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Posted by skywing

what happened to duder?

Posted by Damien

lol steel

Posted by dbz1995

No matter how much you look, it'll never be a complete circle after you click play.

Posted by Sweep

Samurai Cowboys! With bears? And Trucks! And girls! Girls with boobs! And Guns that shoot bullets and murder people!


Posted by Jadeskye

it's broked x_x

Posted by S0ndor

We don't even get a duder anymore. This is just a big slap in the face of the community.

Posted by SilenceUK
@skywing said:
"what happened to duder? "

i miss duder :(
Posted by Sunjammer

Seems like the file isn't encoded yet.. You guys running FMS or Red5 for your streaming? 

Posted by Olimar_91

Red Steel 2der...

Posted by Lotan

Oh no you didn't!!

Posted by Gellrock

DUDER! but it's ok the DSi XL unboxing makes up for this!

Posted by jim_dandy

I just want to watch this. ;-;

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I hope this is better than the first one. 
EDIT: Oh man, when Jeff saw that demo lady. Priceless!

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Is the video working for anyone else?

Posted by Sjupp

Delicious QL's!

Posted by Sanj

Video is working fine for me.
Posted by FuzzyLogic

Wow, this isn't looking god awful, which is a step up for the series.
Posted by gosukiller

The visuals remind me of Borderlands for some weird reason... and I haven't even played Borderlands.

Posted by Crushed

Hmm. I've been hearing good reviews and impressions (which is a good thing after the first terrible game). Still, pretty cautious about paying full price.

Posted by Drewbs

Looks good.

Posted by Kyou

Quick Look: Doors

Posted by MeatSim

This game has some nice looking and elaborate doors.

Posted by Milkman

Doesn't look horrible, but doesn't look all that great either.

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Posted by rateoforange

Hide behind the couch!

Posted by toadstule

Looks pretty good. Happy to see that first impressions of the game have been positive.

Posted by Hourai

The volume is so low in this video.

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Posted by DjRich

Much better then the previous title. I have at least some hope for this one. Still, it is just an average feeling game.

Posted by gbrading

"Don't those guys know they just need to wait for that door to open?"  Brilliant.
Posted by Kibblez

GB, wii-in it up

Posted by Olivaw

Looks pretty great! Aside from lookin' at doors.
Seriously, they could at least make the doors do something cool while you're waiting to justify how long they take to open.
Game still looks fun though. Love that aesthetic too.

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

I also love the "???" prompt, hey this guy might shoot you, do something!

Posted by McSmunions

hmm, seems like it could be alright. the art alone looks kinda cool, but hopefully there will be more than just dusty western town.
nice Petey Pablo reference, Jeff.

Posted by locovoco

Rising Zaaaaaaan. Samurai Gunman.

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Posted by animateria

In the future, everyone has white blood.

Posted by PLWolf

I can't play FP games anymore, just watching this is giving me a headache. ugh

Posted by sorryawkward

Speaking of taking your shirt off and spinning it around your head like a helicopter, whatever happened to Petey Pablo? Did he die or something?

Posted by Ghostiet

Looks very nice.

Posted by Kbm600

This game has style, that can't be denied.

Posted by amir90

looks good, but I don't want to buy the motion pluss, lol

Posted by JJOR64

Looks solid!

Posted by Daryl

Inspired by Borderlands

Posted by PLWolf
@sorryawkward: According to his Wiki Page, he's got an album coming out sometime this year.
Posted by Wes899

What did those trucks ever do to you?

Posted by Rallier
@McSmunions said:
" hmm, seems like it could be alright. the art alone looks kinda cool, but hopefully there will be more than just dusty western town.  nice Petey Pablo reference, Jeff. "
Let's see.
This is a bit of spoilery but here are all the locations that you'll go in the game. It mixes it up quite a bit while keeping the main themes intact. 

Posted by erinfizz

Looks pretty cool, but even this QL is making me nauseous. I guess I will pass.

Posted by Terjay

This is giving me some serious motion sickness.