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Posted by BloodEmblem

Intersted in the game, will pick it up later this year.

Posted by Tober

What the eff is this?.. what?! Creeping me out here guys.

Posted by SecularBaron

I'm ready. I love the look and feel of this game.

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Edit: This game looks to be a sleeper hit in my book! I like the sun sprite!

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Jeff is always right, Brad.

Posted by RPJeff

Those jumps lack verticality, and that stresses me out.

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This game really has style!

I really can't hear the difference in pronunciation .

Posted by GermanBomber

13 minutes in and I already NEED this game!

Love the aesthetics.

Posted by EveretteScott

So a female talking is automatically valley-girl? That voice is not valley-girl, Brad.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

It is too early to be this high right now.

Posted by Axersia

"Oh god, make that jump already"

Thanks Jeff.

Posted by Ganthet2814

This game would be fun with a a bunch of drugs. Other wise looks cool. Not really a platfroming kind of guy, but still cool.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

It would be really nice if the video stopped pausing every 3 seconds

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Maybe "kut-a-ro" because he... kuts?

Posted by MrGtD

This doesn't look very fun, but it's super interesting.

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Hilarious that Jeff and Vinny got what they were going for with the Sun Princess while Brad whinged and moaned about it, and then the game went on to essentially prove Jeff right.

Also, it's not a Brad platforming Quick Look without ear-splitting screams.

Posted by Stevesonaplane

I think I got about as impatient watching Brad play this as Jeff did.

Posted by VarrosAnon

This game has a very Psychonauts feel to me. Love it!

Posted by VoshiNova

Proof that there IS a limit to the amount of "character" I can handle in a game.

Absolutely gorgeous and absolutely obnoxious. (imo)

Posted by Sammo21

The irony of Vinny telling someone they can't just try one thing in a game isn't lost on me, lol.

Posted by IronRinn

@meatball said:

Hilarious that Jeff and Vinny got what they were going for with e Sun Princess while Brad whinged and moaned about it, and then the game went on to essentially prove Jeff right.

Posted by KemoSabe

Would love to see a Terry Gilliam interpretation of this game!

Posted by K9

The lady helper's pronunciation is the correct one. And fantastic aesthetics to this game. This looks like something that Nintendo would be making in 2013 if they weren't creatively bankrupt.

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I think it's safe to assume that EVERYONE pronounces Kutaro wrong in this game. :p

Kinda want to hear the Japanese dub.

Posted by Klaptos

Is it me or does the cat say Kutaro the same way the girl does?

Posted by Ravelle

I love that more developers find out that you can make games looks amazing with the right design, You don't need to have massive horse power and push the consoles limit.

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Here we are, folks, kicking off Vinny week on GiantBomb.com!

Join the conversation on Twitter with #VinDawg and you may just win* a meet and greet with Vinny backstage at one of his secret shows!

*chance of meet and greet not guaranteed, winners may be required to provide a bucket of KFC upon accepting to terms and conditions set forth by our lawyers

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The cat says Kutaro almost the same way as the fairy. He emphasizes the "U" a little more. Coo-taro. She says it more like Cut-aro.

Posted by GermanBomber

That was really entertaining to watch, although the game doesn't look as challenging as I would like it to be. I thought Rayman Legends looked amazing and beautiful and all, but the creativity and art style in Puppeteer is pretty mind blowing imo. Kudos to the developers.

I would love to see a PS4 version some day.

Also...Vinny is back! Yay!

Posted by VoidProd

Holy shit this game looks amazing!

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I want to play this game whilst on drugs, I can only imagine it would unlock the secret of lifelong happiness for me.

Posted by DaKammando

"what the fuck is happening"- Vinnie

didnt think i'd be laughing my ass off 10 minutes after waking up

Posted by jimmyfenix

Looking forward to more crazy games from Sony japan!

Posted by ArtisanBreads

The trees in this game are creepier than the trees in MK by a thousand miles. Off Camera they probably eat babies.

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@rpjeff said:

Those jumps lack verticality, and that stresses me out.

I'm just worried that it plays all floaty like LBP. Supposedly there's a demo out, but I can't find it (unless it was a EU only demo)

I can't for the life of me figure out why Brad doesn't think that "pwincess" voice was 100% deliberate

Posted by JayCee

I haven't had nearly enough coffee yet today to be watching this Quick Look

Posted by sadsadsad

Think I'll gift this to my sister, might "borrow" it later.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

So a female talking is automatically valley-girl? That voice is not valley-girl, Brad.

It's pretty clearly valley-girl or ditzy.

And you're pretty clearly an asshole trying to stir up shit.

Posted by sween24

Guy's, I don't think I can handle much more of watching Brad play some games. It's becoming intolerable.

Amazing looking game though!

Posted by SherdRed

Holy shit, they made Dynamite Heady 2.

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

This game = all the voice acting in totality ever.

Posted by Humanity

This game seems to rival MGS4 in terms of cutscene length/dialog VS gameplay ratio.

Posted by biggiedubs

Man, those trees have got some sick rhymes.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

"I haven't even seen that mushroom head yet" - Brad Shoemaker

Posted by ManlyPup

The sun sprite's near constant narration will probably be the reason I never play it.

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Damn it @jeff, you are too godlike.

Brad: Aw shit! I wasn't ready for quicktime events.

Jeff: No one ever is.

Posted by SomeJerk

This controls way better than LBP, but it definitely doesn't look like it. This is also fun to play and move around in, to describe it it's like LBP moving playing and feeling the way I want it, like there was no sense of delay. So much more direct.

Posted by FaceWas

"Take that big ass jump!"

Oh, Vinny.