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@NipCrip66 said:

Played the demo of this last night. Absolutely gorgeous and a lot of fun. Watching this makes it look like co-op is even more fun. Anyone know if co-op is online or just off?

Also does anybody else think the collectible music sounds like Locoroco?

It's offline only. Kinda lame but oh well.

Posted by Wandrecanada

I want this game but I cannot buy it simply because it will make Ubi think that local only co op is acceptable in this day and age.

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I do want to say that I think $60 is a ludicrous price for this game. I hope it drops by at least twenty bucks real soon or I'm not getting it for a long, long while.

Posted by CornBREDX

This looks pretty neat. It's very reminiscent of the first and second Rayman games.

Posted by Masha2932

This game looks really beautiful. Nice to have some beautiful colours this holiday season.

Posted by kishinfoulux

I wanna slap people who say "huuurrrrrr I wouldn't pay $60 for this". Stick to Call of Duty.

Posted by Masha2932
@kishinfoulux: I agree that people shouldn't dismiss the game because it's a 2D game. It looks like a fun game with a ton of replay value according to reviews so $60 isn't a bad price. I think recently people associate 2D platformers with XBLA/PSN  games. However, I disagree with your 'stick to call of duty' tag at the end, it just seems dismissive, I don't think Call of Duty has anything to do with it. I think's it's more to do with polygonal 3D  games having a higher intrinsic value in people's minds.
Posted by csl316

I'm willing to pay $60, dammit.

Posted by HowDire

Man this is friggin beautiful!

Posted by me3639

Played the demo and wow really needed a strong title like this to break up all the seriousness in games this year.

Posted by RE_Player1

This looks so damn fun. Too bad it's going to sell like shit due to it being crammed in the middle of huge releases...

Posted by ReaperMan

I think my brain just melted out of sheer whimsy. This looks superb, definitely a must play for me - once I can scrape enough of 'em 'Lums' together to afford it when it arrives! Awesome art style, creative and gorgeous, something to brighten up those long winter months!

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Enjoyed Raving Rabbids go Home but this is a bit too much on the level of French brand of crazy I just don't understand.

Posted by Mercanis

Lavish visuals. I hope this comes to PC eventually!

Posted by Getz

This game looks fuckin sweet. Too bad Skyrim's coming out

Posted by Gattsu25

This looks fantastic

Posted by tourgen

looks pretty good. wonder how many levels it has?

Posted by Niccoles

Looks ok but $60 is way too much to pay for this.

Posted by Grilledcheez

I'll buy it at some point...but yeah, terrible timing as others have said.

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@Glitch said:

Alot of quicklooks today

grrrrrrrr it's A LOT. two words!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This looks super awesome.

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@vizionblind said:

@Glitch said:

Alot of quicklooks today

grrrrrrrr it's A LOT. two words!!!!!!!!!!!!

parking lot?

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Dammmned, wheres my acid

Posted by Jolt92

This kind of looks like a blend between Rayman, Donkey Kong Country and NSMBWii.

I'm getting this, great stuff.

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@Mercanis said:

Lavish visuals. I hope this comes to PC eventually!

That would be rad, though I think the game really shines with other players on the same couch... something that's sorta hard for most people on PC, unless you run a Media Center of some kind etc.

Posted by Osaladin

Looks fantastic.

Posted by gerp

Dude this is awesome it looks so good i hope they review it or someone plays through it before game of the year stuff because for the category of most chill game that one wins. or so it looks like.

Posted by CornishRocker

I get a similar feeling watching this as I did with the Kirby's Epic Yarn quicklook. It's just so damned charming.

Think I'll grab this after I've had my fill of Skyrim.

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@CosmicQueso said:

"Gotta learn to not slap those big black balls"

Truer words have never been spoken, Ryan.

damn someone beat me to it.

Posted by SlightConfuse

i cant beleive this is a retail game. i feel like this game would be a better fit on downloadable systems.

in a month with skyrim,uncharted,assassin creed , MW3, Saints row to release this with little maketing is crazy.

nice art style and music though

Posted by JunkanooPunch

100% sold. Day ONE PURCHASE !!!! can't wait, what a lovely gem that came out of no where :D

Posted by TehJedicake

Some reason when I use HD the video never loads, I don't mean slow loads, I mean it literally doesn't start.

Posted by EveretteScott

Oh man, that music is great.

Posted by captainanderson

Exploding old people, swinging on beards, and laying down some phat beats. All in a day's work in the life of Rayman.

Posted by UltimAXE

The game looks delightful and the music is incredible. Definitely plan on buying this at some point.

Posted by Jace

Ryan, you have to learn not to slap those big black balls.

Posted by CollegeGuyMike

This is funk-ah. And I like it.

Posted by kerikxi

Modern day Toejam and Earl!

Posted by ThePhilatron

Video games are trying to empty my pockets. They're winning.

Posted by Hoecake

Looks absolutely fantastic. I loved Rayman on the PS1 but had forgot why until watching this. Can't wait to play it. Diggin the artstyle alot.

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Screw Skyrim! I want this! Actually I still want Skyrim, but now I also want this!

Posted by Wholemeal

This game is fucking beautiful!

Posted by steveb468

Definitely gotta avoid those big black balls.


Posted by csl316

Just played the demo, and the game looks, sounds, and feels incredible.
Pre ordered!

Posted by DougCL

who the F is blu-ray man?

Posted by sungahymn

Great music. It feels nostalgic, even though I never played another Rayman game.

Posted by McGhee

They definitely should've found a quiet time in the summer to release this game. Right now with games like Skyrim it is going to get overlooked. I would like to play it, but it won't be any time soon.

Posted by Thompson820

@steveb468: You can HEAR Jeff fighting with himself not to make the obvious joke.

Posted by Bravestar

now I want Plok Origins

Posted by Eyz


The most awaited release of the year, for me :P