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Posted by chet_awsomelaser

trippiest thing ever. 

Oh and also first.(always wanted to say that)
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Posted by LiveOrDie1212

this is one of the most entertaining quicklook vids i have ever seen!!!!! this game looks weird but fun

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Posted by McQuinn

Dude YES I have no idea what is going on.  Just what I need games for.

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Posted by spankmastaflex

my brain just exploded

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Edited by FCKSNAP

I wish the Youtube recording was more customizable like even just being able to cut it down or adding some sort of audio or something.

Also, "I think the mescaline's kicking in dude!" Nice Fear and Loathing reference!

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Posted by Hace

Ok so it's Friday night and like 10PM (in Finland). This video was effin' perfect...

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Posted by CleverLoginName

Cold shower, ha ha.

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Posted by MattBodega

I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time. I will be picking this up ASAP!

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Posted by LordAndrew

I don't know what's happening, but it's hilarious.

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Posted by patrick5152003

awesome game.

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Posted by Quadrifoglio

Amazing. Simply amazing.

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Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Like GTA4 with a worm and no fear.

Bought it last night without even thinking about it.  Gonna try it tonight.

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Posted by LordAndrew

So Noby Noby Boy has penises in it or something?

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Posted by Anderson

Great, now I got to go buy some acid if I want to comprehend.

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Posted by neoepoch

Game is amazing. Also supposedly on the pause screen if you press triangle you play the weird demo they had at TGS, where you eat the letters.

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Posted by MeatSim

AHHH what is going on!!

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Posted by Bardon

....what ?

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Posted by CashBailey

Christ! This is like GRAND THEFT AUTO for Teletubbies.

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Posted by Lieutenant


"Get a rib removed and I can take care of that"

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Posted by eternaLightness

lol man this is one weird game

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Posted by Tarsier

damnit between this and flower i think i am going to have to get myself a PS3. i never thought i would say that.

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Posted by Parsnip

Wow. Just wow.

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Posted by spiceninja

It's like a crackhead's version of Snake.

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Posted by albedos_shadow

Dude, greatest video in the history of the internet. Also, if you fly into space, there are people standing on Girl. That's as far as I got before I had to make sure my Pepsi wasn't spiked.

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Posted by Travis

This game will sell PS3s..  I want a PS3 now, just for this game.

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Posted by Freki

That has to be the strangest game I have ever seen.... lol

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Posted by Shuborno

Do I wish I had a PS3?

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Posted by racastro

what in gods name is tha S^&$

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Posted by mudkip9000

I'm honestly more confused now than before watching this. You guys should try again without a super long Boy and record it. The fact he was so long made it hard to understand what was going on.

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Right, now my mind is repaired again, I really, really want this.

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Posted by wibby

WTF! seriously... can you guys do another quick look that explains what the game is?

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Posted by Sir_Lizardman

What just happen?

I am scared

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Posted by squirtle_squad

L3 + R3 = shrinkage

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Posted by Ascully

What a game this thing is genius, or maybe the stupidest thing ever?

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Posted by Standing_Gopher

Hahahaha, greatest Quick Look yet.

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Posted by VilhelmNielsen

Man, finally a reason to get a PS3!

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Posted by Double0hFor

its like im on acid

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Posted by Geno

This game looks like it'd be interesting for 10 mins then you'd never play it again.

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Posted by Johanz

Noby Noby Boy - Strangling simulator!

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Posted by Spiritof

I played this game for well over an hour already and still have no f'in idea what I'm suppose to be doing.

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Posted by poser

Dude, who needs drugs?

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Posted by DerekDanahy

This is absurd in the highest manner

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Posted by Xander51

This is my favorite quick look you guys have done. Hilarious.

This looks like the best use of 5 bucks since Geometry Wars Retro Evolved. You guys sold me.

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Posted by MmaFanQc

played this game for at least 30 minutes and i still dont understand......but its really cool!

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Posted by ManMadeGod

That............ was amazingg

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Posted by logson

Every time I see this game I become more and more convinced that buying a PS3 is a really good idea. Now I'm not saying that buying a PS3 is a bad idea, but Noby Noby Boy totally should not be the reason.