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Must feel pretty awesome to go from a UT2004 mod to a huge game like this.

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Actually really looking forward to this, I've heard a lot about it.

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nice, Drew and Dave. Quick Look overload past few days. Love it.

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yay, been looking forward to this :]

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Drew is hilarious

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Been eyeing this on Steam. Thanks for the QL, guys.

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Oh yeah a double D quicklook!

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Reminds me of the era of WW2 shooters (CoD 2). I...almost miss it?

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Red Orchestra was originally an Unreal Tournament mod?

That's probably not as crazy as I think it is.

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i love this game

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I know I couldn't play this game with someone setting next to me telling me what to do, lol.

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D&D in the house

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More Drew Quick Looks please.

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Wow, Giant Bomb really doesn't want me to do some actual work huh?

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Regarding the SP mode, for anyone who's interested. Taken from the official website:

And coming after release:

Stalingrad Campaign: The Stalingrad campaign will feature the multiplayer maps used in a campaign layout recreating the battle for Stalingrad from both the German and Russian sides. This will be enhanced with story elements through the form of mission introductions and in-game cinematic sequences that begin and end the campaign.

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Red Orchestra does massive team-worked based FPS better than Battlefield.

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The accents in this game are downright offensive. I can´t fucking stand listening to this crap german-english tutorial dude at all. Dudes should talk German and Russian. Have some damn realism in your "realistic" WWII game.

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Glad to see this getting some attention, I'm a newcomer to the series but I really like RO2. It has some "Tripwire quirks", but it presents some cool ideas and it's clear that it's a labor of love, not just a typical cash-in sequel.

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Adolf Hitler ist der Sieg!

Hello, Translation program...

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"What are you, a baseball player?!"

Dave and Drew is the best combo for PC games.

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Hardcore Dave and Soft Suede Drew. Two great tastes that taste great together.

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This is a real hard one to show footage of because if you try to move quickly you'll just get picked off.

I would love this to get some more coverage (Maybe after another patch) showing some of the Infantry levels such as Apartments or Barracks. Seems like a good fit for Random PC Game.

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Drew QLs are always a pleasure!

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So is this basically ARMA 2, but Russian? Or is it closer to Battlefield?

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Hells yeah, more Dave & Drew PC gaming extravaganza please. Really loving this.

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great to see some quick looks from someone else then the core quartet.

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@DaBuddaDa: I am almost positive I am picking this up after this quick look. It sounds crazy, but I really do miss WW2 shooters.

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a DnD quick look huh? awesome!

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@Applederp said:

Red Orchestra does massive team-worked based FPS better than Battlefield.

seems to use a very different dynamic though.

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Drew and Dave = awesome. This game = shit.

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I really like this game. An FPS with bolt-action rifles! Yes!

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RO2 is pretty rough around the edges (would be nice if my stat progression saved half the time…) but I’m still having fun and I forgot this game even had blind fire. Need to mess around with that whenever I get an auto.

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Drew is the best! Dave is the best!

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Drew is the Ammaterasu of tanks.

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This Quick Look pairing must be used more often.

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Loved listening but HOLY SCREEN TEARING.

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Don't be put off of you think the game is too hardcore for you, it is intense and full of tension but very rewarding.

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@RuneseekerMireille said:

So is this basically ARMA 2, but Russian? Or is it closer to Battlefield?

It's more like a class based Call of Duty 2, but with 64 players. Sort of.

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I like that the guns are modelled in 3d space, with their own collision detection. So, if you stick a big machine-gun out a window, it'll actually stop when it bumps against the sides.

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I am really bad at this game. It's great!

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Is this kinda like Day of Defeat? I fucking love that game.

Edit: Nevermind, 5min in I see it's more deep than that :P.

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Wow, kinda wrote this game off before, but looks great!

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@Sogeman said:

Adolf Hitler ist der Sieg!

Hello, Translation program...

This was an actual propaganda phrase in Germany during WW2.

This game basically gives you the "Super Meatboy-Effect" in a multiplayer environment. I hate it but I love it.

@RuneseekerMireille said:

So is this basically ARMA 2, but Russian? Or is it closer to Battlefield?

Somewhere inbetween I'd say. Probably closer to ARMA than Battlefield.

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the close range tank duel at the end was intense

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You can look out of the tank by the way, the commander and the driver can open the hatch and look out. They have other viewmodes too that you can change to with mousewheel.

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Drew and Dave, what a great pair!

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"It's a tactical first-person shooter." I don't really see anything all that tactical going on that isn't in other first-person shooters, except you can give your squad mates Whitta-esque advice like "go over there" and "shoot that guy." I guess that's always been the problem with this and the later SWAT games.