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Selling consoles everywhere.

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This is the greatest video I've ever seen.

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You can upload video's straight to Youtube on the game. Loads of video's in the games forum now. And there all crazy!

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"if you eat too hard, you fly" - what an absurdly amazing quote.

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What did I just witness?

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I bought it straight away today, after seeing it in action weeks back, i knew i had to.

It's great to see what you thought of the game when you started it up, just like i did. Though you weren't very bright about guessing controls now where you? nor knowing how to shrink. Then again you didn't read the manual to figure that one out.

Hilarious though!

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That was Fantastic!

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The rearend you see in space... with the hearts, must be Girl. Who's apparently the combined length of all Noby Noby boy's boys. And when "she" reaches certain lengths; new stuff will unlock for the game.

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I like how Ryan managed to split Noby Noby Boy in half within the first 5 minutes of playing.  Well done, sir!

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I have this its absolutely insane.

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Best quick look so far.  Kudos fellas.

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I could watch this all day

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WTH is going on in this game? "Stretch boy to make girl grow"?, wtf!!?

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.....so this game is about dicks?

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Dude... What...

My mind is blown, seriously. This has just superseded the Text Toilet Pants Shitting Adventure as best game ever.

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Is this a video game?  What the fuck is wrong with sony that they would release this game in the US?

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well thats it... here is the killer app for the ps3!

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Meh, after watching that, I just totally lost interest in this game.  Game maybe artistic, which I think fools a lot of people, but in reality it looks like a really really lame game.

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lol. A very good quick look. Game looks sooo cool...but I wish they figured out how to play the game. Eating people, flying around as a giant worm and zooming the camera into space is pretty creative.

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Oh my ducking god, I don't think I have ever laughed so hard then during the first 6 minutes of this quick look, and the remaining 13 were very enjoyable too. Wow. I love you guys.

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man that was the greatest thing ever.

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Greatest game of this generation.

Also there's a lot in the manual that the Fairy doesn't tell you. There's also shortcuts like pressing up with the left stick and pressing start at the same time. Heck, there's even stuff in the manual to mess around with.

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Dude, what?

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The random squirrel is the cherry on the pie.

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I believe that last image says everything.

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dude its like 5 bucks...totally worth it

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I've played the game for about two hours and I still have no idea of what's going on... but for some weird reson I want to play more and more.

And it also took me a while to realise what the "pac-man pac-man pac-man" things were.

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WTF!!!!!!......lol weirdest game ever, however i still want to try it out

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oh jesus that was fucking hilarious

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You press R3 or L3 to get smaller... rather pointless though since you have to stretch like mad.

And you do fly up up and up to the orange dude on top of the earth. The game makes sense after you do that bit.

Overall, I'm playing a lot of Noby Noby Boy, I just don't know why exactly.

I guess I wanna see the moon and other planets eventually. (Totally makes sense if you meet orange dude.)

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wtf? I can't believe I watched that entire video...

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What just happened........

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what did you eat?

I ate a unicycle!

WTF is going on?

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Dude! When the two dick shaped things went into the mouth of that house my precious ben & jerry's I just shoveled into mine came out of my nose! This is the best laugh I had in weeks.

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I am likely to buy a PS3 to play this........ very likely.

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You had me sold on this game at the loading screens, but then at the end you say $4.99...............WAI...DIDTHEYJUS.......$4.99?!?!?!?!!?

I'm starting up my PS3 right now.

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Looks like we have a 2009 contender for "GAMES TO PLAY WHILE DRUNK OR HIGH!"

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Yes Yes Yes Yes i can finaly trip without taking drugs (i dnt take drugs)

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i am downloading this right now, i cant wait to be more confused! haha

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I NEED this

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That was the best quick look so far.

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Best Acid Trip Ever. PACMAN PACMAN!

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Dear god, I've been playing that game for the last few hours, but you guys made me laugh so hard. Jeff had pretty much the same comments and hyperness on it I did lol.

Shame you guys didn't get to know L3 and R3 would shrink you down :/

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I wanted to see you guys tie it in a knot.

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"do not turn power off while HEEEYYY is on the screen" lol, that really cracked me up jeff.

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Easily the greatest quick look so far.

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Hold L2 or the PAC-MAN PAC-MAN button! that was so hilarious!