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man.. it is going to KILL me to have to wait till Thursday to get my copy from newegg.. Glad that they are checking out all platforms BEFORE they post the review. Most reviewers just give the PC version the same score thinking it will be the same.. when it clearly isn't.

Posted by SlightConfuse

seems a little light to me was hoping for a fallout/borderlands type expericne but seams to be FPS with a nice hub world

Posted by jakeh

Frames look great

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Even with texture pop-ins this game looks amazing for a 360 game and runs with that smooth frame rate.

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I was looking forward to this but this quick look has really changed my mind.

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"Attention Subway Town Residents, we've still got great seats available for all our races, and remember, if you buy a season pass, you save 50%"

It was dialogue from an intercom that the subtitles mixed in with the conversation.

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I'm really hoping that they support this game with some DLC Single Player stuff.

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Sorry, quicklooks with Patrick bum me out... he's too over-eager... annoying. Thank God for Brad!

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Wow, so many people trying to get the first comment. C'mon guys. You're kidding yourself if you think you'll get the quest on a video where they post beforehand when the video is going up.

It's way easier to get the first comment on some random trailer for some small indie downloadable game or something.

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Urrgh the animating in this game is so damn good!

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Patrick losing his mind over the 50% thing was funny. :3

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Watching my friend play a bit, picked it up at midnight from Gamestop. Looks really beautiful. Kind of wish I had picked it up as well (Amazon's delivering mine tomorrow). Can't wait to dive in myself.

Posted by SLUSHiNaToR

AHH!! id will add deathmatch type stuff if there is a high demand for it?!? id.. DOOOOOOO IIIIT

Posted by Bummey

Wow, this was kind of a huge disappointment. There's definitely some stuff there, but it looks far more limited than I hoped.

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@oturista said:

Sorry, quicklooks with Patrick bum me out... he's too over-eager... annoying. Thank God for Brad!

yeah, I hate when people like what they do, too

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I hate the Dead Island ad so fucking much it always ends up nearly blowing up my eardrums

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Yup, looks better than Dark Souls (which is shit).

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@Bummey: Yeah, I'm on the same page. I don't see what the big deal is with this game. I mean, it looks fine, but whatever, you just shoot some dudes. And there are RC car bombs, and you do some standard Borderlands-ish driving around overworld.

Maybe I have different expectations of video games than a lot of people.

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@ADAMWD said:

Calm down Patrick, it was just the Subway intercom talking about an in-game season pass for the races.

Just quoting this so people freaking out about it have a chance to see it really isn't a big deal.

Subliminal DLC messages don't seem too far off though.

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@SlayingShogun said:

I hate the Dead Island ad so fucking much it always ends up nearly blowing up my eardrums

One of the main reasons why I subscribed. Blew my ears out one too many times when trying to watch videos.

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Stan Lee looks pissed

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alright, game looks pretty good, but I am glad I cancelled my pre-order, too many games coming out this year and I didn't think the gameplay was exactly what I was looking for.

Posted by Allison

Forget Rage.

Give me S.T.A.L.K.E.R. any day.

Posted by hagridore

Reminds me of the worst parts of Far Cry 2.

Posted by LittlemanBodie

@SlayingShogun said:

I hate the Dead Island ad so fucking much it always ends up nearly blowing up my eardrums

Yep X(

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So lesse...

Regenerating health, enemies that are bullet sponges, no map, dumb quest turn-in system, no customization, bland weapons, linear progression, really annoying headbob while moving, and a bunch of lackluster extras to artificially pad the game.

Well, I suppose I should be grateful. This QL unsold me completely on the game.It wasn't that high on my radar anyway,since it looked like the Dollar Store version of Borderlands. ...And that just about covers it! Nope. I need more substance to my shooting games now, id. Rage was a rental before the QL, now it isn't even worth that much. Think I'll go for Dark Souls. At least that looks interesting. This is just another Generic Wasteland Shooter.

Posted by Deathpooky

Looks better than I expected, but still not enough to beat out the competition over the next couple of months. Think I would have rather they leaned more to Borderlands / Fallout than straight up shooter with light driving/crafting, as a plain corridor crawl really doesn't stand out in a shooter anymore compared to the others that are available. I'm not sure if there's more out there in Rage, but the shooting segments they showed looked kind of boring.

Posted by deerokus

That shotgun is very Doom.

Posted by FoxMulder

This QL got me interested in this. LOVE the art and look of the world. Maybe I'll rent it for a few days and maybe buy it a few months later when it is cheaper.

Posted by EmoMcGee

The technology being used to power this game should be applauded, but the game itself looks a bit boring. I'm watching the video and all I'm thinking about is how awesome a Borderlands or Fallout game would play and look using this engine. Saying that, a Fallout game running on this technology doesn't seem all that unlikely.

Posted by TehJedicake

Damn... was hoping it'd be more open world, but oh well. No map, no quest icons or other markers = perfect game for me.

Posted by sparks50

This kind of reminds me of STALKER

Posted by JeffGerstFan

At around 00:47:00, they were talking about "The Hills Have Eyes".

Posted by Jedted

Why doesn't Fallout look like this?!

Posted by ExplodeMode

I want to like this game so badly, if not just for the engine alone.  But I know it's not for me and that sucks.
and HOLY SHIT the robot sentry jumping over that railing was like the most visually impressive thing I've ever seen in a video game.

Posted by Murgin

I'm torn in two incredibly different directions with RAGE and Dark Souls coming out on the same day.

Posted by david3cm

Im glad i watched this, this game is not what I thought it would be, dont think im going to pick it up now. Maybe during a gaming drought, but not when they are games I am more excited for coming out so soon.

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This is my first time seeing long sections of gameplay for this game. 
Any interest I had in this game before watching this, is pretty much completely gone. 
Everything just looks completely standard and uninteresting. I don't want to use the word... but it looks kind of generic

Posted by rjayb89

Oh man, Badger from Breaking Bad. That guy's voice should be insured for how perfectly high it always sounds.

Posted by bkbroiler

This game looks awesome. I'd love to buy it if I had a decent PC.

Posted by rjayb89

This gets me more excited for Fallout 4.

Posted by bybeach

I like it. Easy for me since Dark souls can happen down the road and Battlefield doesn't mean much to me either. Of course, like Batman, PC. But this console version amazes me!

Posted by captain_clayman

soooo, on the 360 are discs sharable?  like i could have disc one, my friend could have disc 2 and we could play together?

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The season pass thing was an in game broadcast for the seats to watch the races.

Mel: Attention Subway Town residents we've still got seats available for all our races, and remember, if you buy a season pass you save 50%

Posted by Quantical

Seems so dodgy. I'm buying it obviously but..... it seems to have problems.

Posted by ShiftyMagician

From a technical perspective I want to buy this game.

From an enthusiast perspective I don't want it at all, because there is very little of the game that interests me. It's such a shame to me personally, as the little things like the robot and the adaptable animations of the characters and enemies is interesting to see. Also their ability to cram a lot of subtle details into their world are quite amazing. If I buy this game though, it is purely to see how they technically accomplished stuff, not because I think it's fun. That mindset may change of course should I get around to acquiring it, but I honestly doubt it.

Posted by Mumrik

I really like Id, but have had the hardest time mobilizing any kind of interest in this game. I can't believe it was the animations that finally did it for me, but god damn!

On top of that there'll finally be a wasteland game with proper shooting. I do own a 360, but I'm glad I upgraded my PC for this season. This should look nice in 1920x1200, with everything at eleven. GPCGMR FTW.

Posted by walterkovacsv

Was going to get Dark Souls later today, was almost on the fence about getting Rage instead, but Rage looks completely uninteresting now that it's out.

Posted by NekuCTR

It might just be this demo, but that looked like the worst AI I have ever seen. Like I'm talking worse than Rouge Warrior bad.