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Watch video and go to bed at a reasonable hour or launch steam and play all night... mmm, decisions...

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It took quite a while but I'm finally interested in Rage.

EDIT: I just reread the BoB remark beneath the video title and noticed that wingsticks sound delicious.

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this game looks good

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show me your rage

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You people are so fast

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Yay! Now is it worth the wait?



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Oh man.... WHY DID THEY PUT THIS UP NOW?! I need to sleep...

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are you ready for this?

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sweet late night QL

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fuck i was hoping to be first,

hope the game lives up to the hype

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"It was quiet, and den everyting went crazy....."
Good god
Anyway Im excited for this!

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ugh, that damn Dead Island ad

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Close yet far....

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The creators of the genre, shooterweapon standards, multiplayer deathmatch and pretty much how games look graphically today. ID has so much to live up to at this point they can never live up to the expectations from old school 90s shooter fans like me who grew up with the genre. With that said tho, this is still the most probable Game of the Year 2011 in my book and probably better than any FPS in the last 5 years. Because thats usually how it works.

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im getting a raging *****

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Yay 5 am quicklook

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Watching while my game unlocks. ^_^

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Very, very tempted to buy this game.

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sweet.. perfect length for me to go on my midnight run right after the video :3

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I've got a Raging Rage-on.

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Why is this up now? I need to go to sleep. Or play Rage.

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Wow, a 5am QL...! Perfect for insomniac people like me ^^

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I haven't been following this at all. time to see what this game is.

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Ah darn I thought this would be a late evening live QL since it went up as Steam released the game.

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Video wont load for me, crap!

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I Don't Care What You Say, Going To Play This Everyday

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@kishinfoulux said:

Watching while my game unlocks. ^_^

Yep, me too.

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still not interested

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These QL's are one of the main reasons I joined this site!

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I just don't know. Doesn't look great to me.

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Cant WAIT to pick this up after work

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I still don't see enough meaningful distance between this game and Borderlands for this to be interesting to me. I mean, there are differences, but they are differences I care nothing about.

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I'm not sure if this game is really 10-12 hours or just the main story. I hope it's a lot longer! :/

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Is that Paul Hogan in the screengrab?

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@BarretX79 said:

I'm not sure if this game is really 10-12 hours or just the main story. I hope it's a lot longer! :/

If it was Brad that said 10-12 hours you can probably bet on it being around 7, he was so wrong about Dead Space 2's length

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After watching half hour of this, I don't get it.
It's a first person shooter ass first person shooter.

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Overrated? Overestimated? or Misunderstood? Early sells will tell.

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Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck Steam. I really want to play the game I bought. Uggh

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Ehhh... not liking what I'm seeing.

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looks extremely boring to me

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Season pass sighting

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Now that I know what this game is, it looks pretty boring.

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Calm down Patrick, it was just the Subway intercom talking about an in-game season pass for the races.