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If I wanted to play Quake I'd play it on my Pc

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How fun.

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That 180 turn is so jarring and sudden that it looks like you teleported.

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meh, I still got my boxed copy of Quake III Gold.  So, I'm good.

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I'm quaking in my boots for some Quake action.

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I love me some Paul Barnett in my quick looks.

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Why aren't you bunnyjumping :(
Also, Quake on a console. No. No. Noo.

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Quake on consoles? No bunnyhopping or anything good then...

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oooh, a Quake Look! 
'gets hit'.. Ouch, i'm sorry.. :'(

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All I can think of is: who doesn't own a computer capable of running Quake Live (or whatever variant of Quake you want to play)? Why not just play it there, where you have the keyboard/mouse controls to actually control it? There's your Live friends list, sure... but sacrificing good gameplay means you might as well fire up a different multiplayer game instead of playing this.

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@JustinSane311: Oh really? Well if you watch this quick look you might actually change your mind about that unusual point of view!
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Quake Live doesn't support Chrome :/

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@JustinSane311: That's nice, nobody asked.
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More Paul!

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Paul sold me WAR back when it was being developed. Fun times.

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Paul at the very end: "I've been emotionally engorged". 

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How about Quake Live for one of the games on TNT?

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What is the point of Quake Arena Arcade? There are people out there who can't actually play Quake Live in a browser? REALLY?

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15 bucks, the controls are sucky and you can get the same game on PC for free minus a few maps. I wont be getting this, even after the build up of excitement.

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I'm still playing QuakeWorld and I'm happy to say I'm not alone in it. Living in Scandinavia kinda helps of course.
And I've got Quake 3 running at way acceptable rates on my Android phone. Could pair my PS3 pad to it over bluetooth and it's kind of cool to see how far we've come in a decade but still not right. Don't forget the Dreamcast Q3A, with mouse and keyboard against pad-users.

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Brb, playing quake live.

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How many times haven't I heard Ryan say:
"I don' wanna watch you play this game anymore.."
Then leave, please.

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Always been a UT man, but wouldn't want a console version of that

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Why don't they remake this game bu make it look awesome? 
Or was that basically UT3?

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@JetForceGemini said:
" Quake Live doesn't support Chrome :/ "
Ehm I just recently tested it and it did work a few weeks ago, now it doesn't.. that's odd.
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"Jeff, Ryan, and Paul see if they can rekindle the Quake magic with a controller." 
That be your problem right there. Good luck lol

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Whats with the quicklooks lately having a weird flicker near the middle of the screen?

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Loved the Dreamcast version. Played it for 3 years in a row, became great at it. I started on a controlled and then 3 months later the mouse and kb came out and never looked back. I now play it on pc now on Quakelive. I  won't buy this game, they should release some kind of kb/ mouse controller or something just for this. Make servers on for that and servers for pad players... Simple as that.

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This is ridiculously dark. The original Quake 3 was an extremely bright and colorful game, especially compared to the previous Quake games (even Quake 2 - yes, it had coloured lightning, but it only used it to display several shades of orange and red) and Unreal Tournament.

Other than that - say what you want about console FPSes - for the most part I don't have high regard for them - but I really prefer the low FOV settings in them. While it makes it slightly harder to spot enemies not right in front of you, it really makes it feel more like you're "there", since low FOV settings don't reveal the terrible perspective that plagues most FPS games, something that gets unbearably noticeable on the standard FOV's of old PC FPSes and especially the preferred FOV settings of many gamers.

Q3A was no favourite of mine in this style of FPS, the game itself was really boring, with weapons that feel like they do no damage at all, and I've mostly had it for the incredible mods that exist for it, but I can see that this port made a rather boring game much, much worse.

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Use more skill.

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So is it just the video capture, or is this just straight up running at 30fps? If so, that's just not right at all.
Quake needs to be hitting least 200 fps because you need those frames, have a way higher FOV than this, (which is why the guns take up like half the screen) and of course played with a mouse and keyboard to be fully enjoyed.
15 bucks seems kinda like a middle finger to me.





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HD Razors is the name of my punk cover band.

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This game ain't made for no gamepad.

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I never understood what the purpose of releasing games that just highlight how inadequate the controller is compared to the KB/M.  Least the DC had Mouse and Keyboard, even if you were stuck at 56k.

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Quake III Arena on a controller? Blasphemy!

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I don't remember Quake 3 being this dark, why would anyone do this?

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Always great conversation while looking for a match.
"You know what kind of designer I always wanted to be? Razor designer.  I just want to come in every year and say: Can we put another blade on?"

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Quake 3 arena for the PS2 is a better game. You could even have more bots than this version. Also, the bottom of the disc is blue! BLUUUUE!

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Was kind of hoping they'd call this a Quake Look.

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@Xtacles said:
" I never understood what the purpose of releasing games that just highlight how inadequate the controller is compared to the KB/M.  Least the DC had Mouse and Keyboard, even if you were stuck at 56k. "
PC gamers are silly :)
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I don't think I can ever do this. It all boils down to my thumb dexterity. I'm really good at all the Quake variants on a PC, but I always, without fail, find that console gaming is over 90% about how good you are with your thumbs, and no matter how much I practice, I just suck. It just isn't fun for me...

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No splitscreen? Terrible.

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"Questions Questions, too many questions, want a shard!?"

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@mbr said:
" This is not Quake 3... THIS IS 
     (Q3 CPMA to be precise) "
jesus christ 
I remember when FPS used to be like that
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AMEN.  I was given so much grief from people because I said this game is a load of crap on a console when you can easily get the game +team arena through STEAM or play it for free.