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I bet furf*gs got a rise from that catgirl.

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Those nicktoons look fucked.

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damn this week of quicklooks is so doze!

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I submit to you the following:

  1. Jeff mistakes the gender of a character in Avatar
  2. Jeff mispronounces the name of that same character

This is undeniable proof that once and for all that regardless of where it was made, Avatar is, in fact, an anime

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Seconding other people, I find it very odd that the few nickelodeon characters that actually played baseball or other sports are notably missing from this game. Hey Arnold is the obvious one, Rocko's Modern Life had a couple baseball themed episodes, and even Angry Beavers had several sports related episodes if I recall.

Other than that, this is just weird. I think you could do much better if you just go all out and cut the real baseball players out entirely. I don't think anyone who would be interested in this game in particular would be interested in the actual players.

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This is the Bigs 3, might gets this Bigs is awesome

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i'm sure someone already asked this but how does toph see where to pitch

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Nickelodeon! What the fuck happened to you, man?! Your ass used to be beautiful..

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What the hell, this looks surprisingly well made.

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... This shouldn't look as decent as it does. Also, I'm rather disappointed Jeff didn't pick the Raccoons.

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@Demilich said:

Invader Zim is terrible.



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Does this have the Horse from Ren & Stimpy saying "No, sir, I don't like it"?

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Eric Bauza the voice for Stimpy is an awesome guy and has been doing Stimpy's voice for a while!

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There is a kid at my school who goes by Topher.

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@MajorStoner said:
There is a kid at my school who goes by Topher.
As a Christopher myself, I am ashamed.
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what the heck is amy poehler doing in those credits

Likely because The Mighty B shows up somewhere

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Yep... I was doing that, too...
I also noticed that all of GIR's lines are straight out of the cartoon. It's like... yeah, those are the things people know him for and those are the lines we'd all use over and over again if we were to write a GIR fanfic, but... This isn't a GIR fanfic. You've somehow made GIR's comments seem even less relevant than usual, and that's not a good thing! Come up with some original stuff already!
Also, SpongeBob looks like a cheese. I don't know if whoever modelled him has ever seen a sponge before... But sponges aren't cheese.
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Monkey sounds when a black man steps up to back? This is racist.

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@MisuseOfLasers: Or Doug!

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What are they reacting to at 24 minutes in?

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I too lost it at the "Boom-shaka-laka" moment. That's a little on the nose.

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@Evilsbane: my statement was me simply agreeing with you.... the :( is me being sad hes not in the game

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... Wouldn't the people from Avatar have a HUGE advantage?

Nuh-uhn! There's no such thing as a toast-bender.



=P hahahahaha

Also, Jhonen Vasquez and John Kricfalusi are two of the most over-rated people to be associated with animation. You make one good cartoon that gets a cult following and suddenly everyone thinks you're god's gift to cartoons. Vasquez hasn't made anything good since since Invader Zim, and John K. hasnt made anything good since Ren And Stimpy. Sorry, thats a rant that has been building up inside me for ages now. Fun Fact: Frank Connif(TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000) did a lot of writing for Invader Zim, thats probably why it was so good.

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They really just made the Bigs with Nicktoons.In fact I have to pop in the Bigs 2 and see if they just edited the announcer to put it in a high pitch

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Ryan: "I wonder what Jhonen Vasquez thinks about this..."

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The in-game commentary might be the worst fucking thing ever in a video game.

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You guys are the worst for not picking Zim ... ZIIMMMM!

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It would have been awesome if they put the power rangers in this, now that Nick owns them.

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So The Bigs but with nicktoons in it... weird...

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Gir doing commentary actually makes this a 1/5 star game. I fucking love Gir

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i'm sure someone already asked this but how does toph see where to pitch

Yeah, someone didn't quite think that through.

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with out giant bomb i wouldn't have known this game existed and i wouldn't seriously be considering buying it. i do like me some nicktoons

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They had Rocko and Heffer in a loading screen, but they aren't playable? That's lame!

Also, this makes me feel really old. When I initially heard about this I was thinking Rugrats, Rocket Power, Doug, Hey Arnold, and Rocko's modern life.

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i'm sure someone already asked this but how does toph see where to pitch

A wizard did it.

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The amount of Last Airbender talk in here makes me super happy. Guys, how fucking AMAZING was that show? God. I still can't get over it.

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@Evilsbane: Hey Arnold had baseball in it :(

yeah where are the Hey Arnold Characters =o
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How do you have real ballparks and not pick Wrigley. I dont care where you live, always go with Wrigley.

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This isn't similar to The Bigs, it is The Bigs.

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all was quite... then everything went crazy... They Coming!

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No Rocko? Heffer? Doug?

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Weird as this product is, weirder is it doesn't make full use of the license. We see NickToons characters on the loading screens that aren't even playable.

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This is like a scary fever-dream.

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Gir seems overused to the point of being really irritating. Also, I find your lack of Avatar knowledge disturbing. TLAB is by leaps and bounds the superior of the two media properties called "Avatar." The show, anyway. The movie never happened. NEVER HAPPENED.

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"Towph" "him"

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steve oedekerk? i JUST watch Kung Pow: Enter the Fist last night. coincidence? i think not!

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I wonder how much money they make off this game considering they have to pay royalties to both the MLB and nick.