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Posted by ThomasCro

You know it's a good game when the game is explained and experienced in 3 minutes, yet the quick look is 40 minutes long.

Posted by melodiousj


Someone make it happen!

Posted by ch3burashka

The complaint "you're playing it wrong" rarely holds water, but after seeing footage of people methodically trying to disarm their opponent, watching them fuck around and avoid each other kinda bums me out. It's like watching someone get cheesed by hadoukens - it's easy and boring to watch.

Posted by MasterpinE

Was drinking with friends and bought this on a whim. Cue two hours of intense yelling and joy. This game is an absolute blast and for sure has become the party game of choice. Anyone can pick up a controller and start nidhoggin' like a beast after a few fights, yet there's a huge amount of depth here. Sure, $15 seems pretty pricey but thing thing is ultra fine tuned.

It's a pure game, bloody love it.

Posted by dvdwalker8

Looks like fun but only 3 stages seems pretty lame.

Posted by Sureflint

Hahaha Vinny "Just the tip". Really looking forward to this on PS4.