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Posted by Ouroboros

Looks really bad and not fun.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

RE5 has a very good chance of being my GOTY, so i don't want to spoil my good memories with this mediocre looking DLC. such a shame.

Posted by m0dm0use

This VS online has its problems, it seems capcom has not looked at other online games from the last 12 months and learnt from where they went wrong and what they patched, when one play quits its game over. This game has frame rate drops from time to time, if the host when searching has no connection bar you will not be able to connect.

I believe the online code was in the 2mb file while the audio, maps and other stuff was on the disc, the menu was also in the 2mb file, I have actually delved into the files so I know this for sure.

Another problem when in the game everyone can hear you and I mean everyone, there is no team split talk in here, also if you just begin and others have top level players its just an unfair advantage, they didn't look at pgr3 or 4 at all where you can set the max level spec of the cars, the same should have been implemented in this.

I have no problem with spending 400msp on this but I had already spend £200 or so on the E-Capcom edition, it would have been great if they had a Capcom code with certain edition like Epic did with GOW2, still at least it was cheap, as long as they release an update soon or re-release the 2mb file to download im happy with it, its tense matches can get close flipping who wins and who looses at the last second is amazing stuff not much seen in games anymore.

Posted by Hoppondeez420

Dude brad sucks at this game, he's using his pistol 70 percent of the time and barely firing at anyone, unless it was lag that bad he is terrible

Posted by Haethos

this looks terrible.

Posted by Haethos

also brad pulled many brads during this QL. not surprising.

Posted by Galaxian

Wow! Now I know why I only play with friends over XBL ;)

Mercenaries Mode that comes with the full game is awesome but RE5 definitely doesn't lend itself to TDM type gameplay. They should have concentrated on making a good Horde type mode. I really enjoy playing RE5 but will not be getting this DLC.
Posted by FlappyHands

Yeah I'll have to agree with the general consensus here, that looked like crap.

Posted by PapaLazarou

It's them damn controls that annoys me

Posted by Redfield

Haha OMG this was so fun to watch :P

Posted by Kayrack

not sure this is really a good thing to have on disc :P

Posted by Clean

This looks weird.

Posted by Xymox

yeah... that looks... no... just no

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Brad, it really isn't the game's fault, your performance was really weak :D

Looks pretty stupid, why would anybody want to pay 5$ for that?
Posted by koopamaster

the lag looks terrible.
I'm just gonna carry on playing Mercenaries, thanks...

Posted by Nets

Wow, this looks medicore. One would expect better from Capcom.

Posted by MagikGimp

The PC / mouse death-match is dead.

Posted by Seram

I don't understand the logic of giving a game like RE5 an online death-match mode. It just seems silly.

Posted by Benjamimmy

its not brad its the lag, its terrible on this, my friend bought it and its the laggyest thing i have seen in a while...

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Can't really complain. People wanted it, people got it. If you don't want it, you can go play another game. I'm aware you could say that for any game and subsequently negate a need for review sites, but that's not the point. Thanks to GIant Bomb for letting us know if we'd like it or not, but putting blame on Capcom for releasing this really isn't appropriate. It's not like a set of horrible maps half the community bought so now you have to. No, it's an add-on that you don't need if you dont want it. Luckily it doesn't look like a lot of work went into it.

Posted by kyrieee

I can't believe anyone would want to play that
I would quit after 5 seconds

Posted by Keeng

lol If this was already on the disc in playable form the game would be much worse because of it. 

Posted by Reverseface

it doesn't look that bad TBH there is some fun to BE HAAAAAAAAAAAD

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

LOL, this is by far the most retarded shit i have seen.

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Posted by Slick5

It doesn't look bad, but i didn't like the game enough to purchase it.

Posted by suneku

This video just assured me that I will never get this as long as it costs money. I'm cool with what's "in" the game already.

Posted by Sectus

If anyone wants to watch a more fair view of how versus mode is played, you can take a look here:


The lag you saw in the quick look was due to the host having a really bad connection, most of the time it won't be the laggy. The matchmaking system is definitely a mess (although it's easier to find someone to play with on the PS3 version), but the actual versus mode can be a lot of fun if you get into it. But it is a VERY different experience from all other shooters. Survivor mode is more about setting up traps, ambushes and acquiring some kind of advantage than just having straight forward shootouts. And slayer mode basically plays like a competitive mercs mode.

Posted by ManMadeGod

I like the idea of quick looks for DLC. There is really no other way for most of us to know how good/bad most dlc is until after we buy it. Low quality youtube videos don't count :(


it says that the person on your team is playing as jill! Damn, I haven't finished that game yet!

And how did you only just get exploding heads I got it during the first chapter.

Posted by darkspirit138

I wouldnt mind this being just on the CD much, but it doesnt look like anything that ill buy for extra money, when i could buy stuff like flower.

Posted by HaYHaYHaY

lol...  did i hear Vinny scream "ARGHHHHHHH I'M A FURIAN!!!!" in the flames?

Posted by warbadger

Haha...love the Riddick reference.  RE multiplayer.....yeah, not conducive.

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its a lot of fun but its not worth 400 points, it should be like 200 points or maybe even free

edit: forgot to mention, I think you would like Survivors alot more. Its actually pretty fun besides the whole players dropping out screws up the game thing

Posted by Moztacular

Keep up the quick looks of DLC

Posted by Brainkiller

I don't think he got a single kill that whole time

Posted by unholyone123

Co-op worked just fine considering the genre. Death match mode seems grossly out of place in a game like this, and maybe just a little desperate on the part of Capcom. I wish that developers would stop listening to these gamers that demand multi-player death match style game play, even in games where it logically does not make sense.

Posted by insanejedi

i'd buy that for a dollar!

Posted by Destroyeron

Wow that looked terrible.

Posted by imayellowfellow

lol brad being... brad

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Brad being Brad. As in, dying.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Not buying that.  Even if watching brad freak out was fun.  Should have came with the game.  They are just nickel and dime'ing us like bitches.    You going to be Capcom's bitch?

The more people that let them get away with crap like that, will only make it more frequent.  You want to buy your games in pieces from now on?  They effectively just jacked the normal game's price up by 5 bucks. 

You aren't paying 60 bucks anymore.  It's 65 and up from now on.

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Posted by Raidou10k

I consider myself a HUGE Capcom fanboy, and I gotta say: that was terrible.

Also, you guys should have given Brad the headset. The opposing team would have lost all concentration.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Meh, doesn't look great. I am fine with the game without it.

Posted by Tony1661

my fav part of this site is how you guys have commentary while your playing:D

Posted by BolognaSoup

This looks like one of the dumbest vs. games I've ever seen and what kind of moron would ever use anyone but the smallest character?

Posted by agentboolen
A opinion from someone who has actually bought and played it.

After watching this and seeing all the opinions on other gamers that haven't bought it and only watch this guy play, you really don't get much of a feel after this guys horrible time playing. 

After watching this its obvious these guys didn't care much for Mercenaries mode, which alone makes there opinion worthless.  It also isn't hard to get into a game along as you let the Connection Quality load up and just try to enter a good Quality game, only seems to take 2 - 5 seconds to get into a game and barely ever get turned down. Besides this is the correct way to enter any online game so you don't get much lag (newbs start taking notes please), this "Game Critic" really should know this but obviously he is a inpatient player that just wants to join any game no matter how bad the connection is...  Players that do this really just don't understand the internet.

I too was a little skeptical about paying but after I did I feel its actually really fun. Also it helps to find out which mode you like to play.  Slayer is Mercenaries competition mode with 1 or 2 other people and Survivor is your usually Kill the other player or team.  For me I really enjoy playing Slayer, the competition is really fun and the idea of getting as much combo's / points while also having another team that might chose to try to slow you down by killing you is fun. 

Yes in the end its just Mercenaries VS style, and that does feel dirty having to pay for it but in the end I decided its not that bad, if it was $10 I wouldn't have thought twice, but for $5 if you like Mercenaries and RE5 and wish there was a VS mode of it its worth $5.
Posted by sparks24

@ agentboolen

FYI, that "game critic" is one of the top reviewers of all time (most of the top reviewers were originally from gamespot, and he's from there). Think twice before posting, because Brad is rly just showing a casual, real view point of the game, meaning that you will get a laggy game once in a while.

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I hate it when developers put out paid DLC for their game less than a month after the game is released. They obviously had it finished but held it off so they could charge for it a month later when most people were finished the game and wanted more content.That's just fuckin dirty,it's almost as bad as what EA does with like,oh i don't know,85% of their games.