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Reef Shot?

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The reefest.

Posted by cwilly

"Smoking weed and shooting guns."

Posted by ThunderSlash

That name HAS to be deliberate... right?

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Surprise: quick look!

Posted by aidros

Poke'mon snap, underwater?

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Posted by IcarusFoundYou

Patrick and Drew doing a quick look together = The reefiest.

Posted by Rieter

My god guys you cant even play a game but you review them? dang...

Posted by das9000

At some point the story gets dark and this becomes a horror game.

Posted by BluPotato

Of course Drew goes scuba diving.

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That was pretty painful. I can't watch someone not notice shit and refrain from yelling.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Man, I could see a really good underwater Amnesia type thing with this game. Probably isn't though. Either way I like the gameplay of this.

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

I always wanted to play Aquanaut's Holiday...

Posted by MachoFantastico

I like Patrick's attitude to try different games he usually wouldn't consider.

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This looks pretty cool, but I have to say, it's a bit of a bummer you don't have to "figure out" what to take pictures of when you're trying to discover what kind of thing you're looking at. Always a bummer when a game has a mechanic that could allow player investigation but instead just ends up being a shooting gallery, for lack of a better term.

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Dolphins ^__^

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Definitely makes me want to go back to watch the quick look on other aquatic games like Endless Ocean: Blue World or other ones like Afrika with the photography gameplay. Looks interesting for a photography game.

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Was hoping they'd awaken Cthulhu.

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This is like that Wii game... which name now escapes me, but I have it at home somewhere :D I kinda enjoyed it!

Edit:Endless Ocean

Editt: Oh, and when I listened to it again, this is exactly what Patrick says in the beginning... well well!

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After a minute and change of an opening crawl like thing with characters, locations and history.

"Maybe this has a story!"


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18:40: freshwater fish in the ocean?

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scuba certification is actually a bit easier now than it used to be (most likely when Drew got his cert) and can usually be finished in 2/3 classroom sittings, 3 pool days, and 3 ocean dives (PADI is the most common cert company). Go for it Patrick! Though Northern CA isn't really known for its warm water...

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Haha yes @patrickklepek, I was freakishly screaming for you to look at the lower right corner :P. And then 20 minutes later I was screaming SPACEBAR.

Still looks like a fun game to pick up once, maybe a bit cheaper though.

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Dank Reefs.

Posted by nomtank

Drew has to be the Most Interesting Man in the World.

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If it can be done, Drew already did it.

Posted by Phatmac

Why hasn't someone made a scuba diving horror game yet?

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Definitely looks like Endless Ocean, but that's not such a bad thing. $10 for a PC version sounds cool to me. :)

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In responce to the point about how Pokemon snap scored you, it used:

  • Size of pokemon in frame
  • Number of pokemon in frame
  • If they were facing you
  • if they were doing an action such as attacking

I think that was it. Either way, It had a fairly understandable and simple scoring system

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This game would be great as an educational tool, for kids or for schools. Games in general are great at teaching rather than videos or books.

Are there any underwater exploration sims other than this on PC?

Posted by parentalcon

That was really releaxing. Drew and Patrick are always great together especially when they take a look at unusual games like this.

Posted by odinsmana

Is there anything Drew can´t do?

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Drew is a real cool guy.

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@phatmac said:

Why hasn't someone made a scuba diving horror game yet?

They have, it's called Deep Sea. Audio only.

Posted by ectoplasma

The frames are so low, how can he play like this?

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Gotta hand it to Patrick, he isn't always that quick figuring game systems out (the fish in the corner at the start of the QL), but at least he acknowledges that, unlike Brad. Also, never chance Drew, never chance!

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The shark discussion in this video is wildly inaccurate.

Posted by Dethfish

I really would not be surprised if one day Drew became an astronaut AND the President. Our first astronaut president. He will then lead us to space colonization.

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I really don't understand how this happens every single time. The fish are right there in the corner, haha.

Posted by oldskooldeano

The bestest underwater game was Treasures of the deep.

Remind me to never let Patrick take my wedding photo's. Composition dude, com-po-sition!

Posted by Castiel

Patrick's inability to do what the game is very clearly telling him to do on the screen is nothing less than astonishing. Not a Klepek hate comment btw, just an observation and it's not the first time that had happened. Klepek is a master at avoiding the super obvious answer in games.

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Endless Ocean? More like Endless BOREDOM! for the wii-boooo. High-five KUTARAGI.

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@castiel: i went to the comments to say this

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@ectoplasma: Frames look fine dude. Maybe your frames are low.

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@oldskooldeano said:

The bestest underwater game was Treasures of the deep.

Remind me to never let Patrick take my wedding photo's. Composition dude, com-po-sition!

I remember playing the demo of that over and over again back in the day. Good times.

I amazed at how well I actually remember this piece of music.

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That was a really enjoyable quick look. I want to watch them play that more.

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Drew is awesome.

And I kinda want to get this game now... I must know the mysteries of the ruins in the cave!

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This music is JAMMIN'