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"..just gonna walljump into a bullet bill and call it a day"
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That was the best quick look ever.

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New Super Mario Bros Endurance Run!

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This game looks crazy difficult in the latter levels.  4-player co-op is a GO! 
And yes, an endurance run would be amazing.  4-player, of course.

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This game looks to be insane if played with 4 people.

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BEST QUICK LOOK EVER!  Never cracked up at people playing a video game more than i did through this entire quick look

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woooo man! this is awesome!!!

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I'd read through the comments before saying anything myself, but after watching this myself, it nearly tripled. There's probably going to be another 50 comments before I even finish typing this, but whatever. 
I love the fact that of all the times Australia has gotten screwed over by release times, that among the many titles that have been having near worldwide releases, this game, along with quite a few others, has come out here before the US. 
Super Guide seemed like it was asking for a bit much in the requisite to activate, when I first read it in the manual, but they just can't stop throwing coins at you(and 100 = new life), 1up mushrooms, 1up hosues on the map, and by the time I finished the first tower (the sub-castles) on the first world, I was about 40 lives up. 
They didn't point it out on the QL and I already noted that I wouldn't get through all the comments to check, but like in SMB3, you can use items on the map to power yourself up before you enter a course. Thankfully, though, the 'Match-a-Pair-of-the-Powerup-to-get-it' minigame to get them isn't as cruel as it originally was, so it's very easy to have 5 Minishrooms, Penguin Suits, Propeller Suits, etc. in reserve. 
Still, after watching this, I definitely need to find 3 other people to play this with me. 
Looking forward to the review of what I will always refer to it by just to save my breath from having to say the official name, Super Mario Bros 4.

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good job fellas...

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Aw man.....I couldnt stop laughing.  One of the greatest QLs bar none.
PS. Nintendo, thank the gentlemen at Giantbomb, for they have secured another purchase in this customer.

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Best Quick Look ever

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LOL. Awesome quick look!  Definitely getting this!

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God, you gotta' love Brad.

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The Wii continues to be the party machine.

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@Crushed: Insanity.
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Grats guys, you sold me. Wasn't thinking too hard about this one before but now it's a must buy for me. :)

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I found myself watching Brad the entire time.
Except when he was dead.

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This game looks more amazing than I thought it would be... oh man I can't wait until Sunday!

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Wow, best quick look EVER. Quick looks should have all four crew members more often.
This actually got me 10000000x more interested in picking up this game.

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Looks like fun. If I had a Wii, I'd get it.
Also, one of the best Quick Looks I've seen xD

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@FireBurger said:
" @Delta_Ass said:
" This game looks awful. There's no way it's gonna outsell Modern Warfare 2 on the 360.  And I'm not exactly a fan of Call of Duty games in the first place. "
Wait, what? "

What the deuce?!
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One of my favorite quick looks 

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EXCELLENT QUICK LOOK!  Also, Brad didn't disappoint! 
GodDAMMIT, why does my Wii have to be broken?!  FUCK!!!!  I WANNA PLAY THIS!!!

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Game of the year 2009.

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Looks sick.

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@borgmaster: Hell yea. You  gotta be confident in your sexuality to say half the stupid stuff I do. :P
Also, watched it again, and the game looks so awesome. I kinda like the co-op direction with this kinda stuff. If Nintendo is serious about people playing together with the Wii they should expand this co-op idea onto other games.
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Awesome QL Go! 

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Oh man I want to get Little Big Planet now... but i have no one to play with =(

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UGH, FINE. You guys sold me. I guess I'll have to get this.

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I have never laughed so hard watching other people playing some games. Brad reminds me of me when we used to play "You Don't Know Jack" for 'dancing in the rain in our boxers (with the 3rd place person) in the middle of main street' dares... oh, yeah, and I rented Mario Party 2 from the local VHQ while wearing nothing but a banana hammock. I was leaving while they were phoning the cops...
I have to get this game now. The bastard antics seem limitless.

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Before quicklook: "Yeah, a mario game. That's cool. I'll get it in a few months or so when a good deal rolls around."
After quicklook: "AMAZON PRE-ORDER NOW!"

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First time I've heard anything good about the single player. Great quick look, laughed out load a few times, not bad for some fucking first rate enthusiast journalistic press.

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This gets my vote for the best Quick Look ever.

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I would watch this as a sit-com.

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Can someone please confirm that the Ice Flower was in Mario Galaxy? I remember using one in the ice levels but I could be wrong. It's been over a year since I last played it.

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great quicklook, that was chaotic

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@Roy42 said:

" Looking forward to the review of what I will always refer to it by just to save my breath from having to say the official name, Super Mario Bros 4. "

The Japanese box art for Super Mario World
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The name is indeed terrible, but this looks amazingly fun. Had no hopes for this one but definitely buying it now.

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this looks like it'll be more fun to watch people play than actually play it yahself. 
Plus the milisecond pause of someone pickin up items constantly looks like it would get a lil annoying.
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Oh man. That was hilarious.

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They need to make this the new Endurance Run!!
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This has to be the best QL I've watched in a long time. I was literally laughing my ass off.

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Day one purchase... cannot wait.

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I just want to rewatch this over and over. They need to make more videos of this game.

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That 4-way head-jump-spin-fireball-co-op effort was the bomb.

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I think this game should be the next endurance run. It's perfect for one.

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Ya might have to pick this up just for the co op

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Amazing QL! :D It's one of the greats. All of the QL's rock of course, but this is one of those ones that even surpasses the usual awesomeness of the normal QL, methinks.