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Nice...*waits patiently*

From what i heard on the Bombcast, it's nice to know Ryan appreciates this game.

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Aw, still rendering? I hear this game is stupid but in a way people can get behind. 

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T'internet sad face.

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wait, what teh fuck just happened?

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Where's ma video?!

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Ninjas? Check. Blades? Check. Video? ....Video? .....Eternal loneliness? Check.

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So Ninja Blade is that shitty of a game?

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This happend to me yesterday on the Flock video, it will show up eventually 

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You guys should be wanting Demon's Souls instead, that's the From Software game that's worth playing.

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my video doesn't work :(

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I hope the video shows up soon, I want to see what to expect from this game

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he's just teasing us.
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April F--  no, wait...


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So this is that video I've been hearing about.

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yo Fity, post that big A!! video!

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This should be good.

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Sounds like a video game to me!

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that boss fight was rather tedious.  ninja quicktime events are pretty cool though.

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The only problem i have with this game is the colour palette, other than that, it seems pretty cool and ridiculous  to me.

I'm glad Ryan likes this game. Jeff not liking it is still no surprise really.

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woah! Didn't I see this quick look before?

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eeeeh doesnt look like something I want to buy now.

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What a fucking piece of shit game.

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why such a long cutseen for a game about ninjas?

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Looks like an awesome game.

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Was it just me or did it seem like they did not enjoy it?

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From what i've played of this, it seems to be MAAAD STUPID. In a really awesome way.

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Wow, this game looks lame...

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Wow, what little actual gameplay that had looked... Really bad. What the hell were they thinking with that boss fight?

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Somebody get Kevin Bacon. lol

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I don't know why there's so much hate for this game. Although I guess I thought it looked stupid and complete rip-off of Ninja Gaiden too - but then I played the demo, and it was a lot better than I thought. It's kinda like 50 Cent in where.....it's not really a good game, but you wouldn't say it's bad either. It's main enjoyment just comes from the pure ridiculousness of the games scenes. I predict a 3 out of 5. Maybe 2.

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This game doesn't look THAT bad. I think I might get it at some point.

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looks so shitty ahaha

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So... ripoff Dune sandworms. And Quick Time Events. Okay.

What a piece of shit.

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I honestly don't know why either. "People's" standards for games these days really weirds me out, everything must be perfect it seems. It'll be a shock to them when they learn perfect doesn't exsist.

"piece of shit"? errr...

Ok i'm done.

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You know.... this looks more exciting than Ninja Gaiden in general. I'll have to try it.

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latetitlecard.com not found :(

you guys should pick that up

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Just buy Ninja Gaiden, fuuuuuuuuuck this game.

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This game looks terrible.

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This does not interest me in the least.

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That quick time dodge at the boss fight is really stupid and made the fight way longer then it should of been.

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another shitty lookin xbox360 game....no suprise there.


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Quick time events, quick time events and more quick time events, not enough quick time events you say? here are even more quick time events for you!

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I'm going to side with the shit slingers. QTEs are just a lazy, lazy, lazy and equally frustrating gameplay mechanic. For the love of Jeebus, let the player do something meaningful and then reward them with a kick-ass cutscene that isn't shrouded in button prompts.

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wow that is not good times

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why the bad comments, this game looks awesome

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looks bad dude. 

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The game looks okay. 

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Gameplay wise it doesn't really do anything new and exciting but i like the idea of ninjas in a futuristic setting so that's enough for me.  I also don't mind QTEs as long as they don't penalize you for failure too much.