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@Zero_:   Because it is easily the most entertaining Quick Look on this site.
Posted by Mathey

I think I've watched this seventeen times now. I really need to get out more.

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Haha Brad...

Posted by Dberg

Yeah, I'm currently on my fourth viewing. It's such a great quicklook.

Posted by B_Heart

Great quick look!

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Three Dash Boo

Posted by funk_oddysey

"I work with assholes" Great Video.

Posted by bkbroiler

Still one of my all time favorite QLs.

Posted by Grimi

God I still love this quick look. Freeking Brad lol

Posted by big_jon

Pooped my pants!

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Watching Brad die over and over again is kind of hypnotizing....

Posted by Codeacious

Still one of the best.

Posted by DonkeyKong

I hope they do this again for New Super Mario Bros U

Posted by wumbo3000

Just revisiting this classic quick look after watching the New Super Mario Bros U one. This one is still the best.

Posted by Indiana_Jenkins

Just one more thing to add:


Posted by Dberg
I'll have to make time to watch this a fourth time around soon.
Posted by Dimpley

I'm back to this QL after Ryans passing. My favourite (I'm English) by far. Hope this hilarious dynamic doesn't change between the group...

Posted by Lavos

Still the best QL.