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Posted by Dany


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Posted by RoxasXIII

Can someone tell me how much this costs (tax included)?

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Posted by redeye1984

I played the game for a few hours. Its not bad and I think I'll continue playing it if I am able get back my PSP from my friend.

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Posted by DondonIcon

Game looks meh. Still prefer Crisis Core. Good quick look though!

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Posted by LiveOrDie1212

yes, it cost $155.56 tax included

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Posted by Hector

Ehh..I already had enough of this on 360.

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Posted by Xero560

I like how you guys keep making Persona 4 references. I guess you guys are really enjoying it.

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Posted by KinjiroSSD

Isn't it weird how I LOVE diablo but this game looks like it would put me to sleep.

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Posted by agent_lost

lol, love the random Persona reference in the Quick Look

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Posted by Landmine

Vinny: "I don't wanna watch this."


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Posted by brocool

newmans?? !

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Posted by SilenceUK

duder its over half way through :( awww well to be honest it doesnt look like a great game and i can feel my thumb hurting from the slidey stick allready playing that....pass but funny as allways jeff and vinny.....get me some zio and dia

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Posted by Daemon069

ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz- *snrk* Huh? Phantasy what now?

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Posted by Jayge_

This game is much better than they make it out to look. :-/

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Posted by LordAndrew

Ugh. Those cutscenes aren't doing anything for me either. :(

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Posted by CashBailey

It's a testament to how awesome Giant Bomb is that they can make even rubbish like this interesting in one of their 'Quick Looks'.

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Posted by sofakingcool

Yawn. Even with the good commentary this was boring as hell!

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Posted by Krenor

I like all the references to Persona 4 endurance run, you 2 are awesome as always

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Posted by CannibalFerox

Game = Yawn. Quick Look = Great - thank you.

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Posted by yukoasho

Well, Laia's a beast, not a newman.  Newmans tend to be more gentle, usually extremely fair and frail.  To revive others, I think you use a Moon Atomizer.  The "art," if you want to call it that, is simply stills made using the in-game models from Universe and Ambition of the Illuminus.  All in all, it's a low-rent package for fans only.   Sega could have done so much more, but then again, I find myself saying that with alarming frequency regarding those guys.

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Edited by Demodocus

Like Jayge said, this game is really much better than they make it out to be.  Im not attacking Jeff or Vinny, but this game obviously isnt their style of game.  It would be the same situation if they did a quick look for Madden 10. But anyway, coming from someone who is a fan of action rpgs, this game is great! (Better than Crisis Core IMO)  But if your not into action rpgs or lootiing, you will be just as bored playing this as Jeff and Vinny were.  :)  Still a great quick look guys!!!  Keep 'em coming!!!

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Edited by Axersia

You're wrong there bolsita_de_te -- did you even watch the whole thing? Jeff used to be a hardcore PSO player and he's also gotten several WoW characters up to max level. As for Vinny, he mentioned he's currently playing Crisis Core (I'm assuming for fun since it's a bit late for a review) and wrote a very positive review on Fable 2. Both of them have experience with JRPGs as well. Jeff beat the original Persona and Vinny's played Persona 3 and is still playing Persona 4.

I am a fan of action RPGs, and this looks as boring to me as it does to everyone else. Of course, it doesn't help that they picked such a bland area to use for the Quick Look  -- an open jungle would've been much more entertaining, but it still would've suffered from its dated gameplay and the fact that it's meant for online play with no option to actually play it online. I like PSO and Guild Wars, but they're not even half as fun when played alone.

So I think Jeff and Vinny did a pretty good job of expressing how most gamers who aren't already PSO fans would feel about this game.

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game looks.... mediocre. There is nothing there I would consider bad, just not very good. Or entertaining.

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Posted by dagas

The only Phantasy Star game I would be interested in is a remake of the old ones 1-4 or a new game in that style. This new style was okay in 2000 on the DC, but only because it was the first console Online RPG and it's almost ten years ago PSO came out on the DC, times have changed.

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Posted by Tesson

Vinny, you have charmed your way into my heart.  I knew everyone from gamespot (jeff, ryan, and be rad), but you are  my new favorite of the crew.  I think it is because of the endurance run.  You and jeff are my fav dou now, i hope you two make more vids in the coming future.

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Posted by BunkerBuster

Wow, this game looks amazing and fun GAME OF THE YEAR!
Seriously though, is this really the new Phantasy Star?  Why couldn't the developers have tried just a little harder. You know just a little bit. Just a couple more months of polish.

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Posted by spiceninja


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Posted by JJOR64

I the 360 version was free to play online, then I would defiantly play it.  Anyways the PSP one doesn't look to bad.

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Posted by NukeGoBoom

I remember the purple goggles old dude from Universe :P
Why did i play that -_-

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I know what you mean by nostalgia, Jeff.  Just watching that made me want to break out PSO and start grinding through some dungeons. 

I'd rather they actually make a genuine RPG again, of some form or another, but I've sorta given up hope of that ever happening...

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Posted by coffeesash

Surely you could hop over that laser gate :)
Newmans, with music by Gary Numan.

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Posted by Quartersawn

Itl looks like everyone was bored to tears by this game, thanks a lot for putting this up, actually seeing the gameplay is way better than a written review in this case.

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Posted by FlappyHands

I might pick this up if I see it for special priceeeeee but otherwise I think I'll give it a miss.

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Posted by Kill

25 minutes of this? Damn.

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Posted by Reverseface

I played PSO on the gamecube splitscreen one summer with my friend and it was AMAZING FUN! but that was quite afew years ago this kinda thing doesn't really fly these days. >.>

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Posted by DawnShinto

Laia looks like a dude.....:(

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Posted by DawnShinto

Laia looks like a dude.....:(

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Edited by Stevokenevo

For nostalgia, it would be so awesome if they just rereleased PSO exactly as it was but with more missions/story and opened up a load of servers.  Something about wasting time in PSO was ok, whereas the newer games just seem dated but in a non interesting way. 

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Posted by mad4it89

Hello Newman, Hello Jerry.

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Posted by ratzombie

Yeah, I'm with you Vinny. I haven't played any of the Phantasy Star games... I do remember it being a hit on the Dreamcast but I never picked it up. It doesn't look like I've missed anything, this looks pretty boring in my opinion.

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Posted by RenegadeSaint

These games are deceptively addictive.  I put tons of hours into the GameCube version playing online in an effort to collect loot.  Stupid loot...

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Posted by MeatSim

This game just looks like a grind.

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Posted by Karmann

seems ok, I might give it a try, but you guys should deffinately do more coverage of psp games!

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Posted by zityz

This is like a dumbed down Phantasy Star Universe.....and I mean DUmbed down. and its 6 players not 4, 4 was in the Phantasy star online.

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Posted by seantacular218

Is there such a thing as negative nostalgia? OH GOD! Most miserable 1000 points of my life...

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Posted by strangeling

Sounds like it'd be good for kids that like to get together and play with their friends.

I only ever played Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast.  Never did finish it.  Perhaps I'll make time to play a bit more of it.  I thought it was rather fun.
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Posted by Jayge_

Everyone knocking it really does at least need to play the game (demo available on the PSN) before they knock it. It might look boring (even I was bored watching the video) but the missions get better (especially in the full game) and it gets pretty damn addictive. Watching and playing are two very different things.

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Posted by shelcobsohn

they should release phantasy star online on xbla without charging a monthly fee. i would totally play that

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Posted by drac96

So this is basically PSU, but only offline?

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Posted by SinGulaR

"The out-of-control machines have stopped"


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