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Awesome can't wait for this QL!!!

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I. AM. EXCITED. laptop guns on complex FTW.

Posted by CyleMoore

I use to love this game, but not as much as Goldeneye... I don't have a 360 though so I won't be getting this.

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oh SNAP!

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Can't wait to play this tomorrow!

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I'm way down with the Quick Look, but I doubt I'll buy the game... we shall see.

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I'll be picking this up tomorrow. Roll on QL!

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After watching about half way through this, I get the idea you guys didn't play this game much. :S This was THE GAME, and all we did on the N64 once it came out. Everyone's complaining about not starting with weapons, but no one's using secondary fire at all! Disarm mb!? I love that!

Posted by PilotXIan

Loved the original on the N64 when I was 13 (ish)! Am totally going to get this!

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This title freaked me out. For a second I thought I had fallen into a wormhole to 10 years ago and created a time paradox in the spacetime continum as Giant Bomb did not yet exist.
...Then I remembered they were putting this on XBL. :3

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Weapons have secondary abilities, the punching one turns into disarm, which I think would have solved a lot of the issues in this quicklook.

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Every time someone died in the MP it played the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire sound. o_______o

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Vinny in the background, "OH MAN" XD

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What's with not using all of the secondary fire options guy?! still, thanks so much for posting this QL! Reminds me of the days i spent playing this!

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the vid stopped repeatedly at 15:12 for me - latest flashplayer, chrome browser. Changed the settings from "progressive" to "streaming" = works now. 

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Wow those guys are reaaally having fun with that multiplayer.

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Man Drew really was silent but deadly. I think he won both games. Also the neutrality of this quicklook was a little betrayed by Brad saying he wanted to stop playing multiplayer every 3 minutes :P

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Dude, Brad is OWNING.
edit: ah, now he isn't

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Its not a good idea to play stuff like this on easy. It makes the game seem boring and stupid because the difficulty is so low. It gives the wrong first impression.

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it's weird to see one of the playable MP characters look exactly like Ryan O_o

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Splitsceen QL?! This has to go fullscreen high quality!

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So...this is probably my favorite shooter ever. I know every element in the game has been outdone elsewhere, but still...gotta love the Dark, man. I always liked it a TON better than GoldenEye. It's just so much better!

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This QL is awesome but it is so crazy to watch, might watch it 4 times lol

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I still have this game. I should play it.

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Why didn't any big game ever pick up the "Counter-operative" concept? That was awesome in its time.

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@jim_dandy: That was Drew.
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Its a shame that Rare has turned into the Developers equivalent of Al Bundy,  rehashing games from its quarterback days.

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this is a hell of a face lift because i dont remember the game looking this good

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I cannot fucking wait to play this again, Oh dear me.
I think about 7 or 9 Goldeneye weapons made it into the original...actually! I can't remember the exact number, i know it was more than 2
Brads understandable lack of PD knowledge irked me.

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YES! Mr Shoemaker Licenced to Kill 1-hit-kills was the correct way to play Golden Eye. that was official rules in my high school.

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I usually stay neutral, but Perfect Dark is one of the best games of all time.

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I must own this. Again. For the third time. I have two non-functioning Perfect Dark carts no more than ten feet from me and it's killing me inside.

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They really, really don't want to play this game, do they.
Not that I'm a PD fanboy or anything (never played it) but this was kind of a bummer to watch.

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Never played Perfect Dark, but I know how badly even the first two Time Splitters games have aged. Still undecided about giving it a shot.

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DISARM, dudes!!!!

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Can't say I'm surprised Drew won both rounds!

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That hitching is little unforgivable, but it seems like an HD remake of Perfect Dark, which is what they set out to do.

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@thebatmobile:  oh snap
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lol you guys don't seem like you're having a ton of fun playing this game... i think it's time for a Classic quick look at Goldeneye on the N64? ;)

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Remember that exact map from Golden Eye, played a lot of that. But I wish I was more excited.
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The lack of enthusiasm was apparent, won't put me off though, I still love me some Perfect Dark! 
Okay it's aged badly, but damn if it wasn't ahead of it's time. The amount of stuff they crammed onto that cart was insane, so many hours I spent playing it.

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Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Been waiting a looong time since this was announced. Woot!

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Feels like forever since the last quicklook.

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I was busy playing my FPS's on the PC when this first came out, so I don't have any nostalgia tinted glasses to blind me from the fact that this is just archaic as hell.  I see a bunch of people buying this and forgetting about it a week later. 
Silly N64 kids thinking their two decent shooters were amazing, both then and now.

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Brad got the Shortest Life award. :D

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@CyleMoore:  then why did you even say anything?
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Me want GoldenEye 007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sagalla

A seminal piece of video game history and you guys just crapped all over it. 
There is a good reason for this existing, the original was too ambitious for the N64 and had a choppy framerate, however it was such a good game that it most everybody loved it regardless. 
If you guys can't elicit any sense of perspective maybe you shouldn't of bothered.