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Looks cool!

Posted by raiz265

dizzy raskulls?

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4th QL this year.

Posted by Legend

Should we start with the lame puns again?

Posted by AnotherDuder

What the fuck?

Posted by LethalKi11ler

Great start to 2011. Not going to pick this up but Destructoid has only good things to say about the game.

Posted by Fantomex100

you've done more quick looks then usual lately.

Posted by Ramone

GB are spitting out QLs like nobodys business

Posted by gosukiller

What's up with these 3-man quick looks? Not that I mind, but it kind of stuck out to me.

Posted by pavakah

Next dlc for this game needs to be a boss fight with Fifty Cent. 

Posted by Meltac

And it goes up, right when I made lunch! Hozah!

Posted by Sammo21

Interested in this, but not enough to buy.

Posted by MagikGimp

You should be able to jump two blocks instead of one, it would increase the range of the puzzle element. Not really clicking with this game to be honest.

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Wow, this looks like great fun. I'll be playing this tonight with the lady.

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excellent, looks fun

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Multiplayer QLs are always great.

Posted by Ronald

35 minutes and not one mention of the fact that it looks like everyone is holding Move controllers in the game.

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This looks AWESOME 
@raiz265 said:

" dizzy raskulls? "
Also, this is sick.
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Mr. Driller all over again :)

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Dude, that Gary Oldman line from The Professional popped into my head seconds before Vinny and Ryan did their little bit.  Awesome.

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Hopefully this is the start of some more XBLA + indie quick looks.  
Cthulhu Saves the World deserves a glance. 

Posted by gbrading

Is it Microsoft's plan to introduce ilo milo into every game? Looks cute for sure.

Posted by Ossi

Thanks Brad! Great QL, this game looks pretty cool.

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This game looks so awesome that I watched the entire quick look, without skipping anything! 
More local multiplayer in QLs, please.

Posted by Enigma777
@gbrading I believe it was a cross-game promotion between the 3 games
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Their fake accents at 22:25 almost killed me.

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yo, someone needs to call Namco

Posted by Vitor

Damn, the competition between these three gets mad hilarious. Loving it.

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That looks really cool. 
Too bad its a XBLA exclusive...

Posted by MjHealy

That looks really good. When it eventually goes on sale for a Deal of the Week, I'll shall be picking this up.

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Hey guess what.  He's a Koala.

Posted by SomeJerk

Now this is how you rip off a game mechanic correctly! I could get into this

Posted by Chontamenti

Sweet looking game. Poorly I don't have enough friends to play this in splitt-screen ..

Posted by morosemode

24:00 - Giantbomb twenty-eleven brings you 3 Guys, Wand Cup. * 
*Disclaimer: I am ashamed.
Posted by Zamir

why does Ryan sound like he's doing this quicklook via skype

Posted by Moebi

Nice 'Everyone' guys :)

Posted by falling_fast

Ryan's scream of frustration makes this video

Posted by Mesoian
@morosemode said:
" 24:00 - Giantbomb twenty-eleven brings you 3 Guys, Wand Cup. *  *Disclaimer: I am ashamed. "
My face was melted by that calibur of pun.
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While I was playing the demo, all I could think of was that the blocks looked like Cheez-its.  Obviously the orange ones more so.

Posted by CustomOtto
@ApolloBob:  I was just thinking that while watching the video
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i just wanted to hi. so... what was i doing again? 
Posted by Residentrevil2

Looks pretty fun and silly... Poor Ryan.

Posted by RampageAssassin

I have 1100 points and I'm torn between buying it or saving ma points for something later on.

Posted by Coleslaw893

"Everyone? Everyone!!!"

Posted by Wandrecanada

It's fun as hell in race mode!  This game is all about the puzzle levels and multiplayer racing.  It's like the fun of Crash Course but you can screw the other guy!

Posted by fazzle

Ryan is so incredibly wrong on the ice cream issue.  Vanilla is just boring as all get out.

Posted by Flabbergastrate

Was I the only person who came up with "Asskulls" when Ryan said "assholes"?