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never heard of this game

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@WaffleConed: No, you're not firtds.

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This looked interesting from the screenshots I've seen, excited to see what/how it plays.

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When I shoot, you shoot just like that. Hell yeah hey DJ bring that back!

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Oh great, Ghoul's freelancing as a mine.

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Haha great quick look, looks fun! Enjoyed the bboying/dance references (and Vinny with the Onyx line) too!

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Jools and Jops, isnt that the default name for your "crew" in Cannon Fodder?

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This is a classy quick look. Thanks guys!

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Wait: footwork or footwurk? this is important

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I love you both for the Onyx reference!!!!

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Looks cool, fluid gameplay and charming retro style and music. Reminds me a lot of Cannon Fodder. Aren't the random names even the same? (Jools)

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Nice mega man remix music in there

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I saw this on Steam and reminded me of Super Crate Box

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@buft: Sure is! I was going to post the same thing :)

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Anyone else getting a Space Hulk vibe? Not that that's a bad thing, heh heh

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Yeah, definitely honoring its Cannon Fodder roots there with those generated names. Ghoul mine was amazing though. Not to be a jerk, proximity mines, but you've already disappeared from my mind?

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This game, in terms of look anyway, reminds me a lot of Alien Syndrome. Especially the bursting enemies.

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Yeah this is like a total homage to the cannon fodder games. Strange that Jeff and Vinny didnt pick up on that,

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Am I weird for thinking the coolest part about this game is the random name generation? Reminds me of Worms.

The game looks cool. I'm tempted to buy it. I want some procedurally generated action.

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To what end?

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Kick-ass music!

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Pineapple Smash is my favorite regionally distributed soda that you've never had.

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The title screen alone made me want to buy this game.

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Vinny: "Help computer". G.I. Joe PSA!

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Fresh pineapple is fucking delicious.

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I actually am a bboy, and it's pretty funny and cool how much Jeff knows about hip hop dance.

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Oh god damnit, Ghoul's back.

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@buft said:

Jools and Jops, isnt that the default name for your "crew" in Cannon Fodder?


So glad someone else knew that.

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Jeff's "this seems cool, I want to play more" voice sounds a lot like his "this seems dumb, I'll never touch this again" voice. And I have to second MattClassic, Fresh, whole pineapple is ridiculously good. Took me way too long in my life to figure that out.

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Did Jeff knowingly make a Ludacris reference?
(When I shoot, they shoot....just like that)

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I hate pineapples, but love Pineapple Smash Crew.

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I don't believe Jeff does anything unknowingly...

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VJ quick look. They have gotten so rare, they could sell them on DVD's and make big money.

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I want to disagree with Jeff's mine-hate, but I honestly can't think of a game where I have used mines without having a dozen better and simpler ways to handle the situation.

MAYBE the defense missions in Dawn of War 2, but even that is pushing it.

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@hbkdx12 said:

Did Jeff knowingly make a Ludacris reference? (When I shoot, they shoot....just like that)

Seeing as how every second sentence out of Jeff's mouth is a hip hop reference, I'd say so.

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Looks like the developer is active of the steam forums, which is a good sign.

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Stop all the downloading!

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This is mad Cannon Fodder, with a sick chiptune soundtrack. I'm totally into this.

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Did Jeff use the Ghoul voice there?

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I've never heard of this, but that is some sweet-ass music.

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This looks neat!

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Regenerating AMMO. Take that Call of Duty!

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I like that pixel art on the effects.

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Shame they missed the "unforseen consequences" in the computer console.