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I feel......ravaged......by this quick look!

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All I think of when I see the name of this game is Tidehunter's ult.

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@Morningstar: @Morningstar said:

I feel......ravaged......by this quick look!


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Posted by ttocs

Nice, been looking forward to see how this is.

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From the fine makers of vag.

Posted by Steve_French

heh he said vag.

Posted by Pr1mus

At 18:25, "Yeah, let's watch a pro".

I'm crying... :'D

Posted by murisan

god damn I love me some Vinny. ROCKET JUMP!

Posted by chilibean_3

That helicopter is right out of Mad Max. Terrific.

Posted by Undeadpool

What sort of blasted, strange other planet does this take place on? Waitaminute...statue of liberty?! YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!

Posted by bloodsoul5

oh man... when that guy takes off... funniest shit i've seen in a long time.

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@Nekrokreuz said:

All I think of when I see the name of this game is Tidehunter's ult.

Get off the Dota man, it's messing with your mind.

I'm actually thankful that it's the only game that causes frequent display driver crashes on my laptop. I've finally found a way out after 800 games...

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Guessing that the Statue of Liberty in this is part of some Vegas casino thing & not part of NYC, who knows as it's the future but makes more sense to me. Game looks okay but feeling the same as Brad/Vinny is on this, with friends it's fun but random server might be not that great. Loved the part in the QL where they let someone else take the controls of the helicopter to show how it's done better than Vinny's flying skills in this.

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Wow. Not many people playing this one. Vinny is terrible at the game and is ranked 2310.

Posted by AngelN7

Can Vinny please be in all the Quick Looks!?

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18:20. 18:20. Oh God I can't stop laughing. Tears.

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@Fungiefips said:


quick look moment of the year

Posted by Shortbreadtom

The "Let's watch a pro" moment is the QL moment of the week. Except for all of the Sleepy Dawgz DLC QL.

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oh wait. Any game with helicopters, I know those things aren't coming home safely.

Posted by Scotto

Vinny is the human embodiment of a Rabbid - he's just an unrestrained agent of chaos every time he pilots a quick look.

Posted by murisan

someone make 18:20 a gif.. I am not good at computer, but jesus christ I've rewound the video five times now.

Posted by Osaladin

I've never heard Brad laugh that hard, that shit was hilarious man.

Posted by Scotto

Oh fuck, that moment at 18:25 is the funniest thing I've seen in 2012. Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Posted by murisan

@Osaladin said:

I've never heard Brad laugh that hard, that shit was hilarious man.

It was comedic gold.. I think Brad was laughing for over a minute.. and the clip.. it looks like something straight out of a TF2 garry's mod goof video..

Posted by emem

Side cramps arg...the way that guy crashed was just priceless.

Posted by Scotto

@emem said:

Side cramps arg...the way that guy crashed was just priceless.

Everything was just flawless. From Vinny setting it up by saying "let's watch a pro", to the way he just went up and down in a small arc, to the shitty little weedwhacker sound the engine was making just ass he hit the ground, to the shitty little explosion. LOL.

Goddamnit man. I had shit to do this afternoon, but I might just be rewinding the clip repeatedly instead.

Posted by Yagami

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, OH PLEASE! Fuck me with a spoon! That's gotta be one of the most funniest things i've ever seen. 18:10 and onwards. That, was a pro, for sure. Brad totally broke down after that.

Posted by Hippie_Genocide

I'm glad I'm not the only that can't fly for shit in these Battlefield type games.

Posted by JayCee

Yo Vinny- you missed that Big Ass Ramp!

Posted by Donkeycow

One of the best fucking quicklook moments ever! Also it's a shame this game doesn't seem to be very lively, it looks sort of awesome.

Posted by Eaxis

haha so good

Posted by Rabid619

"Let's watch a pro"

Oh my god, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I totally expected that guy to take off gloriously and go kill some guys and then... that. I was literally in tears from crying so hard.

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Hahaha lets learn from a master........... BOOOOOOOOOM!

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

"Master Class"

That was priceless. Best Quick Look in the last month, easy.

Posted by KlUMZeE

God I love Vinny and Brad

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This has been the best quick look of the year, simply because the part at 18:24

Also, I'll just leave this here...

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I just finished the ql and I'm still laughing, fucking hilarious.
Posted by JayCee

man, SO good!

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Comedy gold.

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Wow, finally someone worse at flying helicopters than major nelson

Posted by SmithCommaJohn

A pro, indeed.

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Man, the Flight of the Master is really a QL moment for the ages.

Too bad that dude will probably never know how he made thousands of people laugh. It was perfect.

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@Pr1mus said:

At 18:25, "Yeah, let's watch a pro".

I'm crying... :'D

that was literally the best thing ever!!! also crying!

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That video was a thing of beauty- you can't plan that kinda fuck up. This is why I love Giantbomb.

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That helicopter thing was fucking hysterical.

"I think we might be done."

Posted by falling_fast

we need more brad and vinny quick looks. they play off each other really well.

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Man, QL moment of the year contender right there. I didn't know Brad could laugh that hard.