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Edit: I feel so dirty, but so good. Also, I can't keep myself from giggling about how they censor "Get Some."

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cars don't run, they drive

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Run. Drive. Run!

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Carface makes his triumphant return!

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I've kinda been interested in what this game is.

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The handling in this game looks really stiff. I never ended up getting around to trying the demo out though, so I could be totally wrong. For as much as I like the concept here; I don't think this game's for me. Maybe when it gets down to $20-$30, I'll look into picking it up.

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Edit: I feel so dirty, but so good.

I'm pretty sure you don't get the quest complete if you actually say "first" though. Unless you did that just to screw someone else over, in which case that's kind of a jerk move.

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This is getting very mediocre reviews.

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I have always enjoyed the NFS games. It's a real shame that EA didn't choose to improve 2 games by sharing their Porche license with Turn10 and in turn, EA could have added Ferrari to their games by sharing Turn10's license. This move still baffles me. I would like to have played this, but that stigma is going to keep me far away from any EA racers for quite a while.

And after Hot Pursuit was so much fun last year. *sad face*

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man....this game looks...really boring.

I was hoping that after last year's excellent Hot Pursuit EA would have learned how to make an awesome NFS game. Oh well

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Even though I have NO intention of buying, I still kinda want to see what its all about

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Edit: I feel so dirty, but so good.


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Such a great engine... yet such a disappointment of a game. I mean, sure I haven't played it. But look at it... that doesn't look good at all...

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we got a long way to go but a short time to get there

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I like the parts that they ripped off from Burno..I mean Hot Pursuit. But everything Blackbox-y still doesn't appeal to me ...pseudo-serious tone, bro-ey characters etc. Also, I think Hot Pursuit looks way better than this (some really poor texture work on the tracks) and most importantly: this looks less fun.

Just give me the next Criterion game for some feelgood arcade racing time!

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"I feel like they would have been just as effective as cutscenes."

Oh, Jeff. Quick-time events are cutscenes.

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Need for Speed: The Run credits after the game is over.

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Jesus, the game audio is way too loud. I can't even hear Vinny.

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I was thinking about picking this up but after watching this I've decided to pass on it. Black Box has proven yet again they make sub par games, at least to me. I'll be picking up Hot Pursuit now, you can find new copies for that for $20.

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"I feel like they would have been just as effective as cutscenes."

Oh, Jeff. Quick-time events are cutscenes.

What point are you even trying to make by nitpicking this shit?

You're dumb.

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I always drive buses over porches, totally normal behaviour, not the sign of a shitty game AT ALL.

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I'm glad someone made the "impossible to drive straight" reference.

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So they kind of just made Outrun again?

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San Francisco to Las Vegas? Is this race actually GiantBomb headding to Minecon?

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The driving in this game looks to damn boring. It looks like Jeff's driving a boat around or something. That car just didn't want to turn and looked like it was always trying to straighten itself out. I'd much rather play Hot Pursuit.

...Who am I kidding, I'm off to play Skyrim!

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Vinny, I totally share your liking of 60s and 70s muscle cars. In many ways I find them more visually appealing then the more modern sports cars.

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Meh, back to mediocrity.

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gah stop trying to drift in that car jeff!!!!! i know you can hear me in the past!

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Man, this looks way less fun than last year's Hot Pursuit. Bummer.

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Something about the whole idea of this game is REALLY exciting to me. I don't really understand it because I'm usually not that interested in racing.

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I like the concept...still unsure about the execution.

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@gladspooky said:

"I feel like they would have been just as effective as cutscenes."

Oh, Jeff. Quick-time events are cutscenes.

What point are you even trying to make by nitpicking this shit?

You're dumb.

Not true. You can't fail a cutscene.

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This is not a game for me. I love driving games but when one looks like it has as crazy handling issues like this one does, I normally pass. A friend is getting it so I'll probably borrow it from him at some point to see for myself but I'm not going to buy it.

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I'm pretty confident that one motto was 'Problem?'

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I really wish this looked more exciting. Hot Pursuit was such a pleasant surprise.

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wow this game looks sooooo bland. i wont ever play this as long as i live

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@HT101: The handling is not great, it feels heavily assisted.

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Even with the iffy reviews, that dot on Omaha means this is a must-rent for me, at least. Never seen my hometown in a videogame.

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So two out of five stars.

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Or as me and my best friend call it: Need for Speed: The Runs.

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I noticed that he said he was having trouble drifting in the Porsche. That might be some simulation kicking in because of the Porsche's rear engine make it pretty bad at high speed drifting. I imagine that Shelby would be a lot better at drifting. The different driving models per car sound pretty interesting.

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Is God my co-pilot?

"'Cos where's he gonna sit? ... Where?"

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Anyone else catch the Initial D car at 12:23-12:28? Panda painted Trueno!

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This does not appeal to me at all. Too linear. And seems like the races are too short from the quick look. One of the things that made Hot Pursuit fun was drifting around corners, they should have copied that. After playing the demo the driving didn't feel good at all. If you are interested in this, but didn't play Hot Pursuit go play that.

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@ZZoMBiE13: Sony also took exclusivity for the Run on some of the fastest cars in the game, and whether they were replaced in the 360 version with alternative versions or not I do not know. Anyways Sony grabbed, the Apollo Gumpert, Koenigsegg Agera, the Veyron, and pretty much every other car that exceeds 270mph.

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The Forza series has put me off of these games forever, and I use to play the shit out of NFS games.

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Black Box made a shitty game? Surprising!