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is this really what it's like when you take ACId?

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Reading some more of the manual might have been a good idea, but still fun video.

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Wow im jealous of you ps3 people.

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crazy game man

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Truely, and utterly, epic. I shall be buying a PS3 just for this. Thanks for the 4am entertainment Jeff and Ryan =D

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0___0 holy shit that looks crazy

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I've had dreams that made sense compared to this game. Insanity redefined. 5 stars.

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It seems that if you don't eat after so long, you poop it all out.  So you must keep eating.  After you eat more...you can...stretch more?

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Hit the god damn Pacman Pacman button!

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Best. Quick Look. Ever.

I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Seeing the Boy for the first time was hilarious, and their reactions were priceless.

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So from what I can tell, you you have these things, and then there's this stuff, and you do stuff with the things. I think I understand!

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PACMAN PACMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!1!!!!!one!!1!1
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Was that a giant dog penis orbiting the Earth at the end?!

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ga- uh- huh- er-

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This "game" makes no sense...

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lol.. great commentary, guys.. now i need a ps3.. and lots drugs

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OMG, I need a PS3 now!

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Seriously though, this makes me want a PS3.
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My mind has been blown.

I'll have to get this game now...

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Ive watched this 3 times so far, cracks me up every time.

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lmao hilarious.

"i dunn.. uh... i uh.. insane" -jeff
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That was an awesome video guys.  I still have no idea what it's about, though.  Maybe I need to purchase it and play it myself to find out.  o_0

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Wait a sec.... the people look like Canadians from south park.

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I seriously never get tired of watching this.

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I'm so confused... What the fuck... Be right back, got to buy the game...

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The Pacman Pacman Button! Press it! NOW!!! PACMAN PACMAN BUTTON!

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my god that was so damn funny! :D

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Man, that was an awesome laugh. Thanks guys.

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I wonder if you can eat those dudes and vomit them in other world... Now THAT, would be weird.

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My mind is now fried.  I need to go to bed now so my mind can recharge and get its processing power back because I am out of energy.  That game is way to trippy for me.

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Am I on acid?

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Frickin' hilarious, sounds like you guys had too many watermelon Jolly Rancher drinks!

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that's awesome

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I love this, looks soo fun, havent got a PS3 tho :(

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I have not laughed so hard in a long time! We need another video on this! :D

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This video made me laugh so hard. You guys are hilarious!

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That was fucked and awesome.

I'm getting it.

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you made me buy this game
i hope you're happy :P

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LOL what the.... the ending simply looks wrong.
Wish I had a PS3 now.

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Sold!  Time to get me a PS3!

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that is just the funniest thing ever

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all i have to say is 1) this game was definitely made by someone who was on drugs and 2) where can i get some?

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" PAC-MAN!!!! PACMAN!!!!"
Also when he snapped in half. dont worry i was like OH GOD NO
Lmao. best quickvid EVER!

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Is that guy harassing the apple?
Is that parrot harassing the branch?
I'm so confused. :S
I like it....