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Finally, the Quick Look we've all been waiting for!

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Oh man, I bet Jeff is psyched.

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Oh look, it's DJ ginger Hitler.

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Totally worth $30

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This seems like the sort of game that inexplicably has a ravenous fanbase.

They are almost certainly from another country (wherever you're from).

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I cant be the only person thinking about Power Rangers after hearing this name lol.

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Did they mention that the developer made Flimbo's Quest? That game has awesome music.

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If I hand a nickel for every time I've been teleported by exposure to green cheese...

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Huh. This is so bad I don't even find it funny.

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I can't wait for some putty business

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That slightly too long trumpet effect when you get a medal is killing me

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You have got to be fucking kidding me.

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thought this was a golf game, tbh.

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So, you get points for picking up a red putty, and you're given bonus points for each red putty at the end of the stage, but you need to collect all the red putties anyway to finish a stage? That's some thoughtless game design right there.

Also, the weird deadness of the art assets reminds me of Wario: Master of Disguise.

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All this for only 30 dollars?

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I remember playing the first game what was just called Putty and it's a boring ass game, even back in 199-whatever.

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So a smart phone game. With voices imitated from Bejewled. I have been waiting for so long!...

Damn, it is for "real" consoles? THAT'S A NO BUY!


Or whatever!

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ha ha very funny where is the real game at

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30 dollars is a steal.

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This " artstyle " has always kinda made me sad when I look at it. I dunno, but it's just something I don't like looking at at all. Weird.

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Holy shit, I'm getting a strong "1000 Action Games For Windows 95!" vibe from this. It's kind of incredible, really. The stock sound effects, the distinctively 90s student project visual style, the feeling that the whole thing's going to break at any moment... it's like they went for one source of nostalgia and stumbled into a completely different one.

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Squads before quads, man.

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Jeff is right, Faulty Towers is not worth watching. It may have been good at the time but it's dire now.

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30 dollars for this thing, eh

edit: also, i still quite enjoy Fawlty Towers

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Who needs TitanFall when you have Putty Squad

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Man, Brad loosing it at Vinny's joke at the start was great to hear!

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Amiga? huh?

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@mendelson9: YESSS Reyn Ouwehand is awesome!!

I was psyched when they brought up Flimbo's Quest.

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This game weirds me out. It feels like a (shitty) game from the early 90's, but it just looks... Wrong.

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@popogeejo said:

Jeff is right, Faulty Towers is not worth watching. It may have been good at the time but it's dire now.

Wrong. Besides, that's Fawlty Towers to you.

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Man i want to play some IK+ now.

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That looks like some Klik & Play tutorial bullshit.

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I wonder if anyone other than Jeff will buy this game. Pretty great QL though!

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$30 on disk and $25 on PSN. This game is making me look forward to Giantbombs GOTY deliberations for worst game. I think Putty squad has earned itself a seat at that table.

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Now THIS is video james.

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Re: "Fawlty Towers" - Jeff is wronger than Wrongie McWrongerson of Wrongville who just won first prize in a "who can have the shittiest wrongest opinions?" contest.

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Watching this is like a fever dream.

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@drowsap said:

I cant be the only person thinking about Power Rangers after hearing this name lol.

United we stand.

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As an old Amiga enthusiast (I hide it well, I know), this made me explode with nostalgia.

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...Huh. I grew up playing a demo for the original game on my Amiga many times, though it was called Silly Putty there, seems to be called Super Putty elsewhere.

Edit: Actually it seems like Putty Squad was a sequel and the game I'm talking about is listed in the wiki as "Putty".

It was weird, and not very easy. It took me forever before I even figured out what to do to clear the level. Something about absorbing weird, single footed aliens and bringing them to the exit before they were transformed into rabbits by a magician and eaten by larger red putties. You could also absorb the rabbits and transform into them so that the red putties would eat you and then you would blow them up from the inside. Also if you missed one of the rabbits a animated cat would pop up and say "Too bad! Schust missed it! Mwahahahaha!" And there were guys shooting arrows and jumping mushrooms and a pig hopping on a sack and a duck or something with a crown that would come out of a box and try to run you over but if you timed it right you could punch it.

From what I've seen of the actual full game since it seems like the demo just took a lot of elements from separate levels and mixed them into one, thus the crazy variety that was found in just that one level.

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I think this *would* have been a reasonably cool game for the Amiga back in the early 90s, possibly better than, say, Superfrog (which does *not* hold up).

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Oh god just look at the everything.