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Well, did that work?

Edit: Great, now I can stop giving a fuck about when videos are released.

On topic though, this is one of the games I'd most likely buy if I were to purchase a Vita within the next few months. So far I'm still waiting for the game that turns it into a must-have system for me, though. Maybe Persona 4 The Golden?

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Wow this actually looks cool.

Posted by MassiveDuck

i feel like this is a game that actually makes sense to have on a handheld.

Posted by carlfoster91

I went out to eat in my kitchen briefly and saw this ending when I came back and was pissed. now I know why. This quick look is criminally short for, imo, the best launch game for the vita regardless of being a port.

Posted by Beluga

@carlfoster91 said:

This quick look is criminally short for, imo, the best launch game for the vita regardless of being a port.

I think they just moved on because there wasn’t much to say about it — it seems to be almost literally the same game as the console versions. The parity blew me away at first, but I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising to me given that the Vita has to be significantly more powerful than the Wii.

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Lol to that baby just chillin on the side

Posted by Suits

Ray the man

Posted by gustl

This could be the best launch game.

Posted by joshrholloway

That certainly was a quick look.

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I am curious on how this sells over the console versions.

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I almost feel bad not buying this again. But it's probably one of the top 3 launch games, from the looks of it (along with Lumines and Michael Jackson: The Experience Hot Dog).

Unfortunately, I don't need to S-rank this again for a while.

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what a gorgeous game. i am waiting for the 3ds version though haha.

Posted by HerbieBug

man i need to buy the ps3 version of this. i keep putting it off.

Posted by Chazzi27

This seems like the perfect Vita game...but at this point the console version is either cheaper or the same price, and you would also get multiplayer if you are so inclined. But for those looking to bulk up their Vita library, this would be a good choice.

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Origins is a GREAT game.

Posted by Tsuchikage

Rayman Origins is one hell of a game. I'm kind of surprised the graphics are exactly like the console versions, since this game looks so darn good.

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i will stick to my ps3 version with multiplayer

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fucking hi-tech video capture. i'm guessing vita doesn't have a video-out?

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Always meant to pick this up for the Vita and never did.