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No post-play action is like MK with no Fatalities.

EDIT: Damnit Jeff I made this statement before watching the video. :P

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I'm ready to get blitzed!

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I'm already blitzed.

Posted by MrGtD

I've been playing this for about 2 days straight. I don't even notice the lack of late hits because it's so goddamn fun.

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Hmmmm...this is nice.

Posted by rcath

This will be good.

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Jeff's back! W00T!

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they should apply the arcade-style dude-colliding software into the shower-room mini game

.... scrumptious...

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the guy in the image looks like Jacob from mass effect 2

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I thought Jeff was on vacation this whole week... odd that he would come back on a friday.

Posted by ianmac

not if your office happens to have a bar :)

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Not as flashy, not as exaggerated, and no late hits? I don't like football, but I loved Blitz for the PS1. This is a bit of a disappointment.

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Watched the video and thought to myself 'Hm, that might be good to get when it's on sale'... and then remembered it's NA only. Damn.

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20 minutes? I was expecting a full hour worth...I don't care if there's not necessarily an hours worth of new stuff to show. An hour of Jeff and Patrick Blitzing out was all I wanted. :(

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Is it me or is Jeff sounding quite hyper? So either he got enough rest during his vacation or it's his passion for Blitz. :P

Posted by mikey87144

Did Jeff take a break from his vacation to cover this?

Posted by Ali_D

I hope EA bring back NHL Hitz as well, we've had Blitz and Jam so it'd be great if they brought the Hitz series back.

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Totally read 'dude-cuddling' in the subtitle...

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@mikey87144 said:

Did Jeff take a break from his vacation to cover this?

I was just about to ask. That's dedication.

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Ugh. I'm so sick and tired of people bemoaning the lack of "Late Hits". Fucking internet - as soon as something is removed, THAT'S the thing y'all focus on, whether or not it was ever a cherished feature. All it did was slow down the pace of the game because everyone would just pound the crap out of each other after every play. Let's not treat it like it was some cherished thing - like it was the "core" of Blitz. It was just a dumb little feature, and removing it has not affected the quality of EA Blitz in any negative way.

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Man they made Blitz boring as hell.

The late hits and accompanying commentary made the game what it was.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Hooray, Jeff's back!

Anyway, can anyone point me towards a good "American Football for dummies" resource or something? I always thought of American football as a pretty mindless sport, being European and all, but I hear everywhere that it's actually mad tactical and complex, so I'd love to at least understand the game.

I even sat down to watch the Superbowl finals once, to see what all the hubbub was about, but it didn't make a bit of sense to me.

Posted by neon123

American football is completely weird.

Posted by NipCrip66

@Buckfitches: Sky coverage is excellent and I believe they have a red button option that explains the basics.

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@Zanny: They're doing a NFL Blitz TNT next week, so that's 1.5 hours of Blitz right there.

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Strange that this is not being released in Europe. NFL is pretty big out here especially in the UK. It would probably do well. Is there genuinely no planned release date outside of US?

Posted by JBird

I feel sorry for the dudes who made this. To please jeff on blitz would be near impossible!

Posted by Mordi

Someone needs to make a compilation of quick looks that end too early. An edited version of every quick look where someone goes "alright, this quick look is over".

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Like Jeff, I have zero interest in actual football, but was a pretty big fan of the original arcade Blitz and later versions of the game. This looks fine, but the changes they've made make it way less appealing to me than it would have been otherwise.

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More than a little too much whining in this quick look for my taste, especially when this looks way more approachable and fun then the current Madden.

In my opinion, Jeff, with his past, is not objective enough to review this game. Give it to Alex, who reviewed Madden.

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They had a Blitz 99 machine in Midway offices in Chicago. I played it as much as I could when I visited it. Wonder what happened to it.

Posted by MrBubbles

well i am going to buy this because i love me some blitz.

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While I understand that this is an arcade version of football but I noticed that EA didn't even bother to distinguish between left handed and right handed throwing quarterbacks. Tebow is throwing right handed in this quick look when he is clearly left handed. Is this done intentionally for the sake of "balance" or were the developers just being lazy?

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I thought Jeff had the week off?

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I was kinda hoping this would be nothing but Jeff raping fools online with his "best in the world" Blitz level play.

oh wells, there's always TNT.

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I would like to make a cop movie reference scenario and play a Police Captain that tells Jeff he can't review Blitz because he is to close to the case. He could then slam his badge and gun down on my desk and walk out the door.

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Apparently Tim Tebow is so amazing he can throw right handed in video games when he throws left handed in real life.

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Maybe the game audio would be louder if it were in both audio channels. I can hear Jeff and Patrick just fine, but the game audio is more in the left channel than the right.

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Is the volume on recent videos lower than usual? I have to adjust the volume up quite a bit compared to any other media I have. This was not necessary some weeks ago.

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The game is quite a bit of fun, and they definitely seem to have gotten the core game play mostly right, minus a few caveats. But as someone who doesn't particularly enjoy playing online, I wish they had given more offline and single-player carrots similar to what NBA Jam: On Fire edition did with the exhaustive Road Trip mode and the persistent challenges. I've put over 30 hours into that game and am nowhere near done with it because there are always new challenges to work toward completing and hundreds of items to buy in the store.

The Gauntlet mode is weak by comparison, and the fact that you can't buy the sparse offerings in the Blitz store without playing online is a disappointment. I've also encountered occasional brief but severe framerate drops at seemingly random times; I don't know if that issue is specific to the PS3 or not.

Overall, I'm enjoying it, but it feels rushed and not nearly as complete a product as its recent arcade basketball counterpart, and that's disappointing.

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

EA failed at promoting this. I didin't know it was coming out until it was actually out.

Posted by blacklab

Patrick's got a serious case of 'Listen to me talk' in this one.

Posted by skrutop

There doesn't seem to be anything majorly off about this version of Blitz, but for some reason I'm really unimpressed.

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@PerfidiousSinn said:

EA failed at promoting this. I didin't know it was coming out until it was actually out.

They have not even released it here in Europe, despite the fact that it's a download only game and we get Madden every year.

Posted by ItalianStallion

Seems kind of disappointing...

Posted by SuperSambo

@thornie said:

Apparently Tim Tebow is so amazing he can throw right handed in video games when he throws left handed in real life.

I've seen people complaining about this, but does it really matter?

Posted by thornie_delete

@SuperSambo: I think it does. Just from a strategic standpoint, if someone is used to defending plays on one side of the field, a left hand QB would be a nice change up to have.