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Posted by Azteck

Poor Ryan, all those hard words. ;_;
I'm mildly interested after this quick look to be honest, which is more than I was before. Never really been a racing kind of guy.

Posted by MachoFantastico

I'll stick with GRID I think.

Posted by LtColJaxson

Drew should have played this in the cockpit view...
Also I wanted to see a car get completely smashed... :P

Posted by Dj

I typically don't get very far in racing games but this looks like something I want to try. I probably won't pay full price for it though.

Posted by Jared

This looks pretty cool but I'm only getting one racing game this year...Forza 3!!!

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Drew should have been driving and the load times are horrific.

Posted by SunKing

This looks good but the FPS stutter is distracting.

Posted by Rowr

Why the fuck have they made this. Need for Speed has survived all these years by staying arcadey for the most part. Why make a more average mix of Grid and Forza? 
This doesnt apeal to me at all.

Posted by Patriot91

We need more Drew
Posted by Majkiboy

Thought about that floppy disk save icon-thing for a long time. It started when my sister asked what the icon in Photoshop meant :P 

Posted by EmptyApartment

eh i dont blame Ryan i dont drive in cockpit either lol...but yeah ill prolly play it safe and gamefly this

Posted by copycatzen

this aint no Burnout!
Posted by DJ_Lae

Maybe it's just the behind the car camera, but it looks like far less of a sim than EA's been claiming. It looks even more arcadey than the Project Gotham series.
Posted by AsciiSmoke

Ryan, please hand the controller to someone who can drive and shoot the video again.
Drew, can you manage a brake button as well as steering and mashing the accelerate button? Great, you'll do :)

Posted by Bitmap_Frogs

Steering assist? 

Posted by Ineedaname

Looks okay, I took a gamble and got Dirt2 and I have to say probably the best racing game I've played, but I don't play many, I played burnout, and I want a more serious one, but I think I'll wait to how Forza turns out, no doubt it'll be cool though.

Posted by Inquisitor

lol Ryan is mean 
Drew ftw
Posted by QuadCannon

We need more Drew    
Posted by Tikicobra
@DiGiTaL_SiN said:
" @Tikicobra: If you check and see who has first post and have been keeping count, then it's probably you who has no life. "
That makes absolutely no sense. You get the first comment on practically every video on the site and I've got no life because I noticed it? A lot of people have noticed it, so is it that every but you has no life?
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN
@Tikicobra: You're just jealous because you're TOO SLOW TO GET FIRST POST!!!!111oneoneelevenone
Posted by Damian

Ryan's got the exact same approach to racing games as me. So it's pretty clear, this ain't my type of racer.

Posted by P45K4L

Shift plays like Shit sorry ea maybe next time =[

Posted by FrankCanada97
@P45K4L: Have you even played this yet?
Posted by Moztacular

I dont see why you'd pick this game over forza 3. Ryan even mentioned Forza's locked in 60FPS compared to Shift's less stable FPS

Edited by P45K4L
@FrankCanada97:  Yes i did and dirt 2 is about 100X better than this shift...don't buy this game dude the cars handle so weird that the only way to enjoy this game is from the inside look. What i only liked about this game was the sound and the customization (basic NFS stuff level 3 body kit, level 3 this and that) if u ask me not worth the 60$ just wait for forza or get grid. + it's soo annoying when driving in the cockpit view, when you're going fast u get in so called "zone" the dashboard becomes blurry and even the cars next to you loose detail on vinyls etc...good 4 fans bad for racing enthusiasts 3/5
Posted by Gamer_152

Not a bad looking game.

Posted by TheHT

looks alright.

Edited by Renegade

This actually looks like a nice balance between the old Need for Speed arcade style, and the simulators that those racing nuts love ;) In terms of graphics, it looks so much better than any of the other racers.  If you really want 60FPS, buy this on the PC and get yourself a good computer.
On that note, I think I may look into picking this up. Good quick look =)

Posted by AndyMP

I like how the game looks, but there really are better races out there. I also hate the menus, very poor imo.

Posted by LiK

needed more cockpit view in this quick look since they keep hyping that feature.

Posted by JaxDaxter

A comment on the video: Even though I know this is supposed to be a "Quick Look", I think the person who is playing the game should have a good knowledge of the game prior to producing the video. This is not the case for all of these quick looks but in this video Ryan didn't seem to know some of the facts that I think he should know. Obviously if giantbomb wants these videos to just be a look at some gameplay then they are spot on. I would prefer that it was more of a preview style video.

Posted by Media_Master

Looks nice.

Posted by ThisArmyStud

I REALLY like this game. While not as good as Forza 3, it's still freakin awesome ;)

Posted by drew327

Criterion bringing the heat in 2010

Posted by Vinny_Says

Forza 1 introduced the dynamic racing line....

Posted by Romination
@Whatclowns said:
I just registered to say these guys aren't  playing from the cockpit view.  How are you people in the gaming industry and dont know thats the way to play this game??  They are doing this game a dis justice.  The game has already gotten 90% from its first two reviews.  Listenup podcast today stated the game is amazing on all fronts Graphics, Gameplay and sound.   Do not make clueless comments like its another PGR game.  Its not ive played it and it blew away forza 3 at PAX.  IMHO
Is this just one of the GB staff members making a fake account and trolling? That's the only reason I can see.