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fuck yeah, seaking.

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oh French Mario

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and giant plums.

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But is this game still even better than eating your fav ice cream while getting a bj in zero gravity?!

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So much 3DS...!

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Everyone loves Rayman. 
Not everyone loves ports of old-ass games with no polish to meet current standards. Thanks for shitting out a Rayman game, Ubi.

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Ohh boy another bad 3DS game, can't wait to be underwhelmed.

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Was that game awesome, damn. Oh boy, how I would love to see this game fully remade. Current gen graphics and controls, working properly on modern systems. Give me this and it's Game of the Decade.

Also, Kessler, for someone who loves Rayman you're throwing around a lot of bullshit. I hit myself in the head when I heard about the map and Jack Black.

Alright, I retract that statement. I've never played Revolution. You know your Rayman, Kessler. You win this battle. *snake eyes*

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Looking forward to any new Rayman at this point.

EDIT: JUST realized this is Rayman 2 again. At least it's in 3D.

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Dreamcast version had the overworld map thing. The PS2 version (Rayman Revolution) had the full 3D environment world map, which made it impossible to figure out where you needed to be. Dreamcast, mourn ya till I join ya.

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You'd think they'd put a few more frames of animation into Rayman's fireball tossing action... but... nope.  Oh, and Ryan comparing this steaming pile to Mario 64 is criminal.

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This is the best Rayman game. But haters gonna bloviate.

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globox in rayman 3 was voiced by John Leguizamo not Jack black

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I miss platformers :(

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Kessler's been working on that knife show presenter voice of his:P
He sounds a lot more restrained. Good on ya!

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Rayman 2 is one of the greatest platformers of all time.

It might not be Mario 64, but its just one step below.

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Pullin a kessler.

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Didn't this game come out at launch?

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I really liked this game back on my N64. Doesn't look like it aged too well...

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Kessler ain't much of a straight shooter.

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Everybody loves Kessler, the videogame.

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Having never played the origianl Rayman 2.. I found it very hard to get into this, I found it very dated and not much fun to play. Obviously they just thought they could quickly port an old game for the 3DS launch and make some money from it.

A completely new Rayman platformer in the same sort of style would have been much better.

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Rayman 1 or bust

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rayman 1 > rayman 2

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Great, a re-release of a re-release. This was already a regular-ass DS game around launch too.

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I never liked Rayman 2 as much as I loved the original Rayman.

also, Rayman: Origins looks fucking amazing.

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You'd think that after 12 years of re-releases, they'd figure out how to make the framerate not shit.

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Kessler knows plums, motherfucker.

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That's right!

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I love Rayman 2. I had it on PC when it was first released! It's in the top games of all time for me! Can't wait for Rayman Origins though maybe I should finish the original Rayman first...

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@Blubba: yeah and I feel like we did a quick look already for some reason...

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@Chadster said:
You'd think that after 12 years of re-releases, they'd figure out how to make the framerate not shit.
also the 3d has all sorts of problems and the load times are terrible
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Rayman 3 was the best in the series, IMO. It was so damn beautiful!. 

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Holy shit, that framerate... 
I thought my graphics card was playing up and not streaming the video properly.

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Didn't Ubisoft release Rayman 2 for the original DS too?

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If kessler doesn't stop ruining more videos it's going to be really hard to justify renewing my subscription.

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Anybody else dislike kessler? Like he is trying to hard to be like one of the main editors and trying to be funny.

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This game is to platforming games what Duke Nukem Forever is to FPS games.

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And yet another  3DS game where the lack of a second analog stick manages to make these games a exercise in frustration.
It's like the PSP all over again.

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John Leguizamo did the voice for Globox in Rayman 3, DUUUUHH. You're thinking of Black's portrayl of the panda, surely. Silly Kessler. 

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That's the over-world from the Dreamcast version...

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All I remember is the rayman on Pc. Luved that game.

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Kessler is the king of all interns. He earned my respect when he took a mouthful of Surstömming.

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One of my favorite games of all time. The platforming was so well done at the time; I actually liked it more than Mario 64.

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Another bad shoehorned port for the 3DS.

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I like Kessler, he's a cool dood lol. 
Anyways...I was thinkin about pickin this one up, but the idea of it being ported so many times kind of disgusted me lol, even for being that fragment of memory from my childhood. I dno, it still looks fun, but the word Kessler used early in the video was spot on, "archaic". Still tho, would like to see it in my hands...hmmm decisions decisions. :O

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Pretty cool quick look. I will say that it was really obvious that Ryan was holding back on the verbal abuse. I can't tell if it would've been better or worse with more intern harassment. I don't know what I want anymore.