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butt nugget

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Weskers.  Watch out for them.

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Love quick looks like these where the game is just not looking and performing great.  Also, 2MB?  Yeah, lots of this shit is on disc, doubt they put much effort into this, not worth the 5 bucks.

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*shakes head with disgust dumbfounded as to how brad can suck that bad and actually publish it on the site as a quick look*

Posted by Galaxian

One of the top reviewers of all time?

Is he the King of reviewers? hmmm... no, that's probably Jeff. Maybe he's the prince of reviewers.... hmmm.... how about Dark Prince of Reviewers... yes I think he'd like that.

This "Quick Look" was pretty poor and I was surprised how bad he played considering he's completed the SP game. I've since found some Gameplay Movies on Youtube and it looks quite fun if you're playing with the right people. I enjoy Mercenaries but still feel this should have been included with the full product or at least a free add-on.
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Who needs COD/Killzone/Halo when you can play RE5 Versus!!

Just kidding, it looks horrible.

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Weskers.  Watch out for them.

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Fuck Capcom.

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Wow, capcom are douche bags.

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@ sparks24

Believe me I know where he came from I have been reading Gamespot for many years now, just because he has some history doesn't mean he always does things the correct way, he is human, he makes mistakes, and watching this video easily shows that he was and still is still bias on the subject.

Also if you don't pay attention to the Lag Meter ever of course in any game your going to get lag and have problems getting into any game.  Only newbs enter a game the way he was doing it on this video.

I don't think people should be judging DLC that furthers areas of a game that he doesn't seem to have like in the first place.  All this content does is further the gameplay of Mercenaries, if you didn't like Mercanaries in the first place your opinion means nothing.  He said it himself "I don't see myself playing this mode much, I'd rather play the story".  Bottom line if you like Mercanaries don't listen to his coments, hit mute and watch the video.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Honestly, that looks terrible. Glad I didn't buy it in the end. Just doesn't suit Resident Evil.

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@ agentboolen

It actually doesn't sound like he's biased.  With a comment like "if you didn't like Mercanaries in the first place your opinion means nothing."  It sounds like you're the one who's biased.  First of all, these videos are obviously not objective reviews, but an opportunity for them to show a continuous stream of gameplay in a casual way, and not show edited gameplay clips.  Second of all, even if it was meant to be an objective review...reviews aren't supposed to only concern people who like a certain gametype, it's supposed to address everyone.  If you unconditionally love everything RE5 and am willing to support a company that cheats its fan/customers into buying features that are obviously meant to be on the original game, then obviously you're going to love any RE5 DLC, but then why would you even bother watching this video?

If someone doesn't like a game mode, it doesn't make them biased.  "He didn't agree with me before, so his view doesn't count."  Thinking like that...is biased.  If you disagreed with him about mercenaries, then you just have to take that into account when you're viewing a video like this, you can't call him biased for it, because the tone of this video is casual and he makes no claims of objectivity in it.  That's the great thing about this site, its entire existence is an acknowledgement to the the fact that the value of a videogame cannot really be judged objectively.  It is all relevent to the player, and that's one of the reasons why the content is mostly user-created.  That is also why many of these videos don't have edited commentary in the fashion of a formal review, but a casual "hey, this is my experience with this game, and it might be similar to yours" tone.

I can't stand it when an obviously biased person claims others are biased.  This wasn't a "mistake", it was him playing a videogame and not liking it.  I guess, according to you, being biased and making a mistake means having an opinion about a videogame.

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Wow, this multiplayer looked horrible, definitely not worth $5. Allowing ragequits, being sent back to Versus title screen, and other issues makes this a very lame attempt from Capcom to milk money.

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five dollar footlong

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@ chplusink

Its hard to not take this like a review just because of his negative comments.  The way he reviews... Whoops sorry comments on the game he really should point out that he is not a fan of Mercenaries and that might lead to him not enjoying it at all. 

For my quote "if you didn't like Mercenaries in the first place your opinion means nothing."  gives everyone the info they need to know, if you like Mercenaries you will like this DLC, if you do not you might not have as much fun with this DLC.  Just because it doesn't have a score at the end of it doesn't mean its not a review, it felt like a lose review for me.

Now for me to say his opinion means nothing since he obviously doesn't like Mercenaries is just the way anyone should feel that likes Mercenaries.  For example Siskel and Ebert two critics that made it huge before they had to retire there positions, they where great critics for certain genre movies, but for say Horror genre there opinion means nothing, I wouldn't read to much into there review of The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre if I was looking for a good horror movie.  Now for this guy he might like RE5's story mode but he doesn't like Mercenaries so to do a lose review whoops sorry again a commentative play of this game just doesn't add up, I'm sure Giant Bomb could have had someone else do it that enjoyed Mercenaries.

I would also like to mention this Quick Look also felt like his first time playing the content, when your confused about the mode your even playing its just proof how little he played this before hand. Where are the standards just because its a Quick Look doesn't mean it can be unprofessional.

Now the last thing I want to address is I am definetly not Bias about this content, yea sure fighting with you might make it look like I am but I'm really not.  I'm just a gamer that enjoyed Mercenaries and felt like it would have been perfect if I could compete with someone during it.  I am with everyone that this content should have been givin to us free and was probably only left off the disc just so they didn't have to delay there Friday the 13th due date.  But if you do decide to spend the money you will enjoy it alongs as you were a fan of Mercenaries, so don't let this guy's negative comments make your decision.

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Pretty much what I expected--clunky, and probably not worth five dollars. Maybe some games just don't need competitive multiplayer at all.

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just as a i thought as well. 2 people standing still shooting each other in the head. dumb

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This sucks how can they get away with charging 5 bucks for this

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My GOD people are babies, "their charging five bucks, boo hoo!" Whatever, If you don't want it then don't fucking get it. If you want it pay your five bucks and shut the fuck up.

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Ping comes up in SF4 for PS3; haven't purchased this..doubt I will.

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I love howou shoot him 3 times ith a shtgun.. andhe's fine, then in about the time it took for about a shot in  half, all three people are seriously wounded xD

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Especially watch out for rage-quitting Weskers.

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Do the people actually playing realize they're playing with Brad and Vinny lol..

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@MattBodega: Definiton of Resident Evil.
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If it weren't for the DLC in this game, I'd have an S-Rank. Argh.