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 waiting for Brad to die... crossing fingers
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What platform is this DLC on?

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I lol'd @"the DARPA chief"

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Josh is a member of the BSAA, god I knew i'd have a tough time watching this ='( 
Annnd Jill has blonde hair because of the virus, yes yet another virus, that was used to control her, made her blood cells all go white....or something, making her very pale and...blonde. God i can't help myself!

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This DLC was pretty gamn good. Too bad it's only twice as long as this QL.

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@Baillie: 360 and ps3
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God Vinny is awesome "it's the DARPA cheif."

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Nice to have a QL on this

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brad should have investigated the door a couple of times to unlock old school fixed camera XD

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A video with the Bradster? Neato!

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I finished it this morning, too short but makes me wish all of RE5 was like that.

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This dlc is awesome, it's totally different from the main game. There's like 9 enemies, including Wesker, in the entire thing. It feels totally fresh.
And it's a good thing you can't port in your weapons- they use controlling what you have to great effect.

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Vinny: Are you going to kill a zombie?
Brad: ...if I find one.
Fuck, I love Giant Bomb.

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@copycatzen said:

"  waiting for Brad to die... crossing fingers "

ahahah same
itchy / tasty!
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If the whole game had played like this episode had, RE5 could have been one of my GotY contenders.  That just makes the length of the episode more disappointing.

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This is the direction Capcom should go for RE 6.

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The virus inside Jill made her hair turn blond because science

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This looks damn sweet. Pretty scary actually, which isn't something i haven't said about a Resident Evil game and their ridiculous 'story' in almost a decade. And some meta humor too, awesome.

Wish they'd make more.

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I loled harder at President Evil.  Still Resident. Still Evil.
Vinny is not someone who can call "ridiculous" on finishing a 2 hour game in one sitting.  I appreciate the sentiment about saving, but we know Vinny too well.  20 hours maybe. :)
My record for playing without saving was the release of FF7 on a rented PS1.  Played for almost 8 hours straight, then I had to go out and buy my own memory card before I dared crossing the Zolem swamp.  I still have the save archived... *sniff*. Them's the days.

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Wow, Brad did not pull a 1Up. I'm surprised.

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How does this guy get around his own house he needs hand cranks, keys, and crest to open half the doors.

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That starcraft match got Brad all uppity and not dieing. Damn you 1Up!

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Jill sandwich!

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This may get me to play Res 5 again lol...

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Isn't all paper heat sensitive?

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I wish RE5 was like "this" and not like the summer action blockbuster it was throughout.

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@VicRattlehead said:
" @Baillie: 360 and ps3 "
And probably PC.
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good ol resident evil...

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I don't even like RE5 but I thought this looked really good. Probably the only interesting DLC I've seen so far.

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Brad didn't die..lameeee

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Josh was cool, Vinny, come on.

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Fanservice for the people who miss the old RE days? 
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We didn't start the fire...

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My only disappointment from this DLC is that they should have at least put in a zombie or two that is hiding around the corner or just have a dog jump through that window.

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I might actually have to pick up the gold edition of this game.

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Do they have zombies in their zombie game?
I've been playing too much Left 4 Dead, I think.

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brad you missed an emblem in the spike room

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For some reason, this quicklook FREAKED me OUT. Kinda strange, since zombies don't.

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Jill was turned albino and her hair was bleached due to being in a transformative goo for a while. It was an adverse reaction to the superpower process.

Nice catch on the clock Vinnie!

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Wow, I didn't think Brad sucked that bad at playing games and he had such a weak stomach.

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No, zombies, lame. Its like capcom is figthing hard to not put zombies in a zombie game. BTW, versus was pretty good, so I wouldnt call it mediocre.

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nice a QL to start my day

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This is great. 
Too bad the real RE5 isn't like it.

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Vinny + Brad = everyone wins

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Should've given Chris a beard or a different haircut.

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How come the bat didn't fly through the window?!? o_0

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itchy tasty