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@Zero_:   Because it is easily the most entertaining Quick Look on this site.
Posted by Mathey

I think I've watched this seventeen times now. I really need to get out more.

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Haha Brad...

Posted by Dberg

Yeah, I'm currently on my fourth viewing. It's such a great quicklook.

Posted by B_Heart

Great quick look!

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Three Dash Boo

Posted by funk_oddysey

"I work with assholes" Great Video.

Posted by bkbroiler

Still one of my all time favorite QLs.

Posted by Grimi

God I still love this quick look. Freeking Brad lol

Posted by big_jon

Pooped my pants!

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Watching Brad die over and over again is kind of hypnotizing....

Posted by Codeacious

Still one of the best.

Posted by DonkeyKong

I hope they do this again for New Super Mario Bros U

Posted by wumbo3000

Just revisiting this classic quick look after watching the New Super Mario Bros U one. This one is still the best.

Posted by Indiana_Jenkins

Just one more thing to add:


Posted by Dberg
I'll have to make time to watch this a fourth time around soon.
Posted by Dimpley

I'm back to this QL after Ryans passing. My favourite (I'm English) by far. Hope this hilarious dynamic doesn't change between the group...