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This looks surprisingly awesome.
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Oh God, this game looks awesome.

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This looks fantastic.

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I'm kinda excited now

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SOLD ME! I am buying that DAY ONE!

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Im very curious about this

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I like how just because giant bomb does a quick look everyone suddenly falls in love with this.

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Oh MAN this looks awesome.

The robot flailing his arms into buildings to destroy them looks set to be one of the best moments of '09
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Haha! I'm certainly interested.

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its Battlefield: Bad Company on mars...im in

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Giant fans!

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Oh man, I hope they have other larger, more pissed-off robots later in the game. That and robot on robot rampages.
Weird how non of the ground or "earth" features deform, its such a little thing but the more I see it the more annoying it gets.

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Regardless of how the game turns out, it seems like pretty cool tech they have there. It looks to be quite fun.

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destruction looks fun.

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This tech is amazing.

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dude, I was so totally not hyped for this game, not even a little... but after watching this video, I HAVE TO PICK IT UP!

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I wanna play the demo now...

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At first I was worrying about the third person perspective. Now I love this game more than the two predecessors.

Why is the quick look ending so quick?

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Awesome physics. A lot better than just digging through the ground.

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What the??? GRRRRRRRRR the quick look is really quick lol
game looks great though

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There is ALOT more to the destruction and controls than brad discovered. you could play that demo many many times and still figure out way to destroy things.

Also the bridge didn't break at first because he didn't destroy the main support beam that runs the length of the bridge.

And anyone can get the demo by signing up on the uk thq site: http://www.thq-games.com/uk/redfaction

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Wow shit looks sick.

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The very definition of awesome.

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i suddenly want this game now. lol

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Sadly, everyone will be dissapointed

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Wow, I must play this game.  Mindless fun in all it's glory

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This doesn't look half as bad as I thought it would be.  Color me slightly interested now.

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That looked intense, especially when you walked through the building and tore it down. Wow, I might have to pay attention to this game now. Whew.

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Whoa, this game looks awesome. I am currently downloading a 360 demo for this, so I can't wait to try this out myself.

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I got into the Mulitplayer Beta for this last summer and really liked what I played of it, now it seems that they just went crazy with the destruction stuff now.  Can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Rofl, EDF does actually stand for Earth Defense Force.

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had the demo for a week its got replay value to the extreeeeme, reminds me of the craziness of saints row 2

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Brad pulled a Brad.

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This game looks freaking awesome. I love destroying stuff, and this game seems to be really good at destroying stuff.

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Loved the first one, still remember the cries of "BETTER RUN MINER", "GET BACK HERE MINER".

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Not the best advocate to go against the video games cause brain rot debate; hurr durr i dem blow up tings like duh big fans durrrr!!

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I must get this game after watching this.

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I was just sold on this game, the demo did what it was suppose to do. Even if the whole game doesn't pan out right, if I can run around and destroy everything like that, I'm getting it.

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The multiplayer beta was ok.

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Lol you died in the first 2 mins

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I am so happy this looks as good as I wanted it to.

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Totally mindblowing, I will own this

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Holy cow, why isn't every game this game.

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That looks absolutely fantastic! Mindless destruction is always welcome!

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Looks so ridiculous it must be good...

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awesome awesome awesome. This, Prototype, Fight Night Round 4, Batman! gonna be a fucking great summer.

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When that Walker plowed through that building... it just blew my mind. Incredible technology; can't wait to play it :D

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I'm definatly picking this one up!