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soooo, on the 360 are discs sharable? like i could have disc one, my friend could have disc 2 and we could play together?

What? No. Why would it work like that? Half the story is on disc 1, the other half is on disc 2 and the multiplayer is on disc 3.

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Thank you, Giant Bomb Quick Looks! I was on the fence with this game. Now I know for certain that I will not purchase it. Looks like a perfectly fine, serviceable FPS. I may borrow it from a friend at some point. But it seems just too generic and dull for me to drop $60.00 on it.
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Guys you've bin talkin about texture pop-in fr like 10 minutes here, I don't give a shit. Are there boss fights? Does each weapon have different types of ammo or what?

EDIT-- ARGH! That's totally Colonel Campbell!

I laughed at Patrick's Season Pass thing, cos I can rewind.

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Man, they sure ruined a lot of small stuff in this quicklook just blatantly talking about it for no reason.

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0:52 Start-to-Vinny-Awesomeness time.

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Buggy as hell on the PC. I've crashed a few times so far. Feels like a console port and 21gb install? Damn son.

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Yup, looks better than Dark Souls (which is shit).


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It looks to be a solid game, but right now there are too many other games coming out that are going above and beyond today's current standards in gaming.

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Guys you've bin talkin about texture pop-in fr like 10 minutes here, I don't give a shit. Are there boss fights? Does each weapon have different types of ammo or what?

Yeah, Jesus Christ that went on for too damn long. Brad, stop doing 180-degree turns. I don't care about the texture pop-in. Just show me the game in action.

It's just as bad as the Bit.Trip Saga QL where they went on and on about framerate drops that just were not visually apparent to me as a viewer.

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Not a game I'm overly excited for but definitely something I'll pick up at some point.

I dunno why everyone is so negative about it though, didn't we all know it was gonna be an Id shooter? Did I miss something?

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God damn does this game look beautiful. Some really great animations.

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You know what game had a great trading card game as a sidequest? Final Fantasy VIII. It was so much fun and it yielded a lot of great bonuses if you did it well and got the rare cards.

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Triple Triad!!! Awesome card game.
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Guys. Guys. Guys! Patrick. Guys! Gah. Guys.

Speak one at a time, guys.

Man, two guys that don't know the game works sooo much better than two guys that do know the game and one that doesn't...

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The music for Triple Triad was awesome

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Sometimes they really do make mountains out of mole hills.

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This seems like good, mindless fun and I'm looking forward to my PC copy arriving from Amazon.  I like how the game has a quest hub that lets the player dictate the pace of the game.  I'm tired of shooters simply taking me from setpiece to setpiece.

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was hoping this was more like borderlands. oh well guess i'll wait on this til i can get it uber cheap.

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So, the #1 thing Rage needs patched in: A world map.

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I too feel this game looks super generic. I've played a lot of FallOut and Boderlands, I cannot see myself finding enjoyment from this games visuals. Yes, I know the game has phenominal graphic fidelity, but in terms of graphic design... yawn

Looks like minimal interesting character interaction and a post apocolyptic story that's been rehashed ad-nauseum. Not to mention, how does a game so technically proficient, skimp out on Gameplay 101 features, like checkpoints, a map and propper handling of quests...


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This gets me more excited for Fallout 4.


I want Fallout 4 on the Skyrim engine NAO!!

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It looks really, really good but it also feels really, really Borderlands.

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Thankful to this Quick Look, was on the fence but now decided not to purchase this. Might go for Dark Souls instead. Looks awfully pretty, but the combat looks dull and not exactly thrilling or unique. That can be said for a lot of FPS's nowadays but I expect better from Id Software. Almost as if they cared more for the look of the game then the actual game itself.

That and I'm hearing some bad stuff about the PC version, some folks say it's basically a console port.

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I own a steam version of this game, played it for 2-3 hours straight, no problem. Also there is only no map in the town. You're in the town so often that if you don't know where rusty's is...well I feel sorry for you. I didn't have high hopes for this game and was more looking forward to Dark Souls, but I was pleasantly surprised. Especially in the graphics department. I thought it was just a bland post-apocalyptic brown, but the areas I've seen have been more varied than I first anticipated. I am very happy with my purchase so far.

And wow are the load times ever better on PC.

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I'm glad Patricks here to balance out what is seemingly Brad's apologist slant.

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Been looking forward to this.

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@SlayingShogun: I know, right? It's SO LOUD.

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@rjayb89 said:

This gets me more excited for Fallout 4.


I want Fallout 4 on the Skyrim engine NAO!!

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this game looks good


this game looks good


this game looks good


Watch video and go to bed at a reasonable hour or launch steam and play all night... mmm, decisions...

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You people are so fast


this game looks good


this game looks good


this game looks good


Watch video and go to bed at a reasonable hour or launch steam and play all night... mmm, decisions...




show me your rage

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To be honest, Fallout doesn't look like this because they used an really old engine (I think Gamebyro was used all the way back in Morrowind) and spend most of their effort on the game world. Obsidian just used whatever was laying around when they put out New Vegas.

Really the comparison should be between Skyrim and Rage anyway since they are coming out at the same time.

I would be cool with Fallout with the Skyrim engine.

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I'm not sure about this one. The enemies look kinda bullet spongy, and it seems like they're spawning more enemies than they should in all these rooms that you have to kill before progressing. Maybe when it's cheap on a Steam sale...

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Game looks insanely beautiful. The combat looks very unsatisfying though. Pass

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You can clearly see the "smoothness" of the game, even in this video. 60 frames FTW.

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Do I need to install Glide drivers to get this to run on my Diamond Monster 3dfx Voodoo card?

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It looks really, really good but it also feels really, really Borderlands.

Way less open, doesn't feel like borderlands at all to me. Borderlands has a specific look, tone and humor to everything which rage doesn't even come close to, very diff tone and look.

There is something about a game looking this good and running at 60fps, think it was said in the Quick Look as well. I've been having fun with the Steam version so far :)

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This game looks pretty good graphics-wise, but it seems like it straddles too many fences between so many existing games but doesn't fully satisfy any one thing. The combat looks pretty unsatisfying, and it seems from this QL like there are a few little annoyances like the inability to actually know where you're going, no world map, the way the UI looks, odd quest issues, etc, that it's sort of baffling why they didn't do some pretty simple things.

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What is this QL running on?

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Got this on steam, preloaded, decrypted, installed, I tried to play but the texture pop in is ridiculous. Uninstalled drivers, installed RAGE drivers for my dual 6950's.. Now i have constant blinking textures, and random flashing lights. This is ridiculous, I'd love to get my money back so I can play it on a 200$ console instead of my 1800$ computer I just built a week ago (that currently runs every other game I own on steam with no problem...) Just a bit depressed that I put together a brand new gaming machine prepping for this and skyrim.. and it runs for absolute garbage on my system, gives me no graphics options to try and tweak it (pure console port options) and the only help i've gotten so far was a tweet from John Carmack telling us to "Try the latest drivers for my video card!" -_-

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@Wuddel said:

What is this QL running on?

Xbawx 360

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I wish Patrick would be quiet for more than 2 minutes at a time

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I could see the PC version not having the pop in issue but I've not played it yet, doesn't unlock here till thursday

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Damn. What happened? Video games look gooooooooood. :/

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Can't wait to get this

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@Lazyaza: The pop in is much worse on PC then on xbox. At least on my quad core 2600, crossfire 6950 radeons, and SSD hard drive. Go figure.. Also the only graphics option you can change on the PC version is anti aliasing, resolution, and brightness. It's a pure console to PC port. Even the menu's all have different mouse speed settings, like you would find in a console game, speeding up the joystick control in menus, wich really throws you off when using a mouse.

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Things to remember about gameplay videos. 1. Menu screens are BORING!

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God damn does this game look good! 
Also, Badger from Breaking Bad is in this game? DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE  Hopefully this leads to more work for him.. like his own spin-off series on AMC, Breaking Badger.

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so beautiful

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@allgrinzz: Wow really? I'd have expected Id to avoid that pitfall. I hate getting a PC game and being given such shit video customisation options.

Still, at least the menus don't say "Press the A button"...right?