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Posted by ShakeItBaby

I need to invest in a piano-based security solution

Posted by skippyscissors

Are you sure this isn't the mansion from RE 1? I mean the dining room has a clock and a fireplace.

Posted by RobotHamster

Great quick look, so many lol moments with Brad and Vinny.

Posted by Darkdsd

The Resident Evil remake looked much better.

Posted by IceTrey87

Josh was totally part of the BSAA.  He was one of the members of the African branch, just like Sheva was.

Posted by Griddler

This looks ten times more interesting to me than Resident Evil 5 proper.

Posted by rjayb89

Jill, make me a sandwich!

Posted by Ulong

The dlc(and the costume one) are worth it if you have a friend and like playing mercenaries mode together, than it's all sorts of good fun, since it changes the enemy loadout slightly in mercenaries, and adds new mercanary mode characters to try.
 The actual campeign level has like 5 enemies and a 2 minute rehash fight with wesker and isn't worth it if you don't like mercenary.

Posted by randiolo
@JukeboxJoe said:
" That's the DARPA chief! "
god i love vinny..
Posted by stephenage

Ah I love Vinny and Brad, great quicklook.

Edited by spiceninja

This DLC is what RE6 needs to be. Not necessarily set in a mansion but with a dark and creepy atmosphere and more puzzle solving elements. If RE6 is more of RE5 then I'm not even going to bother.

Edited by michaelhaar

"Wonder who started the fire..."   @  10:20
Missed Billy Joel joke opportunity.

Posted by Kowbrainz

Heh, think I'm going to go back and play the Resident Evil remake now. Thanks guys.

Posted by Jedted

mmmm, itchy.....tasty. :) 
I don't entirely get that joke but it sounds totally wrong.
Posted by nickystixx

this shit looks awesome.

Posted by nekoNari

Just a little suggestion: can you end your videos, especially the GB ones, with a very short, custom closing sequence? It'd make the end of each video much more less painful... lol
Posted by AndrewB

This guy has a fetish for putting his keys inside unlocked treasure chests behind a portcullis opened with a crank. Seems pretty obsessive to me.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Why is there like twenty minutes of running around reading stuff and hitting switches, and then five of the same mini-bossish anchor dudes in a row? Shouldn't it be spread out a bit?

Posted by Seroth
 On harder difficulties, the monsters show up in the mansion while you're doing the puzzles.
Posted by LucyGlitter

When the first zombie popped up from feigning death, I jumped! 

Posted by ThePantheon

hahaha Vinny was on fire today.
he's so lovable.

Posted by Hughes

Makes me want to start a new game plus in RE5.

Posted by McNaastyy

Great game

Posted by kerse

Thats the Darpa Chief.

lol how did I miss this quick look.

Posted by Oddballs

Man I loved RE5, this DLC was pretty fun too.