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More DS stuff? Maybe I need to dig mine out. 

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I should already have this game, but unfortunately Gamestop has not called me about my reserve and the guy said they will get a shipment of stuff in about an hour, but he doesn't know if it's there or not. What a waste. I'll watch this now though.

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Whoa, I just started playing this in the last few minutes.  I like Picross, and Picross 3D does not disappoint!  The puzzles are already pretty devious in the first level.

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i thought this was out a while ago

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Ow my head thinky thing hurts trying to figure this game out :P.

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This game is just a perfect handheld game.

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I think I'm dumb in the head

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ow dude my brain

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wondering what this would be like
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i want to meet the woman, man or machine who design this puzzles

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The original Picross DS is still one of the best time-passers in the DS's numerous library. There's something to be said for its simplistic design.

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Um... I'm extremely stupid cause I still dont' get it :P

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Picross IS pretty sweet.

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@TwoOneFive said:
" i thought this was out a while ago "
Came out yesterday in North America, a couple months back in Europe, and a little over a year ago in Japan.
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Looks great, actually.

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Really want this game. Will have to scrape up some cash and grab it. Will do that while I try and hunt down a copy of Deadly Premonition. ><

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<3 Picross

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I want this game, it looks quite logical.

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so it's minesweeper/2+sudoku/2

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Hell yea

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this looks awesome, i never played picross

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thanks jeff  now my brain hurts lol

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looks cool.

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Very cool. Makes me wish I had a DS.

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I've been obsessed with this game, and it has a random puzzle function, which means it will be staying close to my DS a lot longer than its predecessor did.

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The original was fantastic, I need to get my hands on a $20 quick!

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Wish I hadn't sold my DS. Damn that looks fun.

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I love me some Picross and this 3D version looks great!

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Weird, giantbomb doing a video speaking in nothing but simlish. Must be a big Sims/Giantbomb event coming up.
EDIT: Huh, by the end of the video I actually understood it. Crazy how I just from a "What the fuck are they talking about" to a "OHHHHHHHHH!!!! I GET IT NOW!" in like a split second.

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Great quick look, will probably pick this up now

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That looks like a lot of fun, wish it wasn't only available on the DS.

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Ouch, my head!

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Awesome game, its pretty much all I play on my DS now.

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@fastkilr said:
" @TwoOneFive said:
" i thought this was out a while ago "
Came out yesterday in North America, a couple months back in Europe, and a little over a year ago in Japan. "
apparently May 3rd was just the shipping date,drove all the way to the local Gamestop to find that out yesterday. Heading out to get it now :P
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Game looks sick, definitely going to pick it up.

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So, kinda like nonograms, but in 3D. Looks interesting, might have to buy this at some point!

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I shouldn't have watched this. Sold.

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This game is so great.

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Went from generally uninterested to must-play.

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That duck thing is fucking crazy.

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This is literally my favorite game ever made. No joke. I've had the Japanese one since it came out, which is only like a year, and I've already played it more than any game ever. There's 369 puzzles, for the record, but both the Japanese and European ones have been supported weekly with downloadable puzzles since their releases. Also it becomes super intuitive over time, like so much that I was getting frustrated watching Jeff not being able to solve these puzzles in like 5 seconds, but that's only because I've played this game an absolutely ridiculous amount. But yeah. Great, great, fantastic game.

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Looks pretty awesome, love games like this.

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I want to play this but still have no understanding of it.

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I love Picross.

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If I had a DS I would buy this game.

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I hope it's got a budget price here in the UK, as it has in the US, if it hasn't, Nintendo can go ____ themselves. There's no way in hell I'm paying full whack for this.

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I feel bad about myself that I still don't know what the hell's going on. I consider myself a pretty smart guy, but I can't even wrap my head around sudoku very well. Stupid stupid.

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I thought this was coming out for DSi Ware, dam I would really want this as something I could just pop into at any time without worrying about the cart I currently have in my DSi XL. I will pick this up during lunch though, wish I had brought my DSi to work today.