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Only a few minutes in and are we already doing the hate on the "destined hero" thing? Who cares? If the game is good does it even matter?

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Harry Potter?

More like Roald Dahl... Sorry I'm old.

The final fantasy conversation got me all nostalgic too.

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Oddly enough, this seems like a sequel to Mother 3. The characters, some of the story, and the way enemies will avoid you if your way stronger. Seems pretty cool, I love Mother 3 and over the summer I played the original Dark Cloud which was alright. Maybe I should give their other RPGS a shot.

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@believer258 said:

In Full Metal Alchemist, Ed and Al tried to bring their mother back and it backfires, but it's never quite clear if it was their mother that came back or just a mass of bloody flesh. Pretty nasty either way.

The "Real" answer is, it wasn't their Mom, because it had no sole The other answer is, That bloody mess turns into the spitting image of their Mom, except a sex crazed nympho. So It really their Mom.

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@Tarsier: Add Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls to that and you've spent your money well.

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@IronScimitar said:

Mom dies, eh? Thanks for lettin' us know Brad.

That's the entire plot of the game. It's not some huge reveal.

And he says it happens in like the first 20 minutes, of what could very well be a 50 hour game.

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@Bistromath: I feel the same way. As long as the dub is of good quality, the name really doesn't matter to me. Besides, variety in voices is something that should be encouraged.

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Oddly enough, that line, "so this is the boy who will save the world", makes me want to play this game even more.

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I was already impressed with the art in this game but the menu really blew my mind.

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The mom says she made Drippy. He says he was transformed and then booted into this dimension.

So dead Mom is a liar?

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@MooseyMcMan said:

I wish the whole game was cell shaded, and not just the characters/enemies.

But that's the Studio Ghibli style where you have these very simple looking characters that really stand out against the lush and details backgrounds.

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The movement, shading, animation, UI, and interaction all remind me of Wind Waker and the other 3D Zelda games. Definitely going to pick this up soon.

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I aint got no PS3


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So that's the book that came with the DS version, right?

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I hate you so much Brad! I have just spent the last few days convincing myself that I don't need this with all of the other games coming out in the next couple of months. Your enthusiasm makes me want this right now... damn it!

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omg, what are the chances that Brad and Vinny both go crazy over Rogue Galaxy, a couple of days after I finally tracked down a copy of the game.

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@mellotronrules said:

god damn this makes me want to buy a ps3. probably wait till the ps4 announcement- i'm stupidly optimistic that they're going to announce emulation of their back catalogue via gaikai.

That would be cool. Probably be a PS+ perk.

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@alibson said:

Combat is ripped straight out of Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII ain't got no Pokemons in it. You do not end up evolving Vaan into Ellen DeGenerous (but I would really like to play a game where that is a reality).

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Is the creature holding on the lantern with his nose or is that some sort of piercing?

Looks like a piercing. Kinky.

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Vinny's comment about this being a great "summer vacation game" is really depressing...

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@SerHulse said:

@PlasmaBeam44 said:

@IronScimitar said:

Mom dies, eh? Thanks for lettin' us know Brad.

That's the entire plot of the game. It's not some huge reveal.

And he says it happens in like the first 20 minutes, of what could very well be a 50 hour game.

And it's written on the back of the box and has been the intro to pretty much every trailer for this game.

Any who, I really want to play this game as everything about it looks so dam amazing, but I just despise the combat and know I could never play an entire game of it. I prefer turn based games and these action style games are just so frustrating to play. I tried the demo hoping I could power through it, but even after my time with it I just couldn't be bothered. I hated every second of the combat. Shame such an amazing game had to get ruined by the choice of combat.

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I am buying this game within the next 2 weeks and will not put it down until it is consumed whole.

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watched a dude live-translate this on twitch when it came out in Japan, the English voices are really good.

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Wait till Brad finds out about the 340 page Wizard's Companion that comes with the Wizard edition.

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Hope this comes to WiiU.

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Great quick look. I'd normally be all over this game but my PS3 died a while ago and I don't really care enough to fix it this time. I really hope we get more JRPGs of this nature on the next gen consoles though. It seems like this generation nearly saw the death of the JRPG in the western market.

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This really does bring me back to playing games like Dark Chronicle. I sorta like it, I just...can't.

I can't commit myself to a game like this these days I feel.

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With what Brad is saying about this game, it seems like he would probanly really like the Tales series of games. Anyway, I might pick this game up after I'm done with DMC. It's definitely the kind of game that I enjoy and should keep my JRPG urges in check until Tales of Xillia comes out.

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@Milkman said:

Vinny's comment about this being a great "summer vacation game" is really depressing...

In what way? I haven't watched the vid yet, so maybe context will help.

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"You should never write off a game because of a genre." Preach on Brother Vinny! Hallelujah Thank you Jesus.

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I don't get why people rave about Studio Gibli animation, the characters look so plain. Yeah the backgrounds are crazy detailed, but the main guys look like they don't belong.

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@zentheninja said:

Oddly enough, that line, "so this is the boy who will save the world", makes me want to play this game even more.

This was brought up in the Edge review, but they say it subverts enough with the familiar cliches. They gave it an 8.

"Ni No Kuni’s White Witch peers into her crystal ball and says, “So, this is the child who will save the world,” sneering at her pint-sized aggressor and his ill-matched ambition. The temptation is to sneer with her. Not at Oliver, the likeable 13-year-old called upon to save the fantasy world of Ni No Kuni in order to do the same for the life of his mother, but at the over-familiarity of the premise: the orphaned child at the precipice of puberty, who, in the words of the game’s attract sequence, will “save a world, but must first save himself”. For a story penned by Studio Ghibli, the animation house behind some of Japan’s most enduring and critically acclaimed cinematic fairytales, the hope was for more of a twist in the tale.

But there is still gold to be found in clichés for those with a subversive eye and sparkling talent – virtues that Studio Ghibli and Level-5, its game development partner, do not lack. So while Ni No Kuni’s premise and systems are familiar at a glance, their quaintly rebellious execution, flair, and voice, plus the studio’s meticulous detailing, make this a journey filled with fresh wonder.


And while the story may lean more heavily on cliché than Ghibli’s film work, it retains the studio’s innate ability to articulate the mental landscape of a child, and to relate that viewpoint back to adults in meaningful ways. A familiar tale in a familiar genre, then, but this is a game full of youthful wonder, imagination and thoughtfulness."

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This Quick Look sold me the game.

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I wonder if this game will lead to a "happily ever after" ending or if it'll go with a more touching "accepting that she's gone/ know that she'll be with you in your heart". Hopefully it's something impactful and not very predictable.

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Man this seems neat and I haven't played a JRPG in ages, but I haven't played a JRPG in ages because I can't muster the patience to dedicate 60+ hours to a single game anymore. I really would like to get this, but I'm afraid I'll play 10 hours and never get any further.

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Ha ha 30 seconds in, queue Japanese anime creepiness.

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Just looking at the gorgeous vistas here really remind me of Skies of Arcadia. I know it's never going to happen but I'd so love a Skies of Arcadia 2 or even just another re-release like Sega has been doing recently with the Sonic games and Jet Set Radio even though I've already played it on the Dreamcast and GameCube.

Btw, isn't this game the essence of what an Endurance Run is all about? They both really want to play it but due to its length and other commitments, can't.

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i think its ridiculous that a game like this would receive an 8 on Edge or a 7 on Game Informer, but then something like DMC would receive 9/10 and 10/10 everywhere.

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@Aegon said:

@Milkman said:

Vinny's comment about this being a great "summer vacation game" is really depressing...

In what way? I haven't watched the vid yet, so maybe context will help.

He said that this was the kind of game where you were just devote your entire summer vacation to as a kid and that he would never be able to have an experience like that again. Which is something I can definitely relate to.

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Ooh crap I never best rouge galaxy.

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Damn, I wish this was on another platform. Great Quick Look.

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Oh man this is so sad. :'(

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Man, I'm just about as pumped with the game's presentation as Brad, but the demo made combat seem really mediocre and really frequent. People have said it cribs from the gameplay of the Tales series, but I wish that comparison was more apt. All the combat in Symphonia felt (if not super responsive) really smooth and was a joy to play. I'm worried that I'm just not up to additional dozens of hours blasting my head against un-enjoyable JRPG encounters, even for a game as charming as this.