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"I want to bathe in this game!" -Brad Shoemaker...put that on the back of the box.

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Wacka wacka wacka.

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I'm loving everything about this except the gameplay itself.

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Gratz to Namco, teaching children that running trains is okay.. and even more-so, it gives you gamer-points! I'm definitely getting this game.

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" Do i have to play the first pac man championship edition to understand whats going on in this one? "
You can look up the fiction on Wikipedia. But basically Pac Man has been summoned to this tournament by the emperor of an other dimension. And he meets up with the ghosts of his other alternate selves and who are trying to stop him. And they only appear when the link between his physical realm and their intersects. So he sees them as ghosts. But since he is the Ultimate Pac Man, only he can be the One. And then there's a fight in this smelting plant that happens on the final maze. But the Pac Man that you play gets stronger and faster as he defeats his other alternate selves. "
No no no, you see the original Pac-Man was killed after the first tournament and THIS Pac-Man is his brother who looks just like him even though they weren't twins.  It's rumored that the original will return eventually as a completely black Pac-Man named Nam-Cap.  Also, he'll wear sunglasses and a trench coat you won't be able to see because they're black too.  You are right about the fight in the smelting maze though.  Also, if you don't get the crystal ball on level 99, you won't get to see the GOOD ending where Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man finally become Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man.  Actually it's a dual wedding, because Clyde & Sue tie the ghostly knot too...  It's really heartwarming, check it out. "
Don't forget the double bad ending, where the game deletes all the data on your console.  Or the hidden medium ending where the rom fails and you have to play through broken levels of Mappy, Pong (including Pong's hidden boss, El Pongo), Elevator Action III: Elevator Elevated, and the prototype version of the sequel to Satan's Hollow (unreleased because of the racist control scheme).
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Great game, intend to play obscene amounts of it.
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A. of course Ryan was friends at one point with Billy Mitchell on Xbox Live. B. This game looks incredibly fun. C. My cousin was the only person to get me a game a few Christmases ago. She got me Namco Museum for the DS, which initially seemed kind of crappy, but it was all I had. If you knew...how much Mappy I played...you would be scared. Mappy CE DX would be HEAVEN.

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For a majority of my life, I've never really liked Pac Man as a game, but I must admit, this looks hella rad.

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Now we know what Brad sounds like when he's about to climax 3 more to go

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Man, if I could go back in time 25+ years and tell my very-much-younger self that we're still playing Pac-Man in the far-flung future, I can't tell if that boy would think it's amazing or just obvious.

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This game is fucking amazing

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I have the first C.E. but I am definitely going to be playing this.
Also greatest Menu Theme ever.

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This game is awesome. I love every single thing about it
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Why are they so excited? It's just pac-man. 
Ok, yeah, historically significant, sure. Maybe it's even kind of fun. But what on Earth would make you so happy about another pac-man remake?
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@OREOphosphate:  NEXT WEEK PAC MAN CE DX on ps3! 
just if anyone didnt know that!
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This game looks like crazy fun, i really liked the first so I for $10 I think I'll get this.

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Awesome soundtrack!

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I think this looks like it is way too easy.  I'm not feeling the train of ghosts thing.  No fear of death due to slo-mo/bomb.
I'll try the demo because I like PAC-MAN CE, but I'm definitely not sold on DX

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Fun drinking game: 
Take a drink every time Brad does his dramatic orgasm groan.

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"I like the shiny ones." 
 -Ryan Davis, 2010

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That menu music... so amazing... Holy fucking shit. I'm having wet dreams and I'm AWAKE.

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Pills, electro menu music and neon colors everywhere. Best game.

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namco...please give Ridge Racer the DX treatment.

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"God, I want to take a bath in this game!"

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My mind is trippin!

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@gladspooky: I lol'd at "racist control scheme"
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i normally hate when people say this but.... 
This game should be the next endurance run...

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This is why I bought a arcade stick. Street Fighter, Shmeet Fighter.

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Phuckkk this game looks off the chain! And not just because Brad has multiple orgasms whenever Jeff EATS THOSE GHOSTS.

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Oh the menu music. Bringing the house head out in me.

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This makes me want to play PacMan all over again.

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God damn... I need a cigar after watching this... and I don't even smoke.

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@IronScimitar said:
" namco...please give Ridge Racer the DX treatment. "
I have no idea what you mean by this, but a Neon Ridge Racer game sounds pretty awesome.
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I'm waiting for Number Munchers DX.

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This is fucking incredible.  Going to buy this tomorrow.

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@wisdumcube said:
" Good luck, have pacman. "
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Looks really fun, best quality Pac Man, but I just don't like Pac Man :(
Makes me want to like Pac Man though....
Might buy it and force myself to like it :)

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I almost swallowed my tongue BUT DIDN'T EVEN CARE!!!

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Sounds like Brad was on the absolute verge of losing his shit.

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yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesYEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!! UUUNH!

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@thebigJ_A said:
Why are they so excited? It's just pac-man. 
Ok, yeah, historically significant, sure. Maybe it's even kind of fun. But what on Earth would make you so happy about another pac-man remake? "
Were your eyes closed while watching this?
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 The word that keeps on coming to mind is orgasmic.

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Every time Ryan or Jeff ate a whole chain of ghosts I would get all giddy with excitement. 

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Really cool game, takes the old CE and cranks it up to 11
was that Brad on the first Ghost Train Chain?  lol, cracked me up WOO!

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Is GiantBomb preparing to do all QLs live?