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Cool, being looking into this game recently.
Edit: Yay, first :D

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damn. Lol. Missed it by that much...

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

yes, i love these quick looks

Posted by FrostyHerpiez

man this game sounded promising LETS HOPE IT IS!!!!!!!!!

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This is out already?

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I'll never get that first
That was weird... he just destroyed those boxes with his sword.. I thought you were supposed to pull out the pistol and shoot them eight times each?
*edit #2*
Alright, so... in this game you go from the near future to the Nier future?

Posted by gosukiller
@AArmyofJuan said:
" damn. Lol. Missed it by that much... "
You might say you.. NIERly got it!
Posted by wolf_blitzer85
@Vandersveldt said:
" I'll never get that first "
I've come to accept it too. Also cool looking game.
Posted by Heliosicle

looks pretty poor

Posted by DeadMonkeys

Time to see if my indifference is justified

Posted by iizcallum

Awesome, I've been interested in this game but unsure about it at the same time... :p

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hahahaha sheep TAKE THAT!

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According to Justin from Joystiq this game is crap.


not even near first...good QL

Posted by Jayross

aaw damnit!

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I hate how dismissive Brad can be sometimes during these quick looks.

Posted by Brendan

The main character is ugly to the point of being distracting.
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We better get Replicant later on...

Posted by kollay

Game doesn't seem promising... sadly.

Posted by Godlovesugly

Wow game sure is generic and boring.

Posted by aafie

Replicant is not going to make this game any less repetitive, Its like a poor man's DMC with all the fetch quests from Wow. I was going to review, but lost the will to stick with it, quit about half way through... Sad really, because the setting had some promise.

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I'm finding the movement very strange. Also, is anyone else finding the video player loading like crap?

Posted by Falerix

Ehh..not too interesting, but Quick Looks are great no matter what.

Posted by Sarumarine

Heh, can we use Goldschlager Ghosts as the name of the character page for enemies in this game?
Also, that dude makes friends with magical books pretty fast.

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well ever since i first started seeing trailers for this game i have never been impressed with the visuals, and i am still not. The only thing i liked was some of the lighting effects. As for the game itself i am only half interested

Posted by phobic

Quick Looks are awesome. This game? Ehhh.. no so much.

Posted by Morka

This game made me motion sick :(

Posted by HenryHSH

had high hopes :(

Posted by Ghostiet

Oh God, sheep-killing. Not again. Not after fucking Overlord.

Posted by ElementellZ

The combat looks pretty cool but as far as the game goes, it seems repetitive.

Posted by nanikore

Terrible graphics.

Posted by mutha3
@juice8367 said:
" I hate how dismissive Brad can be sometimes during these quick looks. "
Uh-huh, I have no interest in this game whatsoever...but, Jesus Brad you didn't even give it a chance to prove itself.
Posted by Detrian

What a bad quicklook.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Ryan, you said the double-D word!

Posted by Raidou10k

Wow, this game looks super boring.

Posted by Plasma

Getting a massive Shadow of the Colossus vibe from the game.

Posted by ZenaxPure

Man Nier's voice is really gruff and cool sounding. I like it.

Posted by Smashlampjaw

Seems ok, though brad is right the music kinda dragging.

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Got this one 2 days ago and even though it starts a bit, slow the game gets better and better. Also i'm loving the art style! ^___^ 
This one deserved a longer quick look though. :/

Posted by ryanwho

Game almost as boring as the guy playing it. Seriously, test it out for 10 minutes before putting the camera on and if you know it'll drag a bit put on ANYONE BUT BRAD, please. And maybe there will be some entertaining banter at least. Ug. 

Posted by fox01313

Nier? Still planning on keeping this far away from me. The bizarro setting I can handle but the character designs still look ugly as hell & hard to find time to care about them. At least they made the book sarcastically entertaining & interesting, hopefully that book will show up in other games.

Posted by Rocospi

This game seems like it snuck off the Wii wagon and hid in the PS3 train.

Posted by TheMoD

Brads pretty annoying. 
the game looks very atmospheric to me, I might check it out
Posted by mavs

Holy fuck, that book is Illidan Stormrage!

Posted by RobJ

Looks like fun to me. I like the story and the look isn't terrible.

Posted by Ghostiet

God, this game looks boring. Like it's stuck in the previous decade.

Also, the comments here are horrible. The commentards are ravaging again on one of the staff members after Jeff and Ryan. It's the same style - X whipes his ass with his left hand and he's a dumbass already, despite the fact that whiping your ass with your left hand is totally tits if Y does that.


Brad must touch himself while looking at Uncharted and Crysis screenshots.  The guy is such a graphics whore. 
Also, you might as well give him a paddleball during quicklooks so he can entertain himself. 

Posted by IzzyGraze

Wonder what's up with the Japanese and their love for German words. First Gestalt, now weiss?

Posted by Banzai_NL

I now finally have an understanding of what this game actually is.  
And I still do not like it.