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Hope its good

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DS quick look like it's 2009.

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Better late than conquered.

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I was curious about this game

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Waddayaknow, F5 DID work!

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1 down...1 left to emerge.

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Waddayaknow, F5 DID work!

It didn't for me, wrong QL. :/
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Prepare for trouble!

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Prepare for trouble

And make it double!

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"can i play this on a gameboy?"

Yes Vinny, yes you can.

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These two videos are forever linked in my mind.

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A wild Quick Look appears.

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this might be what it takes to get me back to pallet town

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When it comes to vinny, ladies won't take no for an answer.

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I thought this was a 3DS game, wonder when Nintendo is willing to make the switch if ever.

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I seem to recall reading somewhere that 3DS saves are locked to the device that created it, but now I can't find anything saying that on Google. Maybe I've got it mixed up with some other system?

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You mean they're doing something new and interesting with the Pokemon franchise now?



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Since it sounds like there's a little confusion about it, you CAN get more Pokemon to use for each trainer, but not until a fair way into the story.

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anime bullshit indeed!

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I didn't know Miyazaki characters were allowed in this universe.

Sup San? Er... I mean, Mitsunari

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You guys cut off the sides of the DS screens. Just a heads up.

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Vinny "NO!!" Caravella

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When Ryan asked "What should your name be?"

I totally called out "Winny!" in my head... and then that was what he really went with

... now I'm questioning the whole of my reality

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But thou must!

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Is it just me, or does the guy in the middle of the screen at 00:20 seconds look exactly like actor Eric Balfour?

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This looks like some anime-ass shit.

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This is Pokemon fused with Nobunaga's Ambition, but the main characters (Oichi, etc) all have the same design as their Samurai Warriors counter parts (Another Tecmo-Koei game, which is basically Dynasty Warriors, but set in Japan instead of China).

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Feudal Japan Pokemon Tactics? Where's my Pokemon Snap?!?

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Chim Chim, Bucky, and The Beaver are my favorite morning radio hosts.

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@Supercancer: The mystery dungeon games are pretty good too, and the Ranger game I played was interesting enough.
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This actually.. doesn't look bad. A turn-based strategy game seems like almost a perfect fit for Pokemon. Just hope it actually expands in depth in the later stages.

Hilarious quick look either way though. The ethical dilemmas surrounding Pokemon are exemplified here.

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Onigiri is a real food, Ryan

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Vinny, nice little quoting Megatron in Transformers The Movie. (yes, Transformers The Movie, as in the original animated movie from back in the 80s.)

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Holy crap, it happened.

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You guys cut off the sides of the DS screens. Just a heads up.

I think that is because they were playing on a 3DS, which has a larger top screen, but used the DS Lite border graphic because Conquest isn't technically a 3DS game.

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Hmm you need to find some new allies. I know! Go have a look in that CAVE.

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Vinny "NO!!" Caravella


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Seems quite slow advancing game... Could be ok, though but so much "anime crap" and useless text.

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I don't know why, but I'm kinda sorta totally into this. If only I knew who any of the non-Eevee / Jigglypuff Pokemon are and had a Nintendo DS...