3 hours of it, which I'd estimate was about two hours of tutorials and three attempts to play exhibition matches.

I'm sure that the controls are fine for lunatics who buy this game every year but it sure would be great if there was a fully featured basketball game out there which could be played by humans.

Konami should make a basketball game.

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the real 2 questions are (1) why is the celebrity team rated higher than one of the better teams of all time, and (2) can Steve Kerr announce himself on the floor with one of the other Bulls team?

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Played this game in the best Buy....Jeff is right.... menus are fucked...

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How high is 60 on the Imperial Dunk Intensity scale? I know the metric one goes 0-100 but you guys are weird with your units.

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The forced registration at the start of NBA2k13 is insane, along with the fact it doesn't want to save on Cloud saves is weird as well. The controls became pretty natural feeling after a couple of games though.

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is the hardest I've laughed in a long ass time

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I love that they pretty much try to turn it into NBA Jam. I mean, that's what I'd do, but actual basketball people must watch this and go insane.

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It's great how the canned animations make all the other players slap Bow Wow in the face all the time.

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always give it to bieber is what I learned

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Oh God, a Joe Budden reference.

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I want the sports game described in the closing remarks. Without the account bullshit. Yeah, that'd be a game I could try out.

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Jordan is overrated. All real basketball fans know that Justin Bieber is the best basketball player of all time.

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I love Nba 2k and this video is hilarious lol

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I'm glad they at least figured out that X was the superior shooting button, because I was screaming that in my head for probably the first 20 minutes of this quicklook. I get that THEY don't really get into it, cause they're not sports game fans, but 2k13 still is a pretty good game. (just good though, cause not enough has changed since 12)

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